Excessive Dog Barking: How to Stop It

Dog Barking

The last thing you want to hear when you’re trying to take a well-deserved nap is your dog barking. After all, it’s an awful disturbance that will throw off your entire afternoon. 

Fortunately, you have options available for training and correcting your dog’s barking behavior. So keep reading for some must-try solutions for stopping excessive dog barking.

Understand the Reason Behind the Excessive Dog Barking

Understanding the root cause of excessive dog barking is crucial to being able to effectively stop it. Determine if the barking is due to attention-seeking, boredom, fear, or territorial aggression.

Attention-seeking barking occurs when a dog is trying to gain your attention and could increase if petted or talked to when they bark. Boredom barking happens when a dog has too much pent-up energy and desires a release through barking.

Fear barking may be due to the unfamiliar impressions left by everyday people, animals, or even noises. Territorial barking is usually the result of a dog perceiving a situation as a potential threat.

Ways to Stop Dog Barking

Once the reason behind the barking has been identified, it’s important to tailor a solution based on the specific reason. Below are several effective ways to help stop your dog from barking so much. 

Blocking the Dog’s View

It can be helpful to start by blocking the dog’s view of what it’s barking at. If your dog barks when it sees other animals, people, or cars, try closing the blinds or curtains to reduce the frequency of the stimuli your dog is reacting to.

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Ignoring or Rewarding Quiet Behavior

When your dog barks for no apparent reason, practice remaining calm and ignoring them. Alternatively, reward them with verbal praise or a treat when they remain quiet for a few seconds. Over time, your dog will learn that remain quiet for extended periods, and the barking should begin to diminish.

Redirecting Attention

Providing the dog with physical and mental activities can help calm the barking dog. You can do obedience training, long walks, fetching, or giving them new toys.

Look for a Trainer

When you’ve run out of options, you can begin looking for trainers. A trainer can help evaluate the dog’s situation and determine the underlying issue that is causing the excessive barking.

They can also provide dog training tips and techniques on how to correct the behavior positively and constructively. The best trainers have experience with all breeds of dogs and have the relevant qualifications to properly train and navigate problems.

Check-in With Professionals

Consulting a behaviorist can also provide valuable advice on how to modify the behavior of your dog. They can determine if your dog needs gentle or aggressive dog training found here. You won’t have to play a guessing game on what’s causing your dog distress.

Follow These Tips Now!

Excessive dog barking can be managed with patience, strategy, and consistency. Try using a combination of the behavior of the tips above and see if they work. If problems persist, contact a trainer or behaviorist that specializes in barking behavior.

Don’t wait too long. Start taking action today to put an end to your dog’s excessive barking. 

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