The United States of America is counted as one of the most famous countries in the world. Every single person in the world wishes to pay a visit to the USA at least once in the lifetime. With 50 states in total, USA has a lot and diverse to offer to everyone who seeks for a great holiday here. The best places to visit in Utah is lot and more adventurous.

There are cities that enchant people and many even plan their entire lives here. There are, of course, a few cities and states that outstand others, but these few states do not justify the entire beauty of the country and there are more than the smaller picture. Utah is one state that reflects natural beauty in the best possible way, and many tourists, both local and international are making their way to explore the matchless beauty of this place. One can easily avail Utah lodge rentals for their stay.

Utah is located in the western part of the USA and it is said to be one of the most iconic places on earth for its distinctive beauty. It is named as the “Monument Valley” and houses a huge sandstone formation which is, of course, the best part of the entire state. The desert area is also famous for taking up various sports adventures. It presents a unique and interesting amalgamation of native America and Old West History. It is indeed a tough job to list down all the places that you must visit in Utah, so we are sharing some of the best places you must definitely check out.

5 Best places to visit in Utah

1. Lake Powell

5 Best places to visit in Utah

The very first place that you must visit is Lake Powell. This is a reservoir standing on the Colorado River, on the border of Utah and Arizona. It is the second-largest man-made reservoir in the USA. Every year, this single place attracts somewhere 2 million visitors and, of course, there are reasons as well.

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Apart from scenic beauty it presents, the lake also boasts of a lot of landmarks including the largest natural bridge, Rainbow Bridge. Other than this, you can see numerous canyons that are actually home to the Anasazi ruins. The lake has also been featured in many movies for its amazing beauty and a perfect backdrop. One of the most notable movies is “Planet of the Apes.”

2. Park City

5 Best places to visit in Utah

Park City is situated in the northern part of Utah and it was once a mining town which was recovered only to transform into one of the most popular tourist attractions. The reason for becoming a major tourist attraction in Utah is the presence of three major ski resorts in the nearby area which are Canyons Resort, Derr Valley Resort, and Park City Mountain Resort.

It is mainly famous for skiing and one can get all the facilities for enjoying the snow-related sport like snowboarding and skiing. Apart from this, Park City is also a famous place where the largest independent film festival takes places in the entire USA, the Sundance Film Festival. There are also many bars, restaurants, outlet stores, and clubs for tourists to enjoy. Outside the city, many more attractions await you like hot springs, hiking trails, biking, reservoirs, and forests.

3. Antelope Island

5 Best places to visit in Utah1

Antelope Island State Park is another very stunning place that you must include in your list of must visit places. It is located on the southern part of the Great Salt Lake and is open for the entire year giving a lot of options to enjoy.

The place is famous for boasting of wildlife which includes the largest bison herd in the country which roams free in the area. You can also spot bighorn sheep, mule deer, and diverse waterfowl. Though being popularly famous for housing wildlife, one can also indulge in a variety of events like annual balloon festival. Also, take up cycling and hiking.

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4. Monument Valley

5 Best places to visit in Utah1

Monument Valley is the most famous place in Utah and many people know Utah because of this particular place. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is situated on the southeastern part of Utah on the Navajo Indian Reservation close to the Arizona border. The beauty of the orange desert floor seems like an elaborated piece of an artist’s imagination has come to life.

The perfect scenic backdrop has made it an ideal place for the shooting of many films and commercials. To take the closer look at the beautiful place, make sure to visit a one way, 17-mile dirt road inside the Valley drive which is filled with dramatic landscape views. If you don’t have a lot of time in your hand, make sure to visit “Monument Valley Visitor Center” for witnessing the best curves and sightseeing spots nearby.

5. Canyonlands

5 Best places to visit in Utah5

Canyonlands is situated on the southeastern of Utah and is a national park near to Moab town. The park is famous for preserving a vast colourful landscape that features countless mesas, buttes, and, of course, canyons standing on the Green River and Colorado River.

The park is further divided into four districts, each having its own beauty and distinctive charm. They are named the Maze, the Needle, the Sky, and the Island. One can also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like rafting, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and others.

These 5 places are amongst the best places present in Utah which no one should ever miss from visiting.

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