10 Types Of Colleagues That You Really Need

We all know what a job from Monday to Friday feels like. There are only a few colleagues in the office who make the weekdays easy and interesting for us. Here is a list of the 10 best types of colleagues that you really need to make the workplace less boring and less stressful.

Types Of Colleagues

1. The trouble-shooters

The trouble-shooters

You can always pile some of your unfinished business on them. And they’re too sweet to refuse. Plus, they can be your partner in critical moments.

2. The gossip brewers

The gossip brewers

When you go to the canteen, there are always a few staff members who will serve you some spicy and sizzling news about office culture. They’re like self-appointed news reporters.

3. The ones who bring some delicious home-cooked food for you

The ones who bring some delicious home-cooked food for you

You are too lazy to make your own coffee in the morning, let alone eat. But then there are some blissful friends who spice up your day with home-cooked food.

4. The ones who are good at remembering dates

The ones who are good at remembering dates

Some people are really good at remembering birthdays and important events. They will make every effort to make celebrations happen.

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5. The ones who know all the food delivery joints

The ones who know all the food delivery joints

Whenever you run out of choices, you can always contact them to suggest a delicious meal that can be delivered to the office. Of course, you never want to mess with them!

6. The pranksters

The pranksters

These are the people who have a caffeine-like effect. They never make you feel drowsy or bored in the office. They’re always up to something suspicious and make others look good.

7. The ones who are skilled at flattery

The ones who are skilled to flatter

There are a few employees who know the weakness of others and know what makes them melt. They know how to butter up other colleagues to get things done. You can always ask them to help you do your job.

8. The counselors

The counselors

They always have advice for everyone. Whether sarcastic or sincere, they keep you motivated.

9. The lazy types

The lazy types

They are the ones who invent abbreviations for every single task. You can go to them at any time, and they will teach you how to cut the crap out of a task.

10. The party animals

The party animals

After a week full of hustle and bustle and boring computer screens, they will always force you to take them to a party. Trust me! Never say no, because a crazy party is exactly what you deserve in the end.

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