Product photography is one of the leading brand marketing work is every product seller must do. With increasing e-commerce growth every year, the number of individual sellers are growing and getting into competition.

Get More Out of Your Product Photographer

1. Get new product photos during big company events. For a long time, people have been getting their merchandise photographed for catalogs in light studios and photo studios, but that has started to change as the trend of getting product photos taken during company events has begun to grow in popularity.

The idea behind having clothes, shoes, jewelry, beverages and many other items, photographed during parties is that the products can often times be made more appealing when they are in situations with people having fun. Not only will you be able to save by using your event photographer to shoot your products but you will also create more excitement around your guests by having extra cameras snapping away during your special event.

2. Wait until you have several new items you need photographed until you call in the prosA product photographer will charge far less if he only has to make one trip to a company to shoot items. If you call the product photographer in each time your business launches a new item you will really start to stack up the photo bills. Whenever possible, wait till you have a large quantity of products that you need pictures of and have the photographer do them all at once.

3. Instead of using the photographer’s studio, see if it is possible to rent the lights you will need and have the photographer come and shoot the items at your own location. Product photographers almost always have their own studios with special lighting equipment. These private studios that photographers use can be very pricey and that cost will trickle down to the client. At times it may be possible to rent the lighting you need for the shoot and have the photographer work in your own home or office, it might save you a bundle of cash. Make sure and discuss the location options with the photographer first because not all photographers will work with other peoples equipment.

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4. Keep your product photographer well informed about the image you want to create with the photos. People often times fail to realize just how much a commercial photographer is capable of doing to help create an image of an item if he or she is given the right information. There are huge differences between lighting choices for products which are marketed towards working adults and those aimed at the young teen age group. Take the time to sit down with your photographer over a cup of coffee and explain as much to him as you can about your advertising campaign and what your company would like to get out of it. You might even take the extra step and have your advertising team conduct a special meeting with your photo team to see what they can come up with together.


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