With the sort of customizability Android has, things can become a little intense for a normal user who has just got his/her first smartphone. There are lots of app alternatives available for each and every activity. Assume launchers for example. From lightweight to the highly splashy kind, there are many types of launchers for Android.

Keyboard layout differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most people believe that Samsung’s keypad version as the best default choice. But while there are enough of better replacements available out there, why go with the average? Here is the list of 5 best Android keyboard apps for you:

Best Android Keyboard Apps

#01: SwiftKey Keyboard

Price: Free & $3.99 for Premium

Developer: SwiftKey

Here comes the most popular keyboard app for Android. There’s a reason why Blackberry and Samsung have licensed SwiftKey’s technology for their own keyboards. This Android app is very intelligent as it could predict the words that you’re about to type next. Just tap the suggestions above the layout while composing emails, post Facebook updates or respond to texts.

In certain events you could enter the whole sentences without typing each of its characters. If you allow permission, SwiftKey can even learn from what you type in Gmail, Twitter and Facebook to improve accuracy. One of its interesting features is SwiftKey Flow, a trace-kind option that one-ups Swype by allowing you chain multiple words together without taking your finger away from the display. You can download it for free from play store to enjoy all its features.

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#02: GO Android Keyboard Apps

Price: Free

Developer: Go Dev Team

Customize the appearance and feel of your keyboard by choosing any of the unique themes available. GO Keyboard features accurate dictionaries, voice typing, supports multiple languages, and smart engine for predictions. Switch between keyboard layouts by sliding to the right or the left. With GO Keyboard, you can type faster and smarter on your Android smartphone or tablet. This is one among the best Android keyboard app that is available for free. Download this app by clicking this link.

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#03: TouchPal – Cute Emoji Keyboard

Price: Free

Developer: TouchPal

TouchPal is a first-class keyboard that provides both slide- and tap-to-type functionality in a sophisticated design. It holds some peculiar touches, such as the option to switch to a condensed “T12” keyboard mode in which many characters appear on a same key – same like a phone dial pad. The system then utilizes contextual clues to guess the words you’re trying to enter. TouchPal has a wide range of skins that can be downloaded to change its appearance. The best thing is that this Android keyboard app is available at free of cost in play store.

#04: Kika Emoji Keyboard GIF free

Price: Free

Developer: Kika Keyboard Team

Got tired of switching numeric mode to enter numbers or long-pressing letters? Kika Keyboard provides you the option of displaying a top number row in portrait and landscape mode. You might also like the multiple gesture options; you could either go with Swype-style input or activate other gestures, like swiping right to show Emoji and swiping left to delete words. In addition to the all foregoing, you can create multiple text shortcuts set off by your own custom set of words or by abbreviations, which is absolutely a time-saver. You can download it for free from the Play Store here.

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#05: Swype Keyboard

Price: Free & $0.99 for Pro Version

Developer: Nuance Communications, Inc.

As their tagline states, Swype began it all. They quite much initiated one handed typing in big touch screen gadgets using swipe action. I’m not a person who sends lots of messages. But if you are a person who texts a lot, this is the right app for you. You can download a free version .

That’s it folks! These are all the 5 best Android keyboard apps for your smartphone and tablet.


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