Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

As the climate crisis continues, and with global focus on the recent COP26 negotiations, more and more of us are becoming conscious of the impact we have on the environment. 

Whatever doubts you may have, the smallest of changes can make a big difference if we all come together and pledge to do what we can to contribute to making our planet a greener place. 

In this article, we share some top tips on how to promote sustainability within your home.


Implementing a proper recycling regime within your home is a great way to do your bit for the environment. Figures from the government-funded Recycle Now campaign show that nine out of 10 UK families recycle regularly within their households. Having dedicated bins for different wastage can be a helpful reminder to separate your rubbish when it comes to discarding it. Be sure to check labels on bottles and packaging to see which items are recyclable and which aren’t.

Stop overbuying food

The best way to combat the global issue of food wastage is by putting a stop to overbuying. With Christmas just around the corner, the festive period can be a particularly tempting time to stock our shelves and cram our cupboards with food. According to recent reports, a staggering 270,000 tonnes of food is wasted in the UK at Christmastime! Try to keep this in mind ahead of your Christmas food shop this year and only buy what you require. 

Upcycle old furniture

A new trend that is becoming increasingly popular over the course of 2021 is upcycling, which encompasses a broad range of DIY interior projects to reduce waste.

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Besides the environmental benefits, upcycling old furniture is a great sustainable pastime. By repurposing items around your home, you can completely transform them with a new lease of life. 

Whether you’re sanding down an old chest of drawers, repainting your wardrobe, or turning an old pair of curtains into some snazzy new cushion covers, there are plenty of ways to channel your inner creativity with this outlet.  

Not only does this prevent your unwanted items from ending up in landfill, but it can also be a great source of additional income if you choose to sell your upcycled goods online. If you wish to create a second-hand furniture business, be sure to take a detailed look at your finances and all the fiscal implications when setting up your e-commerce store. 

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