How To Get Pregnant With Twins? – Useful Tips For You

Having twins is really a special thing for a couple. A medical report says that only 1 in 89 births has a chance of being twins. However, medical experts say that it is quite possible for a woman to become pregnant with twins if she follows a few steps. The chances of becoming pregnant with twins can be influenced by fertility drugs, genetics, nutrition, IVF, lifestyle and ethnicity. Below are some useful tips on “how to get pregnant with twins”. Read them and make use of them.

How To Get Pregnant With Twins?

How To Get Pregnant With Twins

1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Carrying out fertility treatments is the most effective way to increase the chances of twins. In vitro fertilization is the medication prescribed by most doctors, which can practically ensure a multiple birth.

2. Folic acid supplements

There are some studies that explain the link between twins and folic acid. It has been proven that women who take folic acid supplements before pregnancy have a higher chance of conceiving twins. Taking folic acid supplements can help give you a 40 percent or more chance of getting pregnant with twins. As it also prevents neural tube defects, it is ideal if taken by the woman who is not planning to have twins.

How do you get pregnant with twins by changing your diet?

According to a study by leading fertility experts, it has been proven that women who consume more dairy products can increase their chances of getting pregnant with twins by up to 5 times.

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Another interesting thing that boosts the chance to have twins is wild sweet potatoes. In general, an African tribe has 4 times the chance of giving birth to twins. The reason for this is the rich content of wild yams in their diet.

1. Have twins by gaining weight

Based on a study on obstetrics and gynecology carried out in March 2005, it was found that women who were overweight had a higher chance of becoming pregnant with twins.

2. Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your baby now, continue breastfeeding towards the pregnancy timing chart as this can increase the likelihood of having twins by a factor of 9.

3. Multiple pregnancies

How To Get Pregnant With Twins

Women who become pregnant four or more times during their lifetime ultimately increase their chances of having twins.

4. Birth control pills

When a woman stops taking birth control pills for the first time, her body works furiously to re-modulate the hormones. The bloated ovaries can release 2 eggs in the first or second month after stopping the pill.

These are the possibilities of how to get pregnant with twins. I hope you enjoyed the article and wish you all the best for a twin birth in the near future!

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