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9 Actionable Tips to Become Fashion Nova Model

Become Fashion Nova Model

The life of a model seems glamorous and “easy” from the exterior. But becoming a model is not an easy ride. Every little factor matters, from your appearance to how you carry yourself. Given that it’s a highly competitive and age-restrictive industry, you must be quick with your steps.

Working in high fashion houses like Fashion Nova requires you to pass many tests. This includes your knowledge about the basics of modeling and the way you present yourself.

Becoming a professional model is a lot more than just walking the ramp. It’s about the posture, the poses you hold, the poise with which you act, and the way you maintain yourself. There are several factors involved.

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This article will dive deep into the top 9 tips to help you become a Fashion Nova model.

9 Tips to Become Fashion Nova Model

Fashion Nova is a leading fashion brand showcasing inclusive and trendy clothes. As a model for such a big brand, you become a part of the brand and a face.

The way you present the clothes of the brand holds maximum importance. Every little detail matters, from the poses to the confidence exuding you.

Following are the top tips you can implement to become a successful Fashion Nova model.

1. Recognize your Strengths

Modeling relies a lot on external appearance. Not just for Fashion Nova, this applies to every fashion brand you can think of. They need models who can represent their vision and persuade potential customers to make a purchase.

As a Fashion Nova model, you must embody confidence in your body language. You want someone to look at you and stay hooked. And that comes from identifying your strengths as a model. So work on those, flaunt those.

2. Understand the Duties of The Job

Fashion Nova is indeed a singular clothing and fashion brand. So, modeling for them means modeling for a particular brand and not walking the fashion week for different designers.

When you have such limitations identifying the duties of your job is crucial. For example, you could be assigned multiple modeling projects with Fashion Nova, but they could be for different styles of clothing pieces. How you mold yourself to flaunt each piece to the eye of the customer is what matters in the end.

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3. Keep Up your Appearance

As superficial as it sounds, modeling relies on your external appearance. And, yes, that includes the way you look and weigh. Modeling is heavily influenced by aesthetics. So, carrying yourself and exuding confidence and poise throughout is crucial.

Fashion Nova is a highly inclusive brand, meaning that its focus isn’t primarily on how much you weigh but on how you maintain yourself. And this includes taking care of your skin, hair, nails, etc.

4. Prepare Photos for a Potential Modelling Assignment

If you are dead set on working with Fashion Nova as a model, you must approach the situation professionally. And that includes visiting the company offices with your professional headshots. Then, when you go in prepared, companies like Fashion Nova know you are passionate about the ordeal.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a guaranteed modeling gig with Fashion Nova. However, it strengthens your chances of landing one, which is your end goal.

5. Create a Strong Portfolio

Fashion Nova is an established brand with a very high repertoire. They are continuously releasing new products, new styles of clothing, and new collaborations. As a fast-paced brand, they aren’t here to hire a novice model. Instead, they want someone who has experience or someone who has a good knowledge of things.

Your work here is to sort out your modeling portfolio from the start till now. Include every project you have been part of and every campaign you have digital evidence of. Doing so cuts out the time to individually test out your skills. So, your chances of getting hired on the spot increase tenfold.

6. Look for a Fitting Modelling Agency

As we just said, Fashion Nova is a trendy and fast-paced fashion brand. Since they have an established repertoire, they prefer hiring models from reputable modeling agencies to reduce the time and hassle.

So, if you want to ease your process of landing a well-paying modeling job with Fashion Nova, you have to find a suitable modeling agency to help you. Always start with local agencies to test the waters before jumping the big guns.

7. Enroll in Modelling School

If you are new to modeling and want to upskill your amateur skillset before applying, we’d recommend enrolling in a modeling school. In addition, there are chances that brands like Fashion Nova, primarily targeting the younger demographic, might pick their next model from a modeling school.

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So, not only do you get to sharpen your skill set, but you also have the chance of getting hired by big guns right out of your school.

8. Consider Moving to a Major City

Life as a model is based out of bigger cities. If you are in the United States, states like California and New York can fetch you better exposure in the modeling industry. Since most bigger fashion houses and brands like Fashion Nova are based out of big cities, your presence in these big cities makes a lot of difference.

Moving to bigger cities also helps you network with the right people and build connections to help you land your next modeling gig with Fashion Nova.

9. Build a Strong Instagram Presence

Fashion Nova is a brand that heavily relies on its social media outreach. You will often find the brand collaborating with fashion models on Instagram. So, if you want to strengthen your chances of landing a modeling campaign with them, we’d recommend you work on your personal social media presence.

Treat your Instagram as a digital modeling portfolio where you share images and unique poses and generate a buzz around your social media presence.

How To Apply for Fashion Nova Models?

Fashion Nova is continually looking for models for their different campaigns and collaborations. If you are interested, the first thing we’d recommend you do is to sign up for their mailing list. This should alert you to the latest updates surrounding potential job openings.

Besides that, Fashion Nova has a separate “Career” section from which you can apply for the vacant Model position.

You do have to fill out an application form mentioning your contact details, social media handles, name, address, email, etc. Once done, you can attach a few headshots, a professional cover letter, and a digital modeling portfolio.

Once the applicant is sent in, the reviewers will review the application and get back to you if you fit their criteria.


Becoming a Fashion Nova model isn’t as easy as you think. Even though it isn’t a high-end designer brand, they have an extremely reputable presence online. So, it isn’t surprising that they are selective about the models they onboard. Following the mentioned tips should streamline the process and enable you to make the most out of your available opportunities.

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