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How Many Stamps Do You Need To Send A Letter In Your Country?

Writing a letter to someone is a very thoughtful way to show your love or express your feelings towards someone in the age of SMS and email. It takes little effort to send the letter.

If you have never sent a letter before, you may get confused when sending it. The only thing you need to be sure of is the right address and the right postage.

A letter can be a personal note or even a marketing message. It can be anything that fits into a business sized envelope. Before you apply the stamps you need to send the letter, you need to decide on the size of the envelope. If you are sending a letter of standard weight and size within the same country, you must affix a first class stamp in the top right-hand corner of the letter. You can get the stamps at the post office, in some shops and even online at

There are two types of stamps: one is the standard stamp and the other is available in special designs. If you need a decorative stamp, just go to the post office and ask for one.

How Many Stamps Do I Need To Send A Letter?

The number of stamps you need for a letter depends on many factors such as the weight, size, and destination of the letter.

The price of the stamps increases every few years, so you need to check the website for the exact prices of the stamps.

You will need additional postage if your letters are oversized or heavy, and also for letters sent overseas. To determine the amount of postage, you can measure and weigh your letter using a scale. Make sure that you stick all the stamps you want in the top right corner of the letter.

You can also bring your letter to the post office if you do not have a scale to weigh the letter. The post office clerk will guide you with it and also tell you the exact number of stamps you will need to post your letter.

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What Is the Difference Between Stamps and Postage?


Postage is the amount of money a consumer spends so that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) can deliver a package or letter. To prove that postage has been paid for a package or letter to be distributed, various postage indicators have been designed. Stamps are a type of postage indicator. There are some of the other types of postage stamps that are similar to stamps. For example “customized postage” can be provided by private companies with permission from the USPS.

Definitive Stamp:

A definitive stamp is issued year after year. These stamps are issued in a variety of categories (e.g., 2 cents, $5 USD) and offer a rich chain of images including animals, famous people (e.g., Andrew Jackson and President George Washington), prized household items (e.g., Tiffany lamp) and prestigious national objects (e.g., the Liberty Bell).

Forever Stamps:

The USPS introduced the Forever Stamp in 2007. A Forever stamp costs the same as a regular absolute first class stamp. However, it can be used forever as first class postage on regular envelopes of one ounce or less. So if a consumer buys a Forever Stamp for 45 cents and after two years the price of first class stamps rises to 47 cents, the Forever Stamp could still be used or included in the letter you have to send. The customer would not be required to purchase an additional 2 cents postage.

Commemorative Stamps:

Each year, the USPS supplies top-quality commemorative, perpetual stamps to honor or celebrate anniversaries, people and things. The USPS commemorative stamps for 2012, for example, highlight weather vanes, praise the centennial of New Mexico’s statehood, and pay tribute to African-American publicist John H. Johnson (1918-2005). Normally each commemorative stamp has a limited stock and is only marketed for 1 year. Although they can be used as postage stamps, commemorative stamps are usually held by government agencies and given away privately on the Internet and at auctions.

Semipostal Stamps:

According to the law, semi-postal stamps are “issued and marketed by the Post Office in return for a premium, in the order in which further financing is granted for a specific purpose”. Thus, a first-class stamp can be purchased for 45 cents, but a first-class semi-postal stamp costs 55 cents. The USPS will market a semi-postage stamp and then give a portion of the profit (less the cost of the USPS) to the federal agency responsible for administering the funds.

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How Does A Letter Travel?



After a customer has thrown a letter destined for a different address into a collection container, a postal express removes all mail from the container and delivers it to the post office, wherever he or she works. This letter and the mail received from other carriers of this post office are placed on a truck and transported to a mail processing plant.

Culling and Postmarking

The postal workers bring the letter through a machine that delivers the mail quickly according to the form. It separates letters from large envelopes and parcels. The machine arranges the letter so that all addresses take the same route and face up. Then it uses a postmark with the place and date when the letter is distributed, so that the stamp cannot be reused. This process is very important for the protection of the postal charges.

Scanning and Lifting Images

Each letter is identified by a code printed on the back with a series of fluorescent bars. An optical character model is used to scan the address on the front of the letter. Images of letters that could not be read cheaply are forwarded to a remote coding station for further processing. All letters are arranged in trays and transferred to the next electronic device for applying the barcode.

Applying a Barcode and Sorting

In conjunction with the identification code, a barcode is scattered on the front of the letter. The barcode represents the respective delivery address and contains short and long bars which are used for all further sorting:

  • Transportation to Processing Plant
  • Sorting into Delivery Order
  • Transportation to Delivery Post Office
  • Delivery to Addressee

More than 700 million mail items are classified by the postal service and delivered on each delivery day.

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