How To Properly Search For Music Online And Create An Awesome Playlist

A music playlist can energize you, motivate you, make you dance, cry or smile. If you have a playlist on your phone that you love, you know what I am talking about, and you might even be listening to one right now.

If you love music and love to create amazing playlists, you need to know how to source the songs. Though we search for almost everything online these days, properly searching for music online is a struggle for most. 

The following are some tips on how to search for music online and create an awesome playlist: 

1. Explore Different Sites

Unfortunately, when most people search for music online, they only use the two, albeit largest search engines on the internet: Google and YouTube. You can find a lot of songs on both sites but not all of them. Furthermore, when is the last time you went past the first few pages of search engine results? 

If you want to search for music correctly, you should explore as many sites as you can. There are probably as many music websites as there is music online. Some sites will have a great collection of songs that may not adhere to the terms and conditions of major music sites. Many great playlists you will hear will have obscure songs that you can only find on wayward sites. Artist sites are also great places to discover great music. 

Therefore, if you search for music online, search far and wide. You will be surprised by what you find. 

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2. Download Albums

The vast majority of music that most people listen to is what is played by the mainstream media. However, even an album filled with hits will have hidden gems that most people never discover. Therefore, if you want to create an excellent playlist, you should download albums. 

You will find music albums, including on Youtube, for download. Using a YouTube converter will help with YouTube downloads. The avid users from shared that these converters will allow you to download videos for offline viewing. YouTube has one of the largest online music libraries, so you are guaranteed plenty of music. 

You should get into the habit of downloading albums even if you do not find them on YouTube. It may take some doing, but the effort will be worth it. Your playlist will be a great one envied by many.

3. Don’t Limit Yourself to One Genre

Another grave mistake that many people make when searching for music online and creating a playlist is that they only look for songs of their favorite genre. A playlist can include multiple genres and still be fantastic. 

On the other hand, some music genres don’t go well together and would not fit well into a playlist. It takes discernment to figure out how to compile songs from various genres into a single playlist. As with many other things, too much variety might spoil the playlist. So, if you are compiling a playlist for whatever activity, scene or mood, you should explore as many music genres as possible. There is too much fantastic music in the world to limit yourself to a single genre. 

4. Music Recognition Apps

Have you ever heard a song and liked it but couldn’t find out which song it was. It might have been in your car radio or while passing by a restaurant on the street. Such songs could end up being fantastic additions to your playlist. 

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The best way to find these songs and a wonderful way to source music online is to use music recognition apps. You should use a music recognition app whenever you hear a song that pleases you but doesn’t know. Some apps will automatically add the song to your playlist. Some of the best music recognition apps include Shazam, SoundHound, and Genius. These apps will help you combine a phenomenal music playlist. 

5. Listen to Other People’s Songs

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Even if you listen to many songs from a wide variety of genres, you will still not listen to plenty of music. Moreover, we have innate biases that make us prefer certain types of music. 

If you want to create a fantastic music playlist with variety, you should listen to other people’s music online. There are plenty of ways to listen to other people’s music online, including music chat rooms, shared playlists, and social media. You should especially listen to mixes by DJs. They are music professionals who spend a lot of time searching for music to play to their audience. Some mixes have rare gems that make fantastic additions to your playlist. 

Searching for music online requires you to know what you are doing. If you want a uniquely awesome music playlist, you should use the tips above. You will find excellent music you would never otherwise encounter. Your playlist will be enjoyable to you and others.

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