Reasons For Your Delayed Period Other Than Pregnancy

A delayed period is one of the most common problems faced by many women. Some people misunderstand this delayed period as a sign of pregnancy, you should know that pregnancy is not only the reason behind a delayed period. Menstruation can often become irregular in many women during the initial years. But that is not the end, irregular period cycles can show up in many situations. There are many other causes and reasons that start from hormonal imbalances to serious medical conditions, for a delayed period. Normally, in a healthy woman’s body, 21- 35 days is the menstrual gap, when it is delayed more than that, the following reasons must be behind your delayed period.

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Reasons for a delayed period

  1. Stress – one of the most common reasons for a delayed period is stress. When you are stressed, it affects the hormones and creates hormonal imbalances which can even lead to affect the hypothalamus of your brain. The hypothalamus is responsible for regulating the period cycle, therefore any issues in this part of the brain alter the entire periodic cycle. If you think your menstrual cycle is affected by stress, then try practicing meditation, yoga, light exercises, morning or evening walks. Exercises are always good for your body which can help you to get back on track.
  2. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – According to soulfactors PCOS is the most commonly found health condition in females, in which the body produces excess androgen (male hormone). Due to this specific condition, small cysts start forming on the ovaries which results in irregular ovulation or sometimes no ovulation at all. PCOS can also cause hormonal imbalances including the production of insulin. Though it can be treated and cured using medications like birth control pills, or pills that regulate your menstrual cycle, regular physical activities should also be included for a faster cure. PCOS can become serious or severe in some women and it can even lead to infertility along with excess weight gain.
  3. Low body mass – being underweight, which means having a body mass ten percent less than your normal height can affect your body function and ovulation as well.  Following a healthy diet to weight gain can bring back your body function to a normal state. As suggested earlier, regular exercise can also help you in managing a normal body mass.
  4. Obesity – excess body weight is similar to that of being underweight. Obesity is responsible for hormonal imbalances which may lead to a delayed period and you need to follow special dietary practices and physical activities like exercise or yoga.
  5. Chronic Diseases – diabetes is the situation of imbalance in the blood sugar level. This can often lead to hormonal changes and irregular periods. Another reason is celiac disease which leads to inflammation in the small intestine that restricts the body from absorbing nutrients needed to promote the menstrual process. Both health condition requires continuous treatment by a certified health care provider along with exercise.
  6. Thyroid – if you have an overactive or underactive thyroid, then your hormone levels are already affected by this health condition as the thyroid is responsible for regulating metabolism in the body. This will cause an irregular period cycle.  If it is treated and cured with medication, then your menstrual cycle will come back to normality.
  7. Breastfeeding – breastfeeding women usually experience irregular periods because of the hormonal changes during and after pregnancy. This will come back to normal, once they stop breastfeeding.
  8. Travel – you may be thinking why such a different reason is mentioned here. But you are not aware that travelling to places with a different weather or climate can cause temperature variations in body. And the type of food we eat from different places also matter. This can cause irregular period but it will come to tract within days.
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So here we have discussed about some common reasons for your delayed period, other than preganancy. Some of them can become serious health conditions, whereas some are easily curable with short period of time. However, it is always reccommended to consult a doctor if your period is delayed more than 45 days, because it can be a beggining of a serious health issue. Menstrual cycle is a biological and natural process which needs to be taken care in the proper way to avoid many serious issues in the future. After all, ‘prevention is better than cure’ right!

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