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A Simple Guide To Safe Human Growth Hormone

There is much to know about the safety of human growth hormone when you consider using this drug. Yes, HGH is a drug, and it has specific purposes for its use. That makes the answer to the question “Is HGH safe?” a resounding yes. HGH is extremely safe when used as directed by a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

You will often see the question “Is HGH safe and legal?” written because it is also crucial to understand the legality of using HGH therapy. As with any other prescription medication, it is only legal to buy HGH with proper written permission. Like any other controlled drug, HGH offers superior benefits when used as necessary.

However, some people try to use HGH for off-label and illegal purposes. At this point, HGH becomes illegal and unsafe to use. We will look at these uses later in this report.

Is Human Growth Hormone Safe for Older Adults to Use?

Human Growth Hormone Market

As states, HGH is not only safe to use for seniors, but can also help prevent serious medical problems from destroying a person’s health as they get older. The older you get, the lower your growth hormone levels become. If your HGH intake becomes too low, you are more likely to experience a variety of symptoms associated with the decline. These changes can lead to increased incidences of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems.

The safe administration of HGH injections can restore hormonal balance in older adults. The results are improved health, increased vitality, enhanced brain function, and a more youthful appearance.

Adults over the age of sixty typically begin with lower doses of HGH, which the doctor gradually increases. The purpose is to give the body time to adjust to the higher levels of HGH in the bloodstream. Lower doses of HGH in the beginning help to reduce the risk of side effects in seniors.

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Is It Safe for Athletes to Use HGH?

In answer to the question of whether HGH is safe for athletes when used regularly on a daily basis, we must say a clear NO! Under no circumstances should athletes or bodybuilders attempt to purchase and use HGH illegally. Not only would the person be prosecuted, but they would also endanger the health and well being of their body.

Although HGH itself is safe and the medication is a replica of what the body already produces, too much HGH in the bloodstream causes problems. Every hormone has a proper balance. Illegal use of HGH when there is no need can lead to an oversupply of human growth hormone. Serious side effects can occur at this time. There is also a risk that the pituitary gland will stop producing natural HGH if there is too much in the bloodstream.

Some doctors prescribe HGH to injured athletes to reduce muscle loss and help repair tissue and bone. Although this is not currently a legal use of HGH, studies are being conducted to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

Is HGH Safe to Use Following Cancer?

We are often asked whether HGH is safe for breast cancer survivors, after prostate cancer treatment or for other forms of cancer. In all situations, the answer is yes – with one caveat. The treating oncologist must agree to HGH therapy as soon as the cancer treatment is finished and remission is achieved.

Is HGH Safe to Use for Weight Loss?

A Simple Guide To Human Growth Hormone Safety

Weight loss is not an approved application of human growth hormone therapy. There is no such thing as an HGH diet. Some people confuse HGH with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). The HCG diet is a very low calorie diet program that is monitored by a doctor for weight loss.

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Some people ask if HGH is safe for weight loss because they have heard that it stimulates the burning of stored fat. While this is true, the potential of HGH for fat burning is only one of the many aspects of this treatment. HGH helps regulate metabolism so that it converts lipids, proteins and carbohydrates into fuel instead of fat.

Since there are no calorie restrictions or changes in food intake, HGH is not a weight loss program. Instead, it allows the body to metabolise the food it consumes at a higher level of efficiency. Although most people lose about 10 percent of their body fat mass, an almost equal amount of lean muscle mass is formed. For this reason, the numbers on the scale may not reflect the difference in appearance a person sees.

Is It Safe to Use HGH If You Have Diabetes or Heart Disease?

Both diabetics and people with cardiovascular disease can benefit greatly from HGH therapy. When asked whether HGH is safe for diabetics, we point out that people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or heart disease need closer monitoring and more frequent follow-up blood tests. The purpose of additional monitoring is to ensure that HGH therapy is safe to use.

Because HGH helps to improve cellular glucose uptake and regulate insulin levels, it may be possible for some diabetics to reduce or stop their insulin medication. Under no circumstances should this be attempted without the doctor’s permission.

HGH also helps to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Again, medical supervision is required to control blood levels and medication intake.

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