Do you love to play video games? Think about getting paid just for playing video games and bringing up what you find there. If you wish to have such an awesome career, then knowing how to become a videogame tester ought to be your first step. Thousands of people around the world hold the dream career of testing video games every day, and if you follow the steps given below you could be one among the lucky ones too! Let’s see how to become a Videogame Tester.

Videogame Tester Jobs

Video games have just been around for a few decades, but the necessity of quality control of products dates back much more than that. Video game testers continuously test prototypes or products before they come out for the public sale. They look for bugs and propose enhancements to the products they test.

how to become a videogame tester
how to become a videogame tester

Videogame testers are quality control staffs who work particularly on testing games to look out for glitches and bugs in programming, such as non-functioning visual effects, program glitches, or broken applications.

Game testers repeatedly play the same levels of a video game several times continuously and assure it with an elaborate plan that states them how the game is expected to function.

Job Openings for Game Tester

Video game testers usually work for some video game development studio. These studios might be owned by leading game publishing companies like Sony, EA (Electronic Arts), or Nintendo or by independent game publishing companies.

Working ambiance for game testers differ based on their work place and the number of hours they’re required to test continuously. Many video game testers work on a contract basis or part time. However, full-time job of video game testers is not unusual, especially for those with some experience in the sector.

As per the reports of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average pay for full-time videogame testers is about $50,000 per year. However, most basic-level testing careers pay less than that.

Major cities like Seattle, Los Angeles or New York are usually the best places to get a job of videogame tester. The need for video game testers is based on the well-being of the gaming sector around the world. According to a research conducted by Gartner in 2011, the gaming sector is in the part of a tremendous period of development and is anticipate to more than double within 2010 to 2015. This foretells good for those seeking to set out as video game testers.

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How to Become a Videogame Tester

Gain Experience

Familiarize yourself with gaming PCs and famous gaming console technology. Videogame testers play games on many different platforms, and may be required to install or uninstall software or hardware as their part of work. According to the game designers, computer knowledge is a pure must for videogame testers.

how to become a videogame tester

Play as many as video games possible. Read magazines related to gaming; get to know the genres and lingo. Mostly gamers stick to one or two genres of games – but you won’t be able choose the sort of games you test, thus you have to be familiar with various genres.

Volunteer yourself to take part in public beta tests of video games. Quality Assurance testers need to be detail-based and in-depth; show your skills for game testing by doing an amazing job testing beta releases. Take detailed notes if you find any bugs or glitches; play again and again all of the cases resulting with buggy outcomes and provide detailed feedback about every bug you witness.

Gain Technical Knowledge

Know how to write a bug report. Discover sample bug reports on the web, and practice making reports of your own that cover the three important elements of a bug report: what you encountered, what you anticipated to occur, and the precise steps on resolving the bug. Learning how to write a bug report will be a great benefit when it comes time to apply for positions of video game testers.

Practice strong written and speaking skills. Videogame testers’ bug reports need to convey game issues clear enough that no fallout question are needed.

Gain Contacts

Start your own gaming blog. President of game marketing firm Off Base Production, Gregg Off, suggests persons looking to stepping into the gaming sector to make their own game-related blogs. An added advantage to a would-be videogame tester resume, a blog reveals that you are dedicated to video games – and can even help as a platform to create a network with people in the gaming industry.

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Connect yourself with a game-oriented social network and make new friends. According to a latest article from CNN, just nearly 20 percent of employment opportunities are literally advertised – the remaining is filled by those who know people already working in the industry.

Take part in game review competitions or game art contests. Grabbing an award in either sort of contest is a great way to have the attention of game development studios.

Obtain a College Degree

Experts strongly suggest obtaining a college degree before applying for a job of videogame tester. Communications, game design, and computer science are all subjects that would allow themselves to a job in game development.

Put Yourself Out There

Apply for an internship at a game development company. Lauren Svenson of EA Games encourages anyone who dreams of becoming a video game tester to look for internships. Create a resume that emphasize your beta testing experience, education and communication abilities. Add a cover letter specifying your great interest in the job of videogame tester and mention any activities that show up your commitment to game testing and development.

Email your resume to all gaming companies that are situated within your commuting distance. When it comes to the job of video game tester, you won’t be able to test videogames from home – so if there is no such company within driving distance, you may have to re-locate.

In order to become a videogame tester you’ll need to be proactive and committed to your job (and also to games). Although these jobs are highly profitable and enjoyable, they’re yet in demand and highly competitive.


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