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How To Get Your Girlfriend Back? 5 Tips To Win Her

The question of how to get your girlfriend back is so common on the Internet. I know this because I have found several blogs and articles about breakups where men want to get their girlfriend back. However, most of these blogs and articles were written by men and do not offer the points and views of women – which I think is the real key to getting her back.

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back?

We all know that men and women think differently in many ways. Men find women complex, but to be honest, we also find men complex. Yes, we do! There are really a lot of things we don’t know and understand about each other, and most of the time these differences and misunderstandings lead us to decide that it’s better to be apart.

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back

Most breakups often come after the first outburst of anger or that split-second of emotional pain. When both of your feelings have returned to normal, you regret the act, but pride prevents you from getting back together. Even though some breakups are carefully thought through and both partners say it calmly, the emotions are still high. Whatever the reason or manner in which the separation was made, there comes a time when you wish and pray that you should have stayed with her. You have realized that you actually love her, but now it is a little too late since you are already living two separate lives.

I have asked and interviewed several women if they were still willing to accept their ex-boyfriends back into their lives if given the chance. Great news for you! 80% of them said yes. The women are ready to share their lives and hearts with you again. But it doesn’t come for free. You do not have to pay for it with material things, but instead with time and effort.

Yes, with time and effort. You will know if a woman is great for you and worthy of you if she is not this materialistic type of person. You might say that nowadays it is so difficult to find a woman who is not materialistic, but that is not true at all. Maybe you think so because it was you who spoiled your girl with expensive bouquets, extravagant dinners, and other luxury gifts. It is true that we appreciate such gestures, but what matters most to us are the little things you do, like sweet little notes and just being there when we need you.

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1. Give It Some Time

Now let’s talk about how you’re gonna get your girlfriend back. Don’t go straight back after a breakup… at least not yet. Give yourself and your girl some time to miss each other. In that case, you will have time to think about your relationship and things that might have led to your breakup. Was she too clingy? Was she too good for you? Did you lose interest in her? Or were you too protective and made her feel trapped? The questions are endless and they go on and on and on, depending on your relationship with her.

2. Is She Really Worth The Change?

If you have answers to these questions, find out if you are still ready to get your girlfriend back. If you change the things she dislikes about you, is she worth the change? Or if she cheated on you but you still love her, is it worth the risk of giving her a second chance? If you are determined to get her back, then you should work through the changes step by step. Don’t rush things. It is important that you take this whole process slowly because this will be your second chance for her. Either you score or you blow it.

3. Reconnect Slowly

After all this time of reflection and the changes you have made to yourself, you are ready to meet with her and show her the person you are now. Slowly get in touch with her again, you can invite her for coffee or lunch. Just be relaxed. Don’t ask her for dinner yet, because most dinners are intimate and you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable. Even if you have a past, she will be uncomfortable being in the same room with you. So take it easy on her. We like men who are dominant (because we are submissive by nature) but sensitive to what we are feeling at the moment.

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4. Make Her Miss You

As soon as you have re-established this connection, you can ask them for another meeting, but do not call it a date yet. Get her to see the new you that she’s missing. Make her want you again. Make her feel that you are still worthy of her love and that nobody can love her more than you.

5. Apologize If You Have Done Something Wrong In The Past

If you feel that she is already comfortable with you, tell her how much you miss her and how your memories with her have kept you going. Trust me, she’ll be flattered and her heart will start beating again. Although this is the beginning, there’s no guarantee you’ll get her back. If you are the reason for the breakup, sincerely apologize to her. Show her that you have changed and that you are ready to win her back. If it was her fault that you broke up, offer her your forgiveness. Tell her that you understand her. Tell her that even if you have been hurt before, you are ready to forget the pain and start a new life with her.

If your girl agrees, that’s great. But if she doesn’t, try to woo her. Girls have soft hearts. We may be mad at our boys for a while, but once we really love you, we can’t resist you at all. We may play hard to get sometimes, but that’s because we don’t want to get hurt again. So there’s this one challenge for you to overcome. You have to assure your wife that you will take care of her heart, and once she feels safe, believe me… you’ll have her for life.

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