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How Much Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

how much does tummy tuck surgery cost

How Much Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

The time we all live in is a time when people cannot find time for extracurricular activities and healthy habits. Nobody is to blame for what we have become, except perhaps the enormous growth of technological development day after day. Television, mobile phones, PlayStations and our working environment have made us all couch potatoes. The gift of being a couch potato is to have a huge belly on the lower half of your body. Improper eating habits and no tummy tuck surgery will put a strain on the body. To prevent or eliminate it, people pay a high price to return to their normal bodies.

Surgical revolution in the medical field has proven that the removal of excess fat or muscle in the body will help us to return to a flat stomach. It is a very simple procedure with many advantages. In a short time, anyone can have a physique like Brad Pitt. The operation I am talking about is popularly known as ” tummy tuck surgery”. This operation is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon and is available to men and women who suffer from excessive abdominal muscles.

So how much does an tummy tuck cost? Well, that depends! But first we need to understand the advantages of this operation and the different types available in the current scenario.

What is this surgery all about?

According to the definition of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a tummy tuck is a medical procedure to remove excess fat and muscle from the abdomen and to strengthen weakened muscles to achieve a firmer appearance or to tighten the loosened muscles in the abdominal area.

At some point, our human body begins to loosen and becomes flabby and loose.

Here are a few reasons why people have tummy tucks:

  • Age
  • Heredity issues
  • Post-pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Inappropriate dieting
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People might opt for this surgery when the gym training and weight loss methods no longer help. This procedure is also called abdominoplasty in cosmetic surgery.

What do you need to check before you decide to have this operation?

When it comes to physical changes and their well-being, you really need to be aware of the effects of this surgery before and after the procedure. So here are a few basic brief guidelines:

  • The result of the operation is considered permanent. There will, therefore, be some physical changes that you will notice in your body when you lose weight.
  • Future pregnancies will influence the physical changes.
  • It is obviously not a treatment for stretch marks, because it is only about removing the excess part in the body.
  • Are you ready for the Medicare expenses?
  • Is there an additional fee included?

These are a few important points to consider when you decide to have your first abdominoplasty.

How do I know if this surgery works or not?

The best thing about this abdominoplasty operation is that the success rate is up to 80%. The patients who have undergone this operation are satisfied with the results. The remaining 20% are dissatisfied patients due to obesity and improper follow-up treatment. So the results of the surgery depend on the total cost you are willing to spend on choosing the right surgeon and the right facilities.

Types and Cost of Tummy Tuck surgery

The cost of the operation is not just a few hundred dollars; it is more than that. It is also not okay to reduce the cost with negotiation skills while your health is at stake. There are plastic surgeons who can do a better job at a lower cost with a few limited treatment options. So it varies depending on the location.

Here are the key aspects to consider when calculating the total cost:

  • Does the patient need mini or extended tummy tuck surgery?
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Advanced technology or methods used
  • Location
  • Type of anesthesia

These costs may change depending on the type of operation, location, and the surgeon you choose.

Type of Surgery Surgery definition Recovery time Total Cost
Endoscopic Tummy Tuck  SurgeryThis surgery is known as “Scareless Tummy Tuck Surgery”. Endoscopic surgery is about tightening the muscles, but not removing it. Also, it causes less pain, bruising and less scaring. The procedure is simple and only very small incisions will be made.1 – 2 Weeks$3000-5000
Mini Tummy Tuck SurgeryIt is a partial tummy tuck when compared with the endoscopic method. This procedure is mostly preferred by the people who have 10% more than their body weight. No permanent scars, only a small incision will be made.2-3 Weeks$4,500-7,000
Traditional Tummy Tuck SurgeryThis procedure is painful and recovery time will be longer. The incision is made through the hipbone to remove excess muscles or fat. People who have high fat would choose this option.2 – 4 Weeks$3000-12000
Extended Tummy Tuck SurgeryThis surgery is very much similar to traditional tummy tuck surgery. Those who choose this procedure who have excess muscle with too much fat in the hipbone. The incision will be larger and recovery time is long. A permanent scar would be the major disadvantage of this procedure.2 – 4 weeks$7,000-15,500

The cost factors mentioned above are only average costs; they may not necessarily be exact.

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Risks Involvement

Bruising, scars, swelling, and discomfort are the most common symptoms you can expect during this operation. Some may be affected by post-operative complications such as blood clotting, while infections may delay the healing process.

These can be eliminated if the patient chooses the well qualified surgeon.

Do I have any alternative?

Only a few of us are not comfortable with an incision on a part of the body, so for these people, we have few alternatives to having a tummy tuck.

  • Liposuction – The body fat is sucked out through a tube with a small incision in the skin.
  • Regular Exercise
  • Using skin creams and food supplements can contribute to fat reduction.
  • Healthy eating habits

These are some common alternative methods for reducing excess muscle and fat.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies or businesses will not cover the cost of the abdominoplasty, as this procedure is performed in the absence of medical reasons. Insurance companies cover the costs of the operation if it is associated with the correction of symptoms such as a hernia or other long-term symptoms.

Additional fees

Whenever you are receiving medical care, you can expect your bill to include not only the total cost of treatment but also some co-payment. These additional costs such as anesthesia fees, anesthesiologist fees, and setup costs are usually billed separately. So I suggest that you discuss the costs with your surgeon from the beginning so that you don’t panic or worry about payment.


The cost you pay for this surgery will not be in vain if you have made wise choices, such as choosing a well-qualified surgeon, the right type of procedure for your body, and the proper observance of post-operative care procedures. The good news is that the healthcare industry is renewing itself every day with new technologies, but the most worrying thing is that our focus on health is decreasing day by day. So be the person who wakes up early, eats an apple and drinks milk for breakfast, exercises in the evening or does yoga and goes to bed early without worrying about future well-being.

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