How To Convert A Word Document to PDF

The most popular word processing program currently used by almost everyone is Microsoft Word. Similarly, the most widely used format for distributing documents is Adobe PDF. Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) remains at the forefront of document distribution because Microsoft has not yet offered a storage option for writing PDF files directly, and most commercial converters do not support hyperlinks from Word documents, so they require a PDF document. If you too need to convert a Word document to PDF and don’t know how to do it, here’s a convenient way.

Converting Word Documents to PDF

Sending a consistent document to multiple recipients, sending files from one OS to another, and printing a presentation in computer stores are just a few of the factors that prompt people to convert their Word documents to PDF. There are several applications that display PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files and convert them to PDF. These include, Word to PDF Converter V3.0, Adobe Acrobat, and LibreOffice.


There are even websites such as doc2pdf that allow you to easily convert Word to PDF without having to download special software. Just upload the file that needs to be converted to PDF and it will be done in minutes.

How to Convert A Word Document to PDF using a Document Converter

If you have a document converter installed, converting Word documents to PDF files is simply a matter of choosing the document converter as your printer. The document converter can be converted to your default printer by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes. In the next window, right-click on the document converter and then select Set As Default.

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If another printer is connected, select the document converter from the Print pop-up menu. To do this, follow the steps below:

How to Choose Document Converter as a Non-Default Printer

  • Open the required document in Word.
  • Select File then Print.
  • Select the document converter (Universal Document Converter or Adobe PDF printer).
  • If using Adobe PDF Printer, simply click OK, set the file name and PDF file location, then click Save.
  • If using the Universal Document Converter, choose Properties then select Document to PDF > Color > Multi-page in the scroll bar. Choose OK then print.

How to Convert Word doc to PDF using Google Docs?

  • Sign up with a Google account to upload your Word document. Log in and go to Google Docs.
  • Here you can upload your Word file by choosing it from its original location on your computer.
  • Now your Word file will be opened in Google Docs. Here you can have your file as a Word or PDF file.
  • You can save this PDF document and any hyperlinks in the original Word file in your newly saved PDF file.

How to Convert Word Document to PDF using LibreOffice or

LibreOffice and are both free office suites that offer a built-in ability to convert a currently open Word document into a PDF file. They are available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. To convert a Word document to PDF, simply follow the steps below:

  • Start or LibreOffice, click the Open button, navigate to your Word file, and open it.
  • Now go to “File” and then select “Export to PDF”.
  • Check the settings in the “PDF Options” pop-up window that appears. Normally, you don’t need to change anything unless you have specific requirements, in which case the decisions should be obvious. To start the conversion process, simply click on “Export”, select the location where the new PDF file should be saved and click “Save”.
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How to Convert Word doc to PDF on Mac OS X?

Converting Word files to PDF on Mac OS X is almost the same as on Windows. However, no document converter is needed to convert a Word document to PDF on Mac OS X. Follow the simple steps below to convert a Word document to PDF on Mac OS X.

  • Open the required file in Pages.
  • Select File, then Print.
  • From the Print menu, select the PDF button in the lower-left corner, then choose Save as PDF.
  • Assign the location, rename the PDF document, and then click Save.

In Mac OS X Lion, Pages lets you save the Word document as PDF file by simply going to File -> Export to PDF, which makes it much easier.

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