While it is a great idea to hit the gym more often to pack on some muscles, I’d say that you should probably focus a little bit on your food intake as well. There’s a reason why body builders keep chugging down food as they workout. They know that Vegetables are beneficial for their health and therefore they tend to focus on their food a lot more than us ordinary folks.

Protein packed foods are best for the muscles and this is a well-known fact, but do we know what foods are packed with proteins? Don’t worry, if you aren’t aware of these super foods I’ll tell you about this. And specifically for this post I will be focusing on five vegetables that you can use to give your health an instant boost.

5 Vegetables Which Boost Your Muscle Strength Fast

1. Go Kale!

Kale is a chic food nowadays. Everyone likes it, it is cheap (at least in my country) and it is accessible to people quite easily. It is basically a low-calorie vegetable and it is rich in calcium, a cup of kale would have approx. 101 mg of calcium in it.

You must be already aware of the fact that calcium is required by us to keep our bones strong and healthy. But what you probably didn’t know is the fact that we require calcium even to move our muscles. It also signals the nerves to carry a message to our brain and the rest of body. Therefore, I recommend that you do not rob your body off of the key food element that makes it possible for you function actively.

5 Vegetables Which Boost Your Muscle Strength Fast1

Now let me tell you why the weightlifters prefer calcium intake so much, you see, it functions as a bone strengthening element that help the muscles carry out their task. Therefore, the weightlifters use it to prevent any injury during their workout practices. Your daily recommended intake should be about a 1000 mgs, get some of it by a couple of bowls of chopped kale. You can also add it in your salads.

2. Broccoli Vegetables

Another superfood that is an absolute favorite of mine (I’m not biased, you guys) Before I embarked on my journey of eating healthy I was not aware of the health advantages of this incredible food. According to howtogetrid Broccoli is full of iodine; it acts as a phtyochemical that metabolizes the excessive estrogen present in our bodies in the forms that inhibit the proliferation of prostate cancer. It also helps with lowering the cholesterol levels present in the blood.

5 Vegetables Which Boost Your Muscle Strength Fast

This prevents you from falling prey to cardiovascular diseases and it also provides with cardiovascular support. Along with iodine, broccoli is also enriched with calcium and vitamin D. All of these nutrients enhance the bone strength and muscle activity in a great way.

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Now there are many ways in which you can cook broccoli, I like mine steamed and sometimes stir-fried. However, you should also consider adding mushrooms to it because they are also a great source of vitamin D. Oh and when you’re all ripped after a tough workout, consider having some massage in massage chairs, because massage chairs relax the muscles a great deal; hop over to this great review post.

3. Beets

Beetroot is probably the only food that I personally loathed since childhood, but sometime in my adulthood while gyming I was forced into eating beetroots and I found it they are not all that bad. They have an earthy taste, especially the ones that are procured organically but apart from that it was not “loathsome” at all. These veggies are high in potassium, magnesium, fiber and many other vitamins.

5 Vegetables Which Boost Your Muscle Strength Fast

When you are weightlifting, this incredibly earthy veggie can give you a great energy boost, especially during aerobics because of high sugar content. Beetroot juice is also proven to play an important role in boosting stamina and it can allow the users to exercise for approx. 16% longer time.

A scientist said that Beetroot juice can reduce the oxygen uptake by body “to an extent that cannot be achieved by any other known means, including training.”

A test was conducted among weightlifting men in which half of them were given placebo and the other half were given beetroot juice for six days, the one who consumed the juice performed better.

4. Avocado

I couldn’t possibly overlook this wonderful diet food that has played a role in turning the healthy eating world upside down alongside matcha. USDA has classified this food as a vegetables, and they are an incredible source of gaining proteins. In each cup of avocado there is about 3-4g of protein. This food adds variety to your consumption of protein.

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This food has the capability of enhancing your muscle recovery and it can help make your muscles bigger as well. Along with all these benefits, avocados also offer about 10g of dietary fiber per serving which means it offers increased satiety.

5 Vegetables Which Boost Your Muscle Strength Fast

It is phytonutrient which helps with combating heart diseases and cancer. So I can guarantee for sure that it will keep your heart healthy. If you eat an avocado post workout it can help a lot with muscle growth. Avocado juice is also good for detoxification process. It also helps increase the nutrient absorption and makes you feel satiated.

5. Beans

It’s my omelet ingredient and I’m not sure if it right to toss some beans in an omelet as per the rules of cooking, but I can tell you that they keep me satiated and full for a long time. The protein content of beans is as high as 15.2g per cup. If you eat beans port-workout it will have a great effect on your muscle growth.

Vegetarians like me suffer from this dilemma a lot; they are always wondering how they can increase their protein intake without consuming meat. This is a surefire way of increasing the intake of protein simply by eating beans without trans fat. They are also an excellent source of iron as well. Iron is one of the critical elements that you need in your diet. So your muscles can grow and get stronger if you eat beans regularly.

5 Vegetables Which Boost Your Muscle Strength Fast

I am sure many of you were unaware of these advantages of beans; I was as well before I became a vegetarian and adopted healthy eating. But my life has been turned around because of this discovery. Eating vegetables as a source of protein and other minerals will keep your system functioning in a better way as well. Visit  ab ripper x

Author Bio: Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and travelling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly blogs at my massage chair.


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