The Best Ways to Sell or Trade In Your Old iPhone in 2022

Trade In Your Old iPhone

Apple’s iPhone smartphone range has been the crown jewel of the smartphone market for some time now, with yearly releases expanding the device’s reach and capabilities no end. The iPhone 13 is the latest in the line, boasting peerless possibilities for photography and processing speed. As an iPhone user, you may be considering upgrading to the 13 – or, at the very least, making the most of the newly-depreciated price of slightly older models to get a better iPhone for less. But there’s no escaping that smart devices can be costly – making selling your old iPhone a valuable way to bring costs down. But what are the best options for selling your iPhone in 2022?

Private Sale Online

Online second-hand marketplaces have been immensely popular for some time, but their popularity has exploded in recent years. Their interfaces make it easy for consumers to find products in specific niches, and especially easy for people to sell in those niches. Depending on the service you use, the effort involved can be minimal – though some may take a relatively significant seller’s fee for hosting your listing. Larger marketplaces also come with built-in protections, ensuring you receive proper payment for your iPhone and are not defrauded in the process of sale.

Recycling Service

One of the best ways to sell your iPhone, especially if it is one of the older models will less relative value in second-hand markets, is to sell it to a recycling service. These organisations buy up old used devices from consumers in order to recycle and re-use them, whether by selling them to international markets or wholesale second-hand buyers, or by retrieving the rare earth elements used in their manufacture. Selling your iPhone to a recycling service is also one of the more stress-free options here, with no arduous sale process involved; you can simply post your device off to the company, and receive payment depending on the model.

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Retail Second-Hand Chain

Brick-and-mortar retail shops that buy and sell second-hand goods are another worry-free way for you to turn in your old devices for cash. Far from dying out, these chains are thriving, thanks in part to successful leveraging of online platforms to diversify their trade. Many second-hand tech shops will examine your phone on-the-spot, making for a swift and efficient sale without having to worry about postage or delayed bank transfers. You might also be able to part-exchange your iPhone for a newer model in-person, meaning you can walk into a shop with your old model and walk out with a newer one ready to go.

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