Magazines are the killers of boredom’s in our life. Are in travel or at home in holidays? it always help you to pass time. They are our distraction free stress reliever and feeds your brain with interesting stuff on each page. But it cost as much as it’s quality. So, how do you find the free magazines? No one would say No to the free stuff, but it is not easy to find. Finding the free magazine subscriptions is easy now with the little internet knowledge. So, here are 9 Best Ways to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions,

1. Next Issue Magazine


Since the tablet invasion, the digital magazines subscriber’s numbers are getting increasing each year. Next Issue, it is a digital magazine subscription service. Starting with the free trial period of 30 days which allows you to read any magazine you want. When the trial period ends, you can then choose to pay a small monthly fee (Basic / Premium) to continue reading monthly magazines for free.

2. Value Magazines


The website provides lots of freebies for those who love magazines. From magazines to free e-books and travel, beauty magazines are all just for free.

3. Discount Magazines


This website brings you Awesome cheap magazine deals, which gives you the whole year subscription price of a single issue. You can get the best new magazines at Lowest price on the market. Also, the free shipping plus an extra 20% off by typing in the code “KRAZY” at checkout. As usual they also have the perks like money-back guarantee and no auto renewal.

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4. All You Magazine


All You is a lifestyle monthly magazine. By visiting their website, you can get two free trial issues of All You magazine. For new subscribers can get 30% off back-to-school discount and with a free gift on each new subscription.

5. Rewards Points from Credit Cards


If you are the person who travels most, this options will help you to get magazines for free. If you have point on airline miles or points set to expire or rewards points on a credit card, could get some free magazine subscriptions by converting it.

5. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places you can find cheaply priced magazines. The magazines like Wired, Glamour, Allure, and tons more cost only $5 – $10. You can also get daily deals on the magazines you love by subscribing to their newsletter.

6. Free Rewards websites


Some of the rewards websites would offer you the options to get free magazines. To know how to use your points to get magazines for free or cheap? Log into account to find out how to redeem your points and policy for magazines.

Few other Websites like: RecycleBank, RewardSurvey.

7. Niche magazines


It’s an another free magazine portal. You can get more of free stuff and some of the popular one’s available for great deals. Only this you need to do is to spend some time on going through each page for the best deals.

9. Free Trials from Publishers / Sellers


Some of the publishers will give you 1-2 free trial issues if you call or write them for the trial issues. If the magazine has a policy of “controlled subscription” which means it’s free for trial or asking (this rule applies to trade publications, journals, newspapers and magazines that are published in limited quantities to a select audience).


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