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9 Best Battle Ropes Workout to Burn Fat and Build Muscles

If you’ve walked in the gym and your eyes meet a couple of thick, long ropes lying across the floor, they’ve probably gotten you perplexed. Well, you are definitely not going to play tug of war there. These are the secret training tool used by all athletes to scorch calories and sculpt arms. It basically is a strengthening workout that packs a full punch. 

For someone who has a busy life and is in seek of burning a tremendous number of calories, this workout is the classic solution to burn fat. Battle ropes are a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training that not only works on your muscles but also your heart and lungs. 


Battle ropes are attached to a pivot and allow you to perform various moves that will leave you sweating, shaking, and panting at the end of the session. This is a challenging workout to burn calories, all you need to do is maintain consistency. 

That being said, you can still burn around 300-500 calories per half-hour with a fitness rope workout. Battle ropes are classified as high-intensity interval training. This means that it’s physically impossible for an individual to attain results by executing this workout on a low or moderate intensity. You have to carry it out at a high level for a short period of time and then rest. 

It is considered superior to traditional cardio as it burns a higher of calories per minute and keeps burning more calories till 24 hours after finishing up. So, it’s always a good option to finish your workout routine with about 40 seconds of battle ropes, resting for 60 seconds, and repeating for 10 minutes. 

It is a spectacular way to get your heart pumping, oxygenate muscles, chisel your arms, and blast the fat. 

A common misconception that prevails is that lifting a heavyweight is an absolute must in order to shape your upper body. However, an exercise rope workout can yield the perfect results for you by burning fat at a much faster pace. It targets the areas with accumulated fat to trim it and shape your body the way you desire. Whether you want to work on your shoulders, arms, core, or legs, it is the perfect fat-cutter exercise.

Battle Rope Exercises to Burn Calories

There is a multitude of battle rope exercises that you can perform in order to attain your fitness goals. Make sure you are wearing gloves in order to prevent cuts and bruises. 

  • Battle Ropes Alternating Waves

This is a slam battle rope exercise that targets your shoulders, arms, and core. If you want to pump up your heart, this is the best way to do that. 

  • Lower yourself in a squat position. Hold the rope in a handshake position and lean your upper body slightly forward.
  • Alternate making waves in the rope with both your hands. 
  • Make sure the ripples in the rope go till the anchor point.
  • Repeat for desired reps. 
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Tip: Keep your core tense, knees soft, and spine neutral. 

  • Battling Ropes High Waves

This is a conditioning CrossFit ropes workout that targets your shoulders primarily. It accelerates your heart rate and gives your muscles the required pump. 

  • Lower yourself in the accurate athletic base position. Keep your knees slightly bent and hold the rope in both your hands. 
  • Alternate waves with each rope, slamming it in a rhythmic way. 
  • Utilize your arms fully to generate force and impact to create large waves.
  • Repeat for desired reps. 

Tip: Keep the tension in your core intact. Make sure to use your full body throughout the exercise and not just rely on the arms. 

  • Battling Ropes Low Waves

This is another variation of the slamming exercise that emphasizes on your shoulders, abs, and forearms. In order to trim that stubborn fat, this is an ideal exercise to practice: 

  • Set up a lower base position, keep your knees shoulder-width apart and bend them slightly. 
  • Create small waves by alternating the rope in both hands. 
  • For this, you will have to speed up you’re slamming so that it slams the ground more frequently. 
  • Keep your legs firm to absorb the impact and utilize full strength from your arms. 
  • Repeat for desired reps. 

Tip: Try progressing the movement by changing the difficulty of the rope slam and increasing reps.

  • Battle Ropes Half-Kneeling Wave

This rope slam variation targets your shoulders, abs, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and arms. Using the force push (bilateral), you’d be working on your muscles and heart. 

  • Lower yourself in a half-kneeling position, placing your knees under your hips.
  • Hold the ropes in both your hands and slam them on the floor in quick rhythmic motions.
  • As you create waves, get up in a half-kneeling position to the tall-kneeling position. 
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps. 

Tip: Make sure you are involving your full body throughout the workout and not just relying on your arms and legs. 

  • Battle Ropes Seated 

If you have lower back pain and can’t maintain a neutral spine, then this is the best variation to try. 

  • Get down on the floor in a seated position. 
  • Hold the rope in each hand with a neutral grip. 
  • Alternate small waves by slamming the rope in quick motions. 
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps. 

Tip: You can alter your movements between waves and slams, whichever is more convenient for you.

  • Battle Ropes Full Circle

This battle rope exercises primarily targets your core. Make sure to keep your core braced throughout the move make the most of this.

  • Stand tall and hold the ends of the ropes in both hands.
  • Now move both your hands in a clockwise motion in front of your body.
  • Do at least 10 reps of this, then move your hands in an anti-clockwise rotation. 
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps. 
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Tip: Ensure to keep your spine neutral throughout the reps. 

  • Battle Ropes Lateral Slam

This is another variation of the slam exercise rope workout. It targets your shoulders, abs, forearms, and triceps. 

  • Bend your knees a bit and hold the ropes in both your hands above your head. 
  • Generate full tension in your arms and hips then slam the ropes side to side. 
  • Repeat for the desired number of steps. 

Tip: Keep increasing the number of reps and duration to progress the intensity of your workout. 

  • Battle Ropes Jumping Slam

If you are aiming for high amplitude, this exercise can be the grand finale of your battle ropes exercise. It helps burn a high number of calories and amps up your heart rate.

  • Bend your knees and hold the ropes in both your hands firmly. 
  • Jump up and slam both the ropes down together on the floor. 
  • This should be a powerful slam. 
  • Repeat with as high velocity as possible. 

Tip: This will be a pretty exhausting exercise, so you need to keep a hawk’s eye on the form. Certify that you are not slouching. 

  • Battle Ropes Side Plank Wave

If you wish to utilize battle ropes for abs, this is the best exercise to do that. This exercise is guaranteed to burn a ton of calories and boost your cardiovascular health. 

  • Assume a side plank position. Support your upper body on your right forearm. 
  • Hold the rope in your left hand and slam it on the ground for 15 seconds. 
  • Switch sides and repeat for the desired number of reps. 

Tip: Keep your elbow under your shoulder and keep your back straight. 

There are a myriad of brands selling battle ropes but if you want one that has premium quality and supports your fitness level, then battle rope by DMOOSE is an ideal option. It features a non-slip handle providing better protection, targeting the weak links in your body, and improving your overall stability level. The 100% lifetime money back guarantee is a cherry on top that manifests the durability and credibility of the brand. 

Bottom Line

Battle ropes workout is the key to burning fat, boosting cardiovascular health, and shaping your muscles. It burns a multitude of calories within a short period of time and saves people from the trouble of lifting heavy weights. There is a wide spectrum of battle rope exercises that puts your muscles under endurance tests such as lateral slam, side plank wave, half-kneeling wave, etc. If you go to the gym and haven’t tried this high-intensity exercise yet, it’s high time that you begin!

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