Magazines are the killers of boredom in our lives. Are you travelling or on holiday at home? They always help you to pass the time. They are our distraction-free stress reliever and feed our brain with interesting things on every page. But it costs as much as its quality. So what do you think about free magazines? Nobody would say no to free magazines, but they are not easy to find. Now, with a little knowledge of the Internet, it’s easy to find free magazine subscriptions. So here are the 9 best ways to get free magazine subscriptions.

1. Next Issue Magazine


Since the invasion of tablets, the number of subscribers to digital magazines has been increasing every year. Next Issue is a subscription service for digital magazines. It starts with a free 30-day trial period during which you can read any magazine you like. When the trial period ends, you can pay a small monthly fee (Basic / Premium) to continue reading monthly magazines for free.

2. Value Magazines


The website offers many free services for those who love magazines. From magazines and free e-books to travel and beauty magazines, everything is free.

3. Discount Magazines


This website offers you fantastic low-cost magazine deals where you can subscribe to one edition and get a subscription for the whole year. Here, you can get the best new magazines at the lowest price on the market. Plus free shipping. Plus an additional 20% discount if you enter the code “KRAZY” at the checkout! As usual, they also have the benefits of a money-back guarantee and no automatic renewal.

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4. All You Magazine


All You is a monthly lifestyle magazine. If you visit their website, you can get two free trial issues of All You magazine. New subscribers receive a 30% discount on their first day at school, and there’s a free gift for each new subscription.

5. Rewards Points from Credit Cards


If you are the person who travels the most, this option will help you get magazines for free. If you have points on airline miles, or points that expire, or reward points on a credit card, you could get some free magazine subscriptions by converting them.

6. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places where you can find reasonably priced magazines. Magazines like Wired, Glamour, Allure and tons more cost only $5 to $10. You can also get daily offers for the magazines you love by subscribing to their newsletter.

7. Free Rewards Websites


Some reward websites offer you the opportunity to get free magazines. Would you like to know how you can use your points to get free or low-cost magazines? Sign up as a new user to find out how to redeem your points for magazines.

These websites include: RecycleBank, RewardSurvey.

8. Niche magazines


This is another free magazine portal. You can get more free stuff, and some popular magazines too. You just need to spend some time searching each page for the best deals.

9. Free Trials from Publishers / Sellers


Some of the publishers will give you 1-2 free trial issues if you call them or write to them asking for trial issues. The magazine may have a policy of “controlled subscription”, which means that it is free for testing or enquiries (this rule applies to specialist publications, journals, newspapers and magazines published in limited quantities for a selected audience).

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