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16 Best Anniversary Gifts For Him To Express How Much You Love

Maybe he was your friend, colleague or classmate before. The thing is that this ordinary guy, whom you never imagined to be part of your life, has now made big changes in you. And this change has brought colour into your life. It is a big risk to let someone like him take part in your life. But you took the chance, agreed with him and swore to love him. You started to give him sweet names, and he started to make you happy. But to express your love for him or to see him happy, he needs a gift. With this in mind, we are here to list the 16 best anniversary gift ideas for him to choose from.

To be in a relationship, both have to make an effort to keep the flame burning. It should never be one-sided. As a famous proverb says, it takes two to tango. Now you both have started dancing. Both moved little by little. With time, both felt more relaxed and now enjoyed. You now rocked with your partner in rhythm.

You both laughed at your own giddiness. You felt a little worried when you stepped on his foot. And you both paused a little when one of you got dizzy from spinning around. But both of you tried hard not to let go of the other’s hand until you both could no longer hear the music. That’s how a relationship has to be. There should be an effort and the will for you to dance until the end of the song.

16 Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Being in a relationship can make you absolutely happy. But, honestly, you can get tired sometimes. It’s not always sunny and perfect, and there may be a point when you want to end the relationship. But we should not let go of each other’s hands, especially when the music is still playing. We should continue to move forward, especially if we know that the relationship is worth a fight, or a second chance. Now, before he loses this fire and the fiasco of separation occurs, do something for him. Whether you two are just starting to date or have been together for a long time, there are ways to make him feel special.

According to a study, about 34% of couples who have been together for years ignore anniversary gifts. They say that they are used to being together, and that anniversaries and the like seem ordinary to them. Well, this time you should freshen up this feeling of love and try harder again before he says goodbye to you. Below are probably some of the best anniversary gifts for him.

If your husband is a traveller or a person who often goes on excursions into nature, such as hiking, mountaineering or hunting, then you can give him an item that is useful for his adventures. It could be something as simple as a filtered water bottle for clean drinking water or a quick charger to charge his phone to a GPS device to help him navigate the wilderness, or an action camera like the Go Pro Camera to capture his travels. There are many things related to travel that you could give to your loved ones.

1. Memorabilia

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Maybe your relationship has gone on for another mile and you are about to celebrate your first anniversary as a couple. You may want to give him something personal that you think he will really like. So collect your favourite photos, preferably those that you took on a special occasion, such as your first date, or the time you became a couple, or the first time you left town together. Put them in a small box, depending on the size you want (shoeboxes are recommended, however).

Have this box decorated first, such as painting it with his favourite colour. Decorate it with glitter, ribbons or souvenirs from the trip together. You can also use your rings as decoration. Take the lid off the box, cut out a rectangle in the middle, or if you like, you can cut it out in the shape of a heart. Cover the cut out part neatly with a plastic lid. Secure it with transparent adhesive tape. Check it one last time before you hand it to him.

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2. Make A Bento

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Bentos are an ordinary lunch box for Japanese people, but the colourful vegetables and delicious food you will prepare will certainly make him and his tummy happy. This is perfect if your anniversary falls on a weekday, if you are too busy or cannot take a day off. Remember that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you prepare his lunch for him every day, don’t make it boring. Use a large lunch box in which you put all the food he likes (only in small portions) if possible. Use cute decorations; you can see examples of Bento available online. Have someone you both know deliver it, perhaps a relative. Make him happier by adding a note telling him that you have something for him when he comes home. This will make him even more excited.

3. Spoil Him

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

We know that gifts should never be expensive, and it’s the thought that counts, but it will never hurt you to spend a few extra dollars on it on your special day. The anniversary only comes once a year, and here you have the opportunity to spoil him. Buy those beautiful shoes he had his eye on for a long time, or that shirt you both saw in the shop that he really loved. There is nothing wrong with spending something, especially if it is for your husband.

4. Treat Him With An Ice Cream

Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him

Ice creams are perfect for all occasions. No one can say no to this creamy frozen delight, the favourite dessert of all ages. Buy all the flavours he likes. Prepare a special room for him; add pillows and two small chairs. You can play his favourite film while you serve him his favourite ice cream. Or you can just turn on this soft music as background music while you two have little conversations.

5. Bake A Cake For Him

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

A sweet treat for this sweet occasion. If you cannot bake or cook, now is the time to impress your love. Surprise him by baking a red velvet cake or a chocolate mousse cake with sweet words written on the cake to describe him.

6. Sketch Your Guy

Best Anniversary Gift ideas For Him

For the professional artist out there, this is one of the best anniversary gifts for him. Take a snapshot of your husband while he is doing something. Use this photo as a motif for your masterpiece. Take the artist inside you and use this pencil lovingly to sketch your husband. If you are not so artistically inclined, you can hire a professional artist. Sketch the words “To the man I love” below. Personalised or not, this is one of many great anniversary gifts you can give him.

7. Buy Him A Wallet

Top Anniversary Gifts For Him

Unlike women, men like simple gifts, especially if they are from their girl. A wallet is perfect if you are looking for a useful and at the same time sweet gift for him. Choose wallets in a dark colour; check the inside for any holes. You can put some love letters inside before you hand them to him.

8. A Set Of Ties

Best Anniversary Gifts For your boyfriend

Your man might workin the corporate world. If so, then give him a complete set of ties. Organise his cupboard while you simply put the gift inside. This may not be the super sweet gesture that was made for him, but it will certainly make him happy because he won’t have to wash the same old ties over and over again. This will make him believe that you will be the perfect wife for him in the future.

9. Have A Cheer

Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him

Boys love drinking and eating. They drink with their friends on almost all occasions. Set a place for yourself, and have a one-on-one drink with him. Buy a case of canned beer or a bottle of wine. Let him drink his heart out. You can prepare chips and various types of finger food. This would be the perfect time to talk about the past – how you both met and what he did to get your attention. Or how you had a big crush on him before he courted you. This will connect and strengthen your relationship even more.

10. Treat Him To A Getaway

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

This may require a long planning and saving, because honestly, you will have to pay the costs, because you will be the one who will propose this escapade to him. Take him out of the city, to a small lake with a rented cabin. Let him try skydiving or take him to the beach for fishing and snorkelling. Relax together with him in the nature. This will be unforgettable for him, because you will have taken him to a new place and done some cool activities with him. If he insists on paying the costs, tell him that you can take care of it. If he still insists, let him pay a small amount of money.

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Try to do something new and adventurous together with him. A boat cruise is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate another year together. You can either relax and spend time with your partner on the boat itself or have romantic meals while gazing at the beautiful scenery of the sea. When planning a boat trip, the main thing to remember is that it’s essential to take everything you need for your time at sea. 

Whether you’re renting or using your own boat, make sure that it’s in good condition. Do a visual inspection of the boat’s interior and check if the underwater and navigation lights are working, especially when cruising at night. Also, the boat should be fully equipped with flares, life jackets, and other safety equipment. And always check the weather and sea conditions before you set sail!

11. For The Love Of Travel

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

If you both love to travel to new places, maybe to new countries, and discovering new things, this is a perfect way to strengthen your free spirit. Take a map of a particular continent you want to explore with him. A whole map is also good if you have been to many cities around the globe. Hang up a small picture of you and your husband in the countries or cities you have already conquered. Mark the countries on the map that you want to explore next with another marker.

12. Wear It Proudly

great Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Tailor-made shirts are so clichéd, but who cares? This classic surprise will always make him smile. In fact, this is one of the best anniversary presents he can get this year. Think of the words you wanted to write on your shirt. A cute example is the writing “Ethan’s No. 1 Fan” or “Forever In Love With Ethan” on the front of your shirt. Get the same shirt for him, with his name printed in bold on the back. You must wear them both together at the same time. Take him for a nice walk in the park or eat together in your favourite restaurant. Let people know with pride that you are a fan of Ethan and who Ethan is.

13. Buy Him Earphones

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

In our opinion, simple and small gifts made with love are the best anniversary gifts. If he likes music, then a new pair of headphones is suitable for him. They will accompany him wherever he goes and he will always remember you when he sees these headphones.

14. A Dinner For Two

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

Ah. The classic and romantic dinner for two. Most people find it more comfortable and sweet, not to mention appropriate, to celebrate another year with him with dinner. This can be in a fine restaurant or in the garden of your house, depending on your own preferences. If you want to have a dinner date at your home, be especially creative. You can dim the lights, light scented candles and put on your favourite songs. Cook his favourite dish. If you have a spacious garden at the back of your house, renovate it. Place tables and chairs. Decorate it with flowering plants. Eat your dinner in the moonlight.

15. Scrapbooking

Top Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

You may think this is a childish idea, but believe it or not, scrapbooking is still one of the most effective ways to show how much you love and appreciate him. Apart from the fact that it is the result of your own efforts, the images and memories you put in it will give it a jolt in your heart. He will appreciate it, especially your efforts to appreciate your memories with him.

16. Lovely Little Things

Best Anniversary Gifts For Him

A key ring for his door or car keys can be a clever gift for him on this anniversary. Have it personalised, e.g. by engraving a text of the song (which you both like). You can write the love phrases you used to say to him. A personalised towel or handkerchief can also be a good choice. Write a small sweet message for him on the side of the handkerchief or write both your names on the towel.

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