There is much to know about human growth hormone safety if you are considering using this medication. Yes, HGH is a medication, and it has specific purposes for its use. That makes the answer to the question – is HGH safe – a resounding yes. HGH is extremely safe when used as directed by a doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy.

You will often see the question is HGH safe and legal written because it is also crucial to understand the legality of using HGH therapy. As with any other prescription medication, it is only legal to buy HGH with proper written authorization. Like any other controlled pharmaceutical, HGH offers superior benefits when used as necessary.

However, some individuals look to use HGH for off-label and illegal purposes. At that time, HGH becomes illicit and unsafe for use. We will explore those uses further down in this report.

Is Human Growth Hormone Safe for Older Adults to Use?

As per , Not only is HGH safe for seniors to use, but it can help prevent serious medical issues from destroying a person’s health as he or she ages. The older you get, the lower your growth hormone levels will become. When the HGH supply gets too low, there is an increased likelihood of developing a vast array of symptoms associated with the decline. These changes can lead to an increased incidence of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other health concerns.

The safe administration of HGH injections can restore hormonal balance in older adults. The results are improved health, increased vitality, enhanced brain functions, and a more youthful appearance.

Adults over the age of sixty will typically begin with lower HGH dosages which the doctor will increase gradually. The purpose is to allow the body time to adjust to the higher amount of HGH in the bloodstream. Lower dosages of HGH in the beginning help reduce the risk of side effects in seniors.

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Is It Safe for Athletes to Use HGH?

In answer to the question is HGH safe for athletes for regular daily use we must state a resounding NO! Under no circumstances should athletes or bodybuilders attempt to purchase and use HGH illegally. Not only would a person be subject to prosecution, but he or she would be endangering the body’s health and well-being.

Although HGH itself is safe, and the medication is a replica of what the body produces, too much HGH in the bloodstream is where the problems begin. Every hormone has a proper balance. Using HGH illegally when there is no need can lead to an excess supply of human growth hormone. Serious side effects could occur at that time. There is also a risk of the pituitary gland ceasing natural HGH production if too much is in the bloodstream.

Some doctors prescribe HGH to injured athletes to reduce muscle loss and aid in tissue and bone repair. Although that is not a legal use of HGH at this time, studies into the efficacy of treatment are currently underway.

Is HGH Safe to Use Following Cancer?

We are often asked is HGH safe for breast cancer survivors, after prostate cancer treatment, or for any other forms of cancer. In all situations, the answer is yes – with a caveat. The treating oncologist is required to sign off on HGH therapy once cancer treatment ends, and remission is attained.

Is HGH Safe to Use for Weight Loss?

A Simple Guide To Human Growth Hormone Safety

Weight loss is not an approved use of human growth hormone therapy. There is no such thing as an HGH diet. Some people confuse HGH with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). The HCG Diet is a very low-calorie diet program supervised by a weight loss physician.

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Some people ask is HGH safe for weight loss because they have heard that it stimulates the burning of stored fat. While this is true, the fat-burning potential of HGH is just one of the many aspects of this treatment. HGH helps regulate the metabolism so that it processes lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates into fuel rather than fat.

Because there are no calorie restrictions or changes in dietary consumption, HGH is not a weight loss program. Instead, it allows to body to metabolize the consumed food at a higher level of efficacy. Although most people will lose about 10 percent of their body fat mass, an almost equal amount of lean muscle mass will form. For that reason, the numbers on the scale may not match the difference in appearance that a person sees.

Is It Safe to Use HGH If You Have Diabetes or Heart Disease?

Both diabetics and individuals with cardiovascular disease can reap tremendous benefits from HGH therapy. When asked is HGH safe for diabetics, we do point out that individuals with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or heart disease will require closer monitoring and more frequent blood test follow-ups. The purpose of the extra monitoring is to ensure the safe use of HGH therapy.

Since HGH helps improve glucose uptake into the cells as well as regulate insulin levels, it may be possible for some diabetics to reduce or go off their insulin medications. Under no circumstances should this be attempted without doctor authorization.

HGH will also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Again, doctor supervision is necessary to monitor blood levels and medication use.

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