How much does it cost to get a patent? The cost of getting a patent depends on several different factors, such as the dilemma of the conception, the amount of work that a patent attorney need to perform to create and pursue the patent application, the applicant’s objectives, and the type of the preceding art conceptions in the inventors field technology area, amongst other things.

There are mostly three sorts of fees caught up in getting a patent:

1)      Attorney fees

2)      Professional drawings fees and

3)      Patent office fees

Attorneys fees are fees for the job an attorney does to draw up the application, negotiate with the Patent Office, and to assure a patent on your favor. Professional drawings fees are fees to get professional patent drawing made for your patent application, if required. Patent Office fees are fees charged by the government, like maintenance fees, filing fees, and issue fees. Now, let’s take a look at how much does it cost to get a patent.

Industry Norms

In 2008, the American Intellectual Property Association (AIPLA) announced the following norm prices for having prepared a utility patent application:

  • To have prepared and registered an original application of minimum complexity (10 pages of specification, 10 assertions) by a IP depot with more than 100 IP professionals – $8,548.00
  • Mechanical cases (comparatively complex) – $11,482.00
  • Chemical/Biotechnology cases (comparatively complex) – $15,398.00
  • Computer/Electrical cases (comparatively complex) – $13,684.00

The above mentioned fees don’t cover government fees, like issue fees.

Utility Patent Applications

How much does it cost to get a utility patent application? The complexity of the conception is a huge factor in defining the amount of work it is going to need – which represents the cost – to prepare a utility patent application. Beneath gives an appraisal of the costs to create a patent application depending on the complexity of the conception.

  • Very simple conception – $1,500 to $2,500
  • Simple conception – $2,500 to $3,500
  • Medium complexity conception – $3,500 to $7,500
  • Complex conception – $7,500 and above.

Every conception and applicant situation is distinct. Literal costs will differ based on the wheel of fortune and might not come under the above ranges. Mostly, as soon as the information about your conception and interpret your goals are provided, they can furnish a specific cost quotation for your application.

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Further costs will come up after your patent application is registered during the negotiation stage (patent prosecution) when the attorneys negotiate with the Patent Office concerning the horizon of protection that will be furnished have to get a patent be given. Patents are not consequently given after a patent application is registered. The patent office need to look into the content of the patent application and decide whether or not it’s worth of having a patent. On this process the attorney must frequently negotiate (by answering to office acts) with the patent office on the term of patent protection.

The cost of replying to Patent Office Acts (for e.g. negotiating with the patent office) relies upon the difficulty and number of concerns put forth by the patent examiner in the Office Action and the number of preceding art references quoted in the Office Action. The costs of analyzing, preparing, and answering to an office action on patent execution mostly can lie in between $750 and $3000. As soon as an office action is obtained attorneys will assess the choices for replying and the cost accompanied with every option and let you opt how to proceed.

It might be required to reply to more than one office action in order to attain the applicant’s goal concerning the scope of patent protection. Because of the existing backlog at the patent office, it might necessitate 2 years prior negotiation starts with the Patent Office. Thus these execution costs will not instantly be received at the time of application registering and could be set out over a many years, relying on how long it necessitates for the Patent Office to start analyzing the patent application.

If the patent examiner grants the patent application, then the government bills an issue fee that should be paid in order for the patent to be given.

After when a utility patent is conceded, maintenance fees need to be paid to the government at 3.5, 7.5, and 11.5 years later on the issue date of the patent so as to keep the patent in effect.

Provisional Patent Applications

How much does it cost to get a provisional patent application? It’s been suggested that a provisional patent application be enlisted in the same way as a non-provisional application, besides when that asserts need not be enclosed within the provisional application. In some events, the attorney will draft at least one or more assertions for a provisional application. Due to the point that assertions are not needed and the government charges minimal registration fees for a provisional patent application, a superior provisional patent application costs around $700 to $2000 lesser than a non-provisional patent application on the very conception.

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There are numerous low cost suppliers that’ll register any document that you provide them as a provisional patent application. You approach a patent attorney for suggestion and guidance on how to get your patent secured and that generally always involves re-writing, modifying, adding, and removing material from the primary materials given by the applicant leave a beginning point for the attorney to draft a patent application that goes through a quality standard. Attorneys require to be sure that a provisional patent application that they register goes through a quality standard, and –to the range of the conception experienced at the time of registering – will render a solid basis for high patent protection – if granted by the preceding art – leading from a later registered non-provisional patent application on the applicant’s conception.

Design Patents

How much does it cost to get a design patent application? Design Patents are mostly less expensive to apply for and have approved. The cost of preparing a design patent application mostly is subject to the number and cost of professional drawings. Since design patents depend highly on what is shown in the drawings, professional patent drawings are essential in design patent applications. These applications can typically be prepared and registered for between $1200 and $1700. Same as utility patent applications, extra cost might fall out, like during patent execution for reacting to the office acts and negotiating with the patent office. Likewise, same as utility patent application, the government charges as issue fee that need to be paid so as the design patent to be provided. Usually, the overall cost of getting a design patent could lie somewhere between $2000 and $3000. Maintenance fees are not needed for design patents.


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