There are many reasons why you would want to give your bike a little make-over and revamp it to look more appealing. The old favorites usually need to be spiced up while the brand new bikes can be customized to reflect your personality. It’s those little details that really make a bike your own, really. So, peradventure you’re looking to explore a new terrain, take up a new challenge, or just spice things up a bit, there are so many admirable ways to alter your ride. You can easily build your own bike online. Here are some cool ways to customize your new bike look.

Ways To Customize Your New Bike For Better Performance

1. Change The Boring Handlebars

Most bike grips come in monotonous plain colours that are reminiscent of the 80’s. Undeniably, black is a natural fit for most bikes but that’s not a reason to not go for more fun looking handlers. Nowadays, it is practicable to obtain grips, hood covers and bar tapes of precisely any design that you want. Even so, installing these new parts is quite easy to accomplish in a few minutes. Moreover, you are not stuck with a single color because replacements are available at all times. If you want performance and comfort, you should have one of the multi-speed bikes and comfortable handlebars.

Customize Your New Bike For Better Performance1

2. Light Up Your Bike

Having a bike that glows is going to call a lot of attention to you. But isn’t that what customization is all about? Using battery LED lights, you can light up your bicycle almost entirely. If you are on the conservative side, then keep it simple and light up just the wheels. The illumination usually looks amazing at night. Another mind-blowing option is to use a phosphorescent paint on your bike. The paint gives off a radiant green at night that is reminiscent of the glow worm.

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3. Design Your Own Vinyl Decals

For the creative ones among us, design your own vinyl decals will make your bike stand out. Some websites offer custom services that allow you to create your own styles, patterns, and shapes, just the way you like it. The final design is, the, printed and sent to you at little cost. With decals, you don’t have to apply paints and brushes to your bike and you still get to keep the original design of your ride. You can stick your name or that of a famous brand, or anything at all on your bike and your bike would appear completely new.

4. Add Colourful Components

The little things can make all the difference including adding a bit of colour to the various moving parts on a bike is one such thing. The pedals, stems, cranks and other bits of metal in your bike will benefit from vibrant paint colours including green, orange, purple and other bright hues. See this as an avenue to put your creativity on display and paint something truly astonishing.

5. Customize Your New Bike By Adding A Bike Basket

The bike basket is one accessory that can immediately add more style to any bicycle. Besides beauty, it equally provides functionality as it comes in handy when you need to carry your bag, books, purse, groceries, etc. A simple woven basket could be purchased and attached to the front or back of the bicycle. Rather than by one, hand weaving it to your taste would be more fun if you are into the craft.

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