How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website?

Thinking about building your own website but concerned that the cost of creating a website may be higher and more than your budget? So, how much does it cost to make a website? Well, there are several different sorts of websites and the cost of creating these websites is also quite different. In other words, there is an array of pricing and you can simply select a price that you are OK with and begin from there.

If you hire a web developer, you’ll be bearing an hourly pay – the more complicated your website requirements get, the higher the bung. But if you prefer to go alone and build you site with a CMS (Content management System), the expenses are, to say the thing, minimum.

Let’s have a small sneak-peak into the costs involved in the two choices.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website?

Hiring a Developer

Finding a right web design firm or a freelancer isn’t actually much of a difficult thing. The literal concern for most business people or those who were searching for a website design is almost always – you figured it – cost. A web developer is a great choice if you’re running out of time, a decent budget, and you never actually wish to have your hands dirty with some CSS/HTML code or even CMS installment.

According to information that we’ve collected so far, the following is an analysis of the mean costs of building a website at various levels:

Basic Website: $900 to $2000

How much does it cost to make a website with basic features? A standard, small business pamphlet website where you can tell about your product & services and include a “contact us” page by which your clients can reach you. The site generally doesn’t run on a CMS, causing it a bit difficult to manage or update.

Blogs might even come under this category. While not stable in nature, the amount of time required to create as blog is comparatively small as additional resources required to keep it running are also minimum.

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Small Business with CMS Integration: $3500 to $10000

A small to medium scale business site needs a CMS to function things flawlessly. But a higher cost, though much more work might get into this such as custom design elements, social media features, ecommerce integration etc. Most corporate sites would come under this category.

Advanced Package: $15000 to $100000

Anyone creating a website within this cost range is probably anticipating a custom-coded web system (also known as “web application”) with many effective features. There are several developmental hours entering such a project, which have to involve two or more developers running on it together. Making your own social network application to contend with the likes of Facebook, for example, might cost you this much.

Building a Website Using WordPress

WordPress is even as useful to a beginner as it is to a progressive web developer. If you don’t have any coding skills and would rather not try to know how a typical website runs so you could code up your and know how to make your own website, then you’ve discovered a possible solution in WordPress. Just to be distinct, let’s take a look at the type of website this software can well create, and those that it would clamber to (or just can’t):


WordPress is ideal for:

1. Newspaper/Magazine sites

2. Blogs – personal and business blogs

3. City directories and classified as sites

4. Standard-intermediate forums

5. Small to medium ecommerce store-windows

6. Small niche community sites

7. Corporate and portfolio sites

WordPress is not the ideal for:

1. Large ecommerce sites

2. Advanced or dedicated forums

3. Portals

4. Large social networks

WordPress can however run to some level of success with the above mentioned 4 systems, but the usability could be a bit restricted. Take nothing out from it though, since probabilities are that whatever website you’re seeking to create comes in the first category, and can be surely integrated with the CMS.

So, I guess, your next question will be “how much does it cost to make a website with WordPress”.

Well first thing first, WordPress is open-source and free of cost, same as its twins Joomla and Drupal. You don’t want a course to know how to function with WordPress, hence the development costs NOTHING. All you want is some fundamental knowledge about how to install WordPress on your server and how to install themes, plugins and content. But the good themes, as well as plugins cost some bucks. And naturally there’s a domain name and hosting to compensate.

  • Domain name: $10 to $15 per year
  • Hosting: $50 to $100 per year for a shared hosting
  • Paid theme (optional): $50
  • A premium plugin (optional): $20
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And that’s all. Considering it again, the cost is going to be just below $200 on the high line, generally referable to the hosting cost. Remember that he same hosting prices are however applicable when you hire a web developer. So the price of making your own WordPress website is, well, quite much nothing.

What skills do I require to create my own WordPress site?

Perhaps your basic concern after knowing how inexpensive it is to create a website this way is whether you could actually hack it. Dumb those questions away, because anyone who can use a Internet browser can make their own website using a CMS; particularly WordPress. The same may not be supposed for Drupal, Magento, Joomla or other well-known open source CMSs, but WordPress simply shines at user-friendliness.

The entire process set out with a 3-step installation on your domain from your cPanel account (after buying a hosting). You’ll then be able to access your admin back-end where you can add your plugins, themes and content. The task isn’t actually scaring as it appears – all credits to a visceral dashboard interface – but if you ever bog down, there’s always the authentic “” forum to seek help.

That’s it folks. Hope you have learned “how much does it cost to make a website”.

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