Benefits Of Furling Swivels on Yachts

Furling Swivels on Yachts

Furling top swivel is not only lighter in weight, but they are also lighter in furling and efficient, eliminating the need for connections. These are the features that make the furling swivel a leading swivel.

The furling top swivel promises unmatched stability, weight, and strength to its name. It also provides an amazing performance as well as maximizes luff-lengths and integrates the latest industry-leading technology for fantastic yacht standards.

With furling swivels, there is no mechanical or termination link to transfer the load from the 360 loop to the furling swivel.

Top Benefits of Furling Swivel

It can help save up to 80% of the weight

In this day and age, weight is a major concern for many sailors. So every gram counts. Thankfully, the furling top swivel can help save significant weight, making it an ideal choice for many people.

It maximizes luff length

Luff length is usually set up as the distance from the tip of the mast to the bottom of the tack pulley. For instance, if your luff length is 254, you would need to use a 430 mast, and set your extension to 24 cm and downhaul until your pulleys are as close to touching as possible. Using the furling top swivel can help maximize your luff length.

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Safety is guaranteed

Safety is a very important element when handling furling top swivel. When handling the furling top swivel, you are guaranteed safety because manufacturers prioritize safety when designing these products

It can be used in any desirable situation

Whatever situation you are considering using the furling top swivel, you can go ahead because the furling top swivel can be used for many situations.

It eliminates the need for connections

With the furling top swivel, you don’t have to worry about annoying connections because it gets rid of all of the connections.

It can be used in various applications

As already mentioned, furling top swivels can be used in plenty of situations. Here are furling top swivel applications:

Furling swivel applications

  • Lifting
  • Gennaker halyard
  • Staysail system
  • Inner-forestay system

Easy installation

Another significant benefit of furling swivel is that it is pretty easy to install. You simply make sure that the hole is smooth add free of sharp edges and use a spring retainer to secure the pin.

It requires minimal maintenance

It is also quite easy to maintain the furling swivel. The only thing you need to do is clean the loops with fresh water every time you sail in salty water. You should also replace the loops if you notice that they are starting to wear out. You should also check the mating parts regularly.

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