To some, being expensive is an exuberance. Whether a $900,000 worth suit, a car worth couple million dollars or well… a super-sized home that is priceless. No! We aren’t speaking exclusively about the Hollywood brigade those who openly celebrate wealth. It is just one part of the story. The list you are about to see is a compilation of famous and infamous billionaires who demands extravagance from everything that money can buy. So, get ready to delve into exoticism of finer real estates of the super-rich, as we unveil to you some of the Most Expensive Home In The World

It isn’t surprising that the rich will continue to become richer leaving the rest of the world in amazement how they are achieving it. But, the excitement comes particularly when these billionaires splurge their riches into something entirely unconventional. Let’s say, how ordinary is a expensive home with 27 floors and car park facility for 300 guests maybe? Not the kind of definition for an average home, but a house with such phenomenal dimensions is worth to know.

At least to make you feel guilty of being hustled in your space crunched bachelor pad. Here are some of the mega real estate owned by billionaires who you never knew even existed. The billionaires we are referring to are business magnates and CEO of Fortune 500 companies who enjoys the sunny side up part of life by living life large sized.

Most Expensive Home In The World

Be warned! The price tags on these phenomenal properties run into billions.

But then, there are some billionaires like the famous Brazilian philanthropist Lily Safra, who buys historic estates and adds her taste of touch like the installation of helipads. Not exactly the kind of modification you would expect to find on a historic parcel of land. But, if you got the money, it’s never a problem to customize your needs to the very last detail.

Usually, billionaires choose to construct custom palaces from ground up as they consider it to be more practical. It gives them the degree of freedom vertically to model the construction, or making modifications as per their demands.

If you looked at Bill Gates, the geek billionaire had spent seven years and a lavish spending that runs into millions to build a nerd paradise called Xanadu 2.0 that is overlooking Lake Washington. Bill Gates had his personal seal engraved on almost everything present in the home – HD monitors, underwater sound system and many more.

Thanks to envious neighbours of investor Ira Rennert, who weren’t happy with his decision to build a $245 million mansion that on 110,000 square foot parcel of land, he instead built a bowling alley and a private, self-sustained power plant.

Homes were once considered a place to stay as it offered comfort and safety to the inhabitants. But, as the riches flow like the river, it becomes a statement to have a home that is one of a kind and spending a fortune to build an elaborate home is a true statement of luxury.

18 Expensive Home Of Billionaires And Their Taste Of Luxury.

1. Antilia – Mumbai, India

If you are in Mumbai, the chances are you wouldn’t have missed spotting the only tallest private home that is big enough to be seen from just about anywhere. This 27 story skyscraper is built on a 400,000 square foot area. Though the house has 27 floors, it is built with extra ceilings. Antilia was designed to survive an earthquake of magnitude eight on Richter scale. The name Antilla is given to the home after the mystical island out in the Atlantic. Antilia has six levels of underground parking, health level, and three helipads. The expensive home needs 600 staffs to keep the building functional. It is currently enjoying the status of the Most Expensive Home In The World with the construction cost exceeding billion dollars. The home is owned by the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, who is the Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. His net estimate is known to be 21 billion.

2. Villa Leopolda – Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France

The present day owner of this aging property is a billionaire Lily Safra, who is a Brazilian philanthropist and a socialite who supported several charities before she inherited the villa from her late husband. It is now reckoned as the second most expensive house on the earth. The estate on the property is originally built by King Leopold II as a gift to house his mistresses. It was later passed down several generations till 1929, where the property was incarnated as the modern villa. This 20-acre estate’s net worth was quoted at 500 million euros.  In 2008, when Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian Millionaire attempted to buy the property, he pulled off from the deal due to the financial crisis. The impending lawsuit resulted in the Russian billionaire relinquishing 50 million Euro, which was paid as a deposit.

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3. Fair Field – Sagaponack, New York.

If you have been nagging about the clutter and dealing with crunched space, then this is the kind of expensive home that would impress you. The present owner, billionaire Ira Rennert had named the home after the water body adjacent to the property. Rennert is a billionaire worth $6.5 billion. The property is assessed to be worth $170million in the real estate market. The home adorns Mediterranean style roof, Sports complex with basketball, tennis and squash courts. The house also has 29 bedrooms and 39 baths with $150,000 worth hot tub. The home has not one, but three swimming pools and a private power plant to make it as self-sustainable. The house stands at the end of half a mile long tree lined avenue.

4. Kensington Palace Gardens – London, U.K.

Priced at $222 million in 2008, it is one of the expensive properties in the United Kingdom. It is owned by the Indian-origin steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal who is worth $16.5 billion. The house called as Taj Mittal boasts of 12 bedrooms, a Turkish bath, car park facility for 20 guests, a large ballroom, and a swimming pool. Mittal is known to have sourced the marbles for the flooring from the same quarry that that supplied the marbles for Taj Mahal. Mittal named his home Taj Mittal and is known to have already owned three other properties in the most high-profile street in The UK called the Billionaire’s Row. He is also known to have bought a neo-Georgian mansion close to the Israeli embassy. Though there isn’t a complete picture of the scenario, it is believed to be purchased for Mittal’s son. Noam Gottesman, a hedge fund billionaire, sold it.

5. One Hyde Park – London, U.K.

The seventh and eighth floor flats in One Hyde Park is owned by Ukraine’s billionaire, Rinat Akhmetov, who is worth $15.4 billion. It is one of the few expensive flats in the world located in the Knightsbridge, one of the posh areas in London. The property is built on a 25,000 square feet area that is fortified with bulletproof glass and a full-time concierge service to assist your stay. The purchase was made at $136.4 million.

6. Ellison Estate – Woodside, California.

Did you know Larry Ellison is worth $54 billion? The founder of Oracle is a programmer, businessman, and a philanthropist. Larry is also a real estate collector. Hence, he is known as an avid trophy expensive home buyer. In 2004, he built a home worth $200 million in Japanese style architecture. The 23-acre plot had ten buildings, a bath house, a teahouse, and a koi pond. The present day value of the property is assessed to be over $70 million.

7. Kensington Palace Gardens – London, U.K.

The list of infamous billionaires buying exotic estates just doesn’t seem to end. One such example is the Roman Abramovich. This Russian tycoon/billionaire is estimated to be worth 10.2 billion. In 2011, he was known to have owned a home valued at 90 million pounds that cost about $140 million. Abramovich also owns several London estates. He also owns houses in Billionaires Row mansion. He wanted to upgrade the property to accommodate an auto museum, health center, and tennis court. Surprisingly, it was approved by the city council. He splurged $90 million in 2009 on an estate in St. Bart. Abramovich is also the owner of French Riviera Chateau.

8. Blossom Estate – Palm Beach, Florida.

The manager of the Hedge Fund and the founder of Citadel, Kenneth Griffin who is worth $ 4.1 billion had purchased four properties in the Palm Beach for $130 million property in 2012. Three properties are located close to the beach while the fourth one is landlocked. The four parcels of land sums up to worth a staggering 8 acres. The sale was deeded under secrecy, and much about the deal was yet to be known. The estate is rich in amenities that suit the lifestyle of the finest and wealthy people.

9. Mountain Home Road – Woodside, California.

It is one of the most elaborately constructed homes that were purchased by a Japanese Billionaire Masayoshi Son.  This Japanese tycoon is worth $8.6 billion. The property was originally purchased for $117 million in the year 2012. The layout of the house contains a swimming pool, detached library, tennis court, colonnaded pool house, garden and retreat building. The residences in the Mountain Home Road has four bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

10. Further Lane de Menil – East Hampton, New York.

Ron Baron is an ace investor worth $1.6 billion. He had been on a collecting spree where 50 acres of underdeveloped oceanfront land when the market was at its best. The sale was deeded at $103 million. The purchase was made with an intention of constructing a home.  The homes in this part of the state were picturesque for its fine landscape and beautiful south folk architecture.

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11. Silicon Valley Mansion – Los Altos Hills, California.

The Facebook investor Yuri Milner who is worth $1.1 billion purchased a home in 2011 for a record-shattering $100 million. He recently purchased French Chateaux based limestone abode that flaunts his outdoor and indoor pools. Yuri’s home also has a ballroom and a living area on the second floor that allows you a perfect gaze at the San Francisco Bay.

12. Broken O Ranc – Augusta, Montana.

The property mentioned belongs to Stanley Kroenke. It is worth $5 billion. The price listed prior to purchase was $132.5 million. However, due to some state laws offering immunity against disclosure, the purchase price continues to remain undisclosed.  The property is located on a 124,000 square foot ranch. The main section of the house is built on a 10,000 square foot area. It boasts of horse stables, indoor pools, water rights, 4,500 cattle and a land capable of full-fledged agriculture of smaller grain variety of crops.

13. Kensington Palace Gardens – London, U.K.

You may not know Tamara Ecclestone much more than her dad Bernie Ecclestone, who was a billionaire Formula One boss. Tamara inherited a property worth 45million pounds or roughly equal to $70 million. It is believed the construction costs ran up to $30 million. Tamara has reportedly spent close to $98.7 million in her 55 room expensive home on the Billionaire’s Row along with renovations worth $1 million. The house boasts of a Private night club, swimming pool, crystal bathtub, a car lift, swimming pool and beauty salon.

14. 15 Central Park West – New York.

Another Hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb is a billionaire said to be worth $2.7 billion. In the year 2008 he purchased a penthouse worth $45 million in the Upstate Central Park area. He owns the 674 square foot ceiling area of the penthouse.  With the high-rise overlooking the elegant Central Park, it commands a price tag of $100 million in the present day real estate market.

The 15 CPW is designed in sections. A 35 floored tower on the Broadway and a 19 floored section on the Central Park West. The latter is known as “The House”. The amenities of the house include a private driveway for each of its residents, a 20 seater Cinema and a large fitness centre. The house also has a 75-foot long swimming pool.

15. Maison de L’Amitie – Palm Beach, Florida.

The property in the discussion is located in one of the best destinations. It is an oceanfront property built on a sprawling 60,000 square foot area. With an original asking price of $ 125 million, the land was brought from a real estate billionaire Donald Trump. The home is known to be decorated with gold and diamond fixtures. There is sufficient space to park at least 50 cars. The property was sold to the Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev whose net estimate is $9.1 billion.

16. Promised Land – Montecito, California.

Actress and Philanthropist Oprah Winfrey who is worth $2.8 billion purchased a 23,000 square foot mansion in the year 2001. The property was built based on Georgian style architecture. The mansion sits on a 40-acre estate with a tea house and an alluring garden with 600 rose bushes. The property also has an outhouse to boast about. The house also sports 14 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, 10 fireplace, a wine cellar, two theatres (both inside and outside the home), manmade lake with exotic fishes, guesthouse with pool, ponds and orchard, outdoor entertainment area and a pool attached to a huge guest house.

Her house also has a tea house where she is often quoted saying was an escape from it all. Opera is known to upgrade constantly, the interior and exteriors of her house and has auctioned away those things that are not needed by her. Funds raised from auctioning the items from her home went into Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation College Fund. Though the property was purchased for $52 million, it is currently bearing a quote of $88 million.

17. 15 Central Park West –  New York.

Another billionaire heiress who is a daughter of Dimitry Rybolovlev owns a penthouse in the Upstate Central Park area where the 6,744 square foot penthouse overlooks the Central Park. The LLC working with the heiress has picked up the property for a fuller asking price. At $13,500 per square foot, it certainly is a premium property in the US.

18. The Manor – Los Angeles, California.

Petra Ecclestone, another heiress and daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone is the owner of the mansion located in the Holmby Hills. The price that was originally quoted for this 56,600 square foot mansion is a staggering $150 million. But the property was sold for an $85 million in the year 2011. The mansion had everything an executive life demands. It has five bars, a flower cutting Hall, professional florist fridge, bowling alley and dog grooming room. It was the finest luxury that money could afford.


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