Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up

Nobody Will Teach You And Wants You To Grow Up

It’s true that while we are kids we want to grow up so that we can do all the things that our parents do and restrict us from doing. But when we grow up we wish that we had not, for we realize that with actions come responsibility. There are so many things that we face, which we wish someone would have told us while growing up. And perhaps if someone had, then, like Peter Pan, we would never have wanted to grow up. Here is a list of the top 15 lessons nobody will teach you while growing up.

“Remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes.”

1. Tough times do exist

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 1

As kids we are protected by our parents from anything that is bad and troublesome. But as adults, we have no choice but to realize that bad times do exist and can come anytime in our lives. Life can never be as smooth sailing as we wish it to be, or had pictured it to be. The rough waters and storms are a part of the journey, called life. As they say, tough times do not last, but tough people do. So we need to learn quickly to take things in our stride and move on.

2. Take responsibility Is Lessons Nobody Will Teach

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 2

As an adult, you are fully responsible for your actions. You cannot look around for someone to point a finger at, always. Right from what you would like to do in life, you realize that it is not easy to make decisions. In fact, it’s downright scary! But you learn, on the go. After all, experience makes the man.

3. Change is the only constant in life

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 3

It is troublesome, but you quickly figure out that change is the only constant thing in life. At first, you are troubled by the change. But you learn to accept it and live with it and even make the best of it. One is lucky if we can plan out every last detail of life and live it as planned. The truth is that most of the times, our best-laid plans go asunder. Learn to accept change and go with the flow, for that will improve the quality of life.

4. Managing finances is not easy

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 4

Fighting with parents for more pocket money during childhood, and managing that small amount would have seemed easier. But as an adult who assumes responsibility for self and perhaps a family, you realize that managing money, is not easy at all. The absolute art of juggling money between the urgent expenses and managing the other unplanned ones tends to worry you.

It may take some time and you may take some beating, but you will soon get the hang of realizing how to save, how to invest and how to make more money out of your money! This way you also learn to meet your expenses.

5. Don’t plan too far ahead

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 5

Failing to plan is planning to fail like some great soul said. It is good to have short term goals and work towards them. It is also good to have long term plans but to not rely too much on them. Life has a way of catching up with us, forcing us to change our ways. When you have planned too far ahead, you are likely to get disappointed if things go wrong. Learn to be flexible and quickly change your long-term plans to short term plans, with enough options, that can still go a long way.

While persistence is good policy, it may not do you any good to go after a lost cause. Instead, it may be better to quickly recoup, think through and take a different path that is reachable.

6. This too shall pass

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 6

This is one the biggest life lessons nobody will teach you while growing up. Bad times don’t last, but then neither do the good times. It is important to remember that time is of high value and something that we have no control over. Whether we like it or not, time will pass.

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It is therefore important to make the best of the time what we have on hand and learn to live it up. Time is important but never returns. So value it and respect it so that you can limit your regrets of not having put it to the best use!

7. Relationships are complicated

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 7

Welcome to the world of relationships, for this is the basis on which life is built. It is almost impossible to live as a loner. You have to be a part of the society and learn to handle your relationships. It can be your parents, spouse, kids, boss, neighbors, colleagues, aunts, uncles or friends. All of these are an integral part of everyone’s life and you cannot ignore or escape this fact.

The earlier you learn to handle and manage your relationships, the better your life will be. But this is easier said than done. Relationships are complicated. Learning to be honest with yourself and your relationships, valuing those who matter and letting go of the ones who don’t, is an art that you learn over time, as you to live to the full.

8. You live only once

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 8

You get, but only one chance at life, so make the most of it. Learn to live it the way you want and not as per what others expect of you. Even if you should not throw caution to the winds, it is ok to take a few risks and overcome fear. Once in a while get out of your comfort zone to do something different!

All these experiences will make life worthwhile. Explore every chance you get, make new friends, find new hobbies and passions and keep the interest going.

9. ‘Failures are the stepping stones to success’

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 9

Almost every famous and successful person will have a story to tell about how they have faced failures before they saw success. Rejections will happen whether at the personal front or on the professional front. We should learn to reconcile to these rejections and failures as quickly as possible.

Most often, we tend to take rejections and failures a little too personally. ‘Why should this happen to me,’ is the eternal question, we ask ourselves. It is important to understand that destiny has something planned out for everyone. Our duty lies in making efforts towards success and progress. Rejections should just be looked at as something that was not meant for us and not as something personal. We are destined for something different, perhaps even something better and bigger. Being positive helps a lot to overcome such situations.

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be.”

10. Worry never solved anything

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 10

Alas!! This is something that is known to all, but so difficult to implement. Life has its own ways and means of taking us through. Though we know that a few things and situations are out of our control, we tend to worry about it, rather too much and get stressed out.

It is true that worry never solved any problems and only adds to it. What is important to solve issues, is to know that it has to be thought through, with a clear, calm mind. Sometimes all you need to do to get things into perspective is to take a day off and be by yourself. A calm mind works better. When in doubt, follow your heart and you can never go wrong. Also, learn to discuss things out with a few confidants. This will help immensely. It is said that joy multiplies when you share it with others and sorrows get divided.

11. Expectation management is the key

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 11

This is something that will come handy throughout your life. Learn expectation management, whether at your end or in your relationships. Often, the expectation is what leads to misery. When you set the expectations right, you get more out of the relations, whether personal or professional.

It is also important to learn not to expect too much from others as most humans are prone to let you down. After all, to err is human and that is expected. So if you learn this lesson that no one told you while growing up, it can help you throughout your life.

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12. No one said life is easy

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 12

It might have come as a surprise to you, but no one ever said that life was easy. It is meant to be a challenge. In fact, the beauty of life lies in the uncertainty that tomorrow holds. You have it before you, to make the best out of, as you see fit. The possibilities are endless. And that’s what makes life interesting too.

Difficulties are a part of life and they come as our teacher to give us valuable experience. As we gain experience, we grow old and we learn to take life in its stride. We expect the unexpected and learn to let go of things that are beyond us.

13. Health is wealth

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 13

Get your priorities in life straight, pretty early and young. Everyone wants to flourish and make money. We all like to have all the good things in life and enjoy and this is not possible without money. But the more we work towards monetary and material gains, the more likely we are to fall into the trap. We can be severely affected by stress, as it directly impacts our health.

It is important to realize that you are important. And health is a big part of you. If there are health issues, then all is lost. All the money in the world cannot buy you happiness and health. It is therefore essential to learn to take care of ourselves where nobody will teach you. Sometimes people ignore health issues to such an extent that there is no going back and the life is lost. Taking time out for self, especially for the sake of health should be routine rather than an effort. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps in being not only healthy but happy as well. After all, prevention is better than cure!

14. A Positive attitude helps

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 14

Being positive is a big plus point. It is not easy to do this, especially when life keeps throwing challenges at you. But if you can manage the art of trying to see the positive side of things, it can go a long way.

There are people who had terminal cancer and even doctors had given up hope on. But they refused to give up themselves and fought hard for life, with a positive attitude. That they survived to tell the tale, is a fact of life. There are many like Lance Armstrong who can be quoted on this, though, of course, the later issues concerning him are not what we would like to highlight.

15. Humanity above all

Top 15 Lessons Nobody Will Teach You While Growing Up 15

Before being anything else, it is important to be a human. If we hold this value dear to our heart, we can hardly go wrong in life. How you treat people and how they look upon you is a big part of your societal identity. We need to learn to care for others nobody will teach you, especially the downtrodden.

It is important to treat each and everyone with due respect- whatever their religion, culture, race, color, job, gender or age. Respect begets respect and love beget love. What goes around comes around and so it is important to learn this life lesson as soon as possible, nobody will teach you and when you are still young.

All the good you do to others comes back to you in some form or the other and so does the bad deeds. Learn to believe that you can be happy, positive, successful etc. Belief helps above all and when you base all this on the concept of humanity, it all falls into place.


There are of course a few other things that no one told you while growing up. These life lessons nobody will teach may at times come as a rude shock. It is all right to say that these give you valuable experience, but when faced with it, you may find it extremely difficult to digest or get through or get over. This is just how life is meant to be and no amount of experience can actually prepare you for certain things life throws up. It is better to understand this life lesson to enjoy life better, overall.

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