how much does it cost to spay a dog

               “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Planning to Neutering or Spaying a dog is a most vital decision for every pet owners around the world. Since, your beloved pet’s life depends on this for long term. An average dog reaches its sexual maturity at the age of six to seven. It is advisable to plan neutering or spaying of your dog at the earlier stage to avoid unruly behavior in the future.

This surgery will define your dogs health and the future behavior. You may wonder how much does it cost to neuter or spay a dog? Is it $100 or $1000?  Not really!!!.

Let’s take our views step by step!

What is Neutering or Spaying?

The term Neutering is used to describe the removal of reproductive parts in the male dog. Veterinarian removes both the testicles by incision in the scrotum of the animal. The cost of neutering depends on the breed, weight and the age of a dog.

Spaying is used to describe the ovariohysterectomy of a female dog. The cost of spaying is depended on the breed, age and weight of the dog.

However, the neuter surgery described for both the gender. The reason for this surgery is to stop the animal reproducing or more.

Here below the some medical reasons that every dog needs this surgery once in their lifetime.

Top Ten Reasons That Your Dog Needs Neutering or Spaying

Most of us don’t aware of Neutering or spaying the dog has so much health beneficial for both owner and the dog. Because, when it comes to the decision for pet’s health, the owner has to act as parent. As an owner of a dog, I had to research the internet and discussed with few professional veterinarians for my Boston Terrier.

Also, I found a fact that, Over 3.5 million dogs are euthanized every year in local shelters, due to non-adoption. It may look like inhumane thing at first, but it is too common in the practical world.

Also, found some significant benefits by neutering the dog,

  • 50% of dogs have uterine infections and breast cancer on their early stage of life, But Neutering or Spaying helps to prevent them.
  • It prevents testicular cancer in male dogs by neutering at the earliest stage.
  • Prevents female heating, which occurs during the breeding seasons for five days every three weeks. So no need to worry about the yowling at night and frequently urinating.
  • It controls your dog escaping from the house and wandering outside of the house to searching for the mate.
  • Neutered dogs are much better behaved. Other than the un-neutered dogs that would make your home smell like a slum with the urine spray and sometimes expose aggression over people.
  • Most of us adore the chubby and fat dog or cat. But in nature the too much fatness, will make your dog become lazy and uninterested. Neutering or spaying will keep your dog healthy and trim for a long period.
  • It may silly, but by neutering the dog, you can save the cost of destroying your neighborhood stray.
  • It is another way to help your community by reducing the unneutered dogs that cause the road accidents, threatening children, spreading any infectious disease.
  • Minimize the overpopulation by eliminating the unwanted pregnancies.
  • As scientifically proven that, spayed dog live longer and healthier life than usual.
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 When is The Best Age For Neutering or Spaying Your Dog?

As per ASPCA report, it is advisable to Neuter or spay the dog at the earliest stage of its life. So, this will keep them from not developing any negative or unruly behaviors in the future. Like aggression, territorial marking and escaping out of the house can be prevented. It is not guaranteed that neutering or spaying would be a solution for all the behavioral problems in dogs, but some unnatural behavioral issues can be avoidable with proper training.

To be sure that your dog is ready for neutered, you must know the age of your dog. If you bought from the breeder, then it would not be much difficult to decide to neuter or spay. However, It will be a problem if the dog was adopted from the local shelter since they are stray or rescued dogs. So it is hard to judge the age of a pub that comes from the shelter. Fortunately, as per the local government law, most of the shelters neuter their dogs at the earlier stage itself before it gets adopted.

  • An ASPCA research finds that, the proper time for the neuter surgery when a puppy reach their first sixth month in their life.
  • ASPCA also advice that neutering or spaying is all depends on the type of breed, physical health and maturity level of the puppy.

A veterinarian can be your good support for the situation like this for to make the informed decision. They are the best resource that you can utilize for all type of health information.

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How Much Does It Cost To Neuter Dog?

The above Reasons all may give you the hope regards to the surgery, but the real questions are that, how much should you spend for your dog?

Below is the various cost factors in dog neutering and spaying,

Category Neutering Spaying
Low-cost clinics or Humane Society$45-140$$50-$175
High-cost clinics$200-$300
Additional Costs
Heat in or Obese dog spaying$25
Pregnant dog$50-$125
Pre-anesthesia blood work$40
Extra pain medication$10-$30

The above mentioned costs may not be approximate because it will vary depends on the state or country you live. To find out your state’s veterinary association list, you can go to American Veterinary Medical Association website for more information.

The cost of neutering or spaying the dog in CA / NY / NV / TX / OK

State Neuter Spay
New York$201$240

Let’s take an example, you are living in New York City and own a male Wheaten Terrier. The time you know that your dog needs neutering or spaying, you have to search internet or refer your friends for a good veterinary hospital. In NY, you can find both low costs clinic and the high cost one too. However, choosing the right hospital depends on how much you are ready to spend for your beloved pet.

Here is the list of estimated average costs that you can expect from a high cost veterinary clinics.

List Cost
Office visit$21
Pre-operational sedation$17
Canine castration$35
Suture material vicryl$13
kennel cough vaccination$15
Ear plucking$10
Plastic cone collar.$10
Total $201

Few Tips For The Budget Savvy’s

Few Tips For The Budget Savvy’s

Here are few tips that you can opt for if you can’t afford to pay for the veterinary clinic,

  • In most of the animal shelters, spaying or neutering will be included with the adoption fee. So, there are no additional charges.
  • Some cases the local government will spay or neuter the pets without any charge. In the case of particular breeds, like Pit Bulls (PitBull Rescue Center) are neutered or spayed without any charge in some states, because this breed becomes more familiar.
  • Some Humane Societies are ready to provide Low-cost alteration surgery for dogs. Like, AHA, ASPCA, and ALF are few major websites that will provide information regarding the low-cost neutering and spaying.

By neutering and spaying the dog, you can assure your dog’s health and save millions of pets in the shelters on each year.

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