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From a Beginner to Master – Here’s the Only Chess Guide You Need

The most well-known board game of all time is chess. It has been cherished and played all across the world for centuries. We are frequently taught how to play chess as youngsters, but some of us haven’t played in a long time. We’ve put up this beginner-friendly primer on how to play chess, whether you’ve recently rediscovered the game or are sitting in a chair to play for the first time. Furthermore, we haven’t gone into as much detail on advanced topics like specific openings, board situations, or tournament regulations because this book covers all the basics you need to know while learning chess. You may learn new techniques, tactics, and improve your grasp of the game once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

Setting Up a Chessboard

Chess is a two-player game played on an eight-by-eight square chessboard. When it comes to setting up a chessboard, can help you, as well as with other chess questions. The first thing you notice is that light and dark colors, generally black and white, alternate throughout the 64 squares. A white square should always be the rightmost square along with the edge nearest to each player when correctly set up. The pieces of each player are placed in the two horizontal rows nearest to them. The second row from the player’s perspective is made up of an eight-pawn line, each of which is put on a single square. The closest rank is virtually symmetrical, with rooks (sometimes called castles) just on two leftmost and rightmost corner squares, knights on the inner space next to them, and bishops on the outside space adjacent to them.

The king and queen are seated in the two center squares. The queen is placed on the square with the same color as her (for example, a black queen on a black square), while the king is placed on the other square of the opposing color. This implies that each color’s king and queen face each other, resulting in a symmetrical configuration for both players. The white player makes the first move, after which the players take rounds until one of them is checkmated or quits. It is also possible to agree on a draw. If a timer is used, as in tournaments, the first player who runs out of time loses the game.

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Basic Rules

Each chess piece has a distinct movement pattern and thus must be moved in accordance with its lawful movement. Pieces cannot go across pieces of either color without stopping (in the same of a piece of the same color) or capturing them, except the knight, who may jump over them.

A piece is caught and withdrawn from the board if it falls in a spot shared by an opponent’s piece. Pieces of the same color cannot be positioned on the same square. When a piece captures an opponent’s piece, it must complete its current move action and the player’s turn must come to a conclusion.

Pawns can only advance one square forward at a time, on average. The only time they can advance one or two squares is on their first move. By traveling one square forward in a diagonal manner, they can grab enemy pieces. Rooks have the ability to move any amount up to and down, as well as side to side. Only in an L-shape can the two knights maneuver. Both bishops have the ability to move any number of squares diagonally. Except for the knight, queens can use the same moves as the other pieces. It may therefore move any number of squares, as well as ranks, files, and diagonals. Kings only can move one square at a time, but they can travel in any direction they want.

image 8

Check and Checkmate

The assaulting player usually yells “check” when a piece advances in a way that allows them to capture the opponent’s king on their next round. On their next turn, the player who is under check must move their king or another piece to stop the assault, either by stopping the move or capturing the assaulting piece.

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If a player creates a position in which their opponent’s king is captured on the following turn, the assaulting player declares “checkmate” and wins the game instantly. A chess game is decided when a successful checkmate is reported; the king is never captured.

A player might also opt to resign, handing the game over to their opponent. Matches can also conclude in a draw if a stalemate occurs, leaving a player with no legal moves, or if no player can triumph with the remaining legal moves, a condition known as a “dead position.” When both sides are left with the king as their sole surviving piece on the board, this is known as a dead situation.

En Passant

En passant is among the most well-known chess moves. When a pawn travels two squares ahead as a result of its alternative opening move, it is said to be en passant. If a moving pawn might have been legitimately captured by an opponent’s piece if it had only moved one square instead of two, the opponent can declare en passant on their next turn and start moving their pawn diagonally onto the square through which the pawn passed, capturing the pawn as if it had just moved one square. To be valid, en passant must be announced and made on the opponent’s following move; otherwise, the player with the opportunity to capture the piece loses the chance.

You can always improve in chess, no matter where you are. Gradually improving at chess could be both fun and straightforward if you have the appropriate habits and mindset. Learn the rules, play a lot of games, examine your play, exercise puzzles, study the endgame, don’t waste too much time on openings, and double-check all moves to improve at chess.

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