How to Combine Disney Gift Cards into One Card?

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Disney is the one place on Earth that everyone loves to visit. From kids to adults, Disneyland is nothing short of a fairy tale vacation. However, you need to understand that touring Disneyland isn’t cheap. From the tickets to the rides and the food, there’s a lot you have to spend.

For middle-class families who save up gradually to be able to afford an annual trip, be assured that Disney gift cards are a public favorite for them. They are convenient to use, let us avail some great discounts, and you can get them as gifts from other people and use them anytime you plan to visit Disney.

Disney has recently announced a process where visitors can combine their Disney gift cards balance into one card for easy accessibility. This article will explore more about that and how you can do it too.

Can You Combine Your Disney Gift Cards into One?

The simple answer to this is yes. While this is a very recent development, users can combine the balance from multiple Disney gift cards and transfer them into one card. The balance limit for that one card is $1000.

Not only does this make things a lot more organized, but you also get to carry only one gift card and make the payments on your trip. This is a significant change in how the public will give and use Disney gift cards.

How to Combine Disney Gift Cards into One Card Online?

If you want to bypass the hassle of combining the gift card balance in person and wish to have it ready before your trip, we’d recommend following the steps mentioned:

  • Open your browser and type in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Once on the website’s homepage, you must log in using the same credentials you use for your Disney account.
  • Disney card website allows you to handle or manage up to 6 cards online. You have to set one Disney gift card as the primary card, which you will transfer all the balance from the remaining gift cards.
  • Once logged into the website, navigate to “Manage Cards.”
  • Under that, you will find “Transfer Balance.”
  • You can then move around the balance from all the Disney cards into one, depending on your preference.
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You can transfer the Disney gift card into an eGift card to your phone to quickly pay via your mobile. The physical Disney gift cards are handy when having dinner at the table service locations in Disney.

Note: You can only transfer the gift card balance from one Disney gift card if you haven’t used up the balance. It doesn’t work if your gift card has a partial balance. It should have the entire balance for you to transfer the amount to the primary card. Additionally, just because the balance is transferred online doesn’t mean you won’t need the physical gift card. Don’t throw the card out.

How to Combine Disney Gift Cards In-Person?

The process to transfer and combine the balance from the Disney gift cards is currently only available online. There is no official information regarding the transfer process and whether you can do it in person.

Ideally, we’d recommend that you sort out the process online since it is hassle-free and prepares you for your trip from the beginning.

If you wait to get the same done in person, the process could be delayed, further dampening your trip. When combining the gift cards, one tip we’d highly recommend is converting the gift card balance into eGift cards, which will remain on your phone.

This works quite seamlessly when picking up the merchandise the Disney stores. However, don’t forget to carry the physical gift cards because you never know when the employees might end up asking you for them to verify the security number and the number on the card.

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None of Disney’s gift cards expire, so you won’t have to rush through things to plan your next Disney trip so that you can utilize these gift cards. Transferring the balance into one “primary card” is always convenient because you won’t struggle to carry multiple cards while on your trip.

Note: We’d recommend enquiring about transferring the Disney gift card balance into one card at the enquiry upon arrival.


That’s all we currently know about the significance of Disney gift cards and how you can transfer the balance from multiple gift cards into one. Unifying numerous gift cards into one is quite convenient because it lets you organize all your money in one place. So, the next time you visit Disney, ensure that you sit down with all your gift cards, check the balance and then transfer the balance from all the cards into one so you are ready to take over your Disney tour without interruptions.

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