Of course, the first and the most important thing about starting a regular exercise regime is will. You need a strong determination and motivation. You need to decide whether you want to exercise at home or at the gym.

Keep in mind that signing up for the gym is more likely to keep you on track and enhance your consistency as it creates an obligation in your mind. Be it as it may, there are a few more things besides your will and determination that might come in handy once you decide to start going to the gym.

Experts at World Gym Palm Desert share what you should get if you want your exercising experience to be as pleasant and efficient as possible, without spending too much money.

5 Things You Need before Hitting the Gym

1. A Practical Backpack

Before buying any handy stuff you might need at the gym, you need get something to put them in. You might already have an old backpack at home so you might as well use that one.

Just make sure it’s big enough, meaning it’s medium to big size, not too small. It doesn’t even have to be a backpack, bit it’s maybe the easiest and most practical for carrying. Any type of bag will do as long as all you need fits into it.

Of course, if you are one of those people who find motivation in buying new, beautiful things to help them enjoy (or survive) the experience, and you in general like to have a matching bag even it is the one for the gym, then definitely go ahead and treat yourself.

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2. Comfortable Clothes

Most personal trainers will tell you that the most important thing about your gym clothes is that they need to be super comfortable and not to restrict your movement.

So you can dig out something from your wardrobe, something you enjoy wearing and something that is loose enough to let you move freely. So it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on it.

If, however, you like to look good at the gym, you can find some comfortable shorts or leggings and some cool T-shirts or tops. They do not necessarily have to be sweat-absorbing quick dry, etc. but if you really think that will make you feel better and more prepared, go for it, why not.

things you need before hitting the gym

3. Comfortable Shoes

Same goes for shoes, you can use the ones you’ve already got, on the condition they are light and comfortable.

Alternatively, you can get a pair of new ones, but maybe it’s better to go to the gym first, and then ask for advice there as the best shoes for you might depend on the type of exercise you are going to take up. So it’s better to wait a little bit and make sure you’ve got the right stuff, then to buy something in a rush, spend a lot of money thinking it must be good if it costs that much. And it turns out it really is good, but not for you.

4. A Bottle of Water

There are gyms which have fountains all around, so you have access to water, but I personally prefer having a bottle with me at all times. Walking to the fountain can help you make a small break and break the routine, but it can also be distracting.

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Plus, sometimes I feel like I need water immediately, so I like to have a bottle at hand. If you don’t already have it, you can get one which is suitable for multiple uses, such as a stainless steel bottle.

5. Music

Most gyms play their own music which is usually suitable for a workout, but sometimes you simply want to listen to your own playlist. So maybe you could prepare one beforehand.

You know what will pump you up and set up a good pace for your workout. It could also serve as a Pavlov’s effect if you keep listening to the same songs at the gym, it could help to get you into the “exercise mode”.


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