Best GIF’s from ‘American Pie’ on its 16th anniversary

There were times when teen comedy movies were not so popular – they were more romantic and less comedic – but then, a time came for us to heap real praise on teen movies: when the first American Pie movie was released. Fans around the world loved it, with its thought-provoking comedy about friendship, love and sex. It was the first teen movie series to prove that the genre can be a smash hit, blowing up the box office by earning $18 million on its opening weekend in 1999.

So, it’s time to celebrate the “Godfather” of all teen movies and enjoy some of the Best GIF’s from ‘American Pie’ on its 16th anniversary. Say thanks to the internet!

giphy 3

The awkward kiss between Jim and The Stifler!

giphy 1

Who do you think will win in the contest of TERMINATOR VS SHERMINATOR!

giphy 4

Hilarious Jim and his pornography audition!

giphy 9

The world’s best dad ever!

Aggressively romantic Michelle!

giphy 5

Who needs a pee? How about a beer?

giphy 11

The moments between the inseparable Finch and Stifler’s Mom!

 The great Stifler’s quotes of wisdom.


Kevin’s famous beard!

tumblr mkn4rcYq2D1s7m9h6o1 250

Lovable Chris and Heather!

giphy 12

The gorgeous Vicky’s best moments!

giphy 6

Jogging some awesome memories? Yeah, me too!

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We could go all day long talking and laughing about this classic movie series. It is, without a doubt, the benchmark for teen movies, and something all millennials will recall fondly about their teenage years. Will it ever be topped? Time will tell.

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