How Long Does Fashion Nova Take to Ship?

Who doesn’t love a trendy, statement piece from Fashion Nova, right? They are the buzz of the town and are also known for their swift and on-time delivery.

If you have placed an order and are wondering how long Fashion Nova takes to ship, you have come to the right place. The fashion brand primarily conducts its business online but has a few retail outlets in physical forms too.

Fashion Nova indeed has a very attractive shipping process, meaning they lure in customers with their enticing and fast shipping. But, how long is that wait?

This article will explore everything you need to know about Fashion Nova’s shipping process to different states in the United States.

How Long Does Fashion Nova Take to Ship?

Fashion Nova

Although we could say that Fashion Nova has a “standard” shipping timeline, it would be a lie. Several variables influence the shipping process and the time is taken.

From processing the order to its collection at the fulfillment center, many steps are involved in the process. Also, the shipping time will vary depending on whether it is a domestic or international order.

For example, orders placed in the United States are shipped and delivered earlier, as opposed to those placed in other countries like Canada.

On average, Fashion Nova claims that most of their shipping and delivery takes four business days. This excludes any national holidays or weekends. The fastest Fashion Nova processes the orders is within two business days. This isn’t a hoax but an actual marketing process for which the fashion brand is known.

Ways to Optimize Shipping of your Fashion Nova Order

If you want to speed up the shipping process of your Fashion Nova order, there are certain factors you can implement to streamline the process.

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As a customer, you must remember that Fashion Nova ships the orders to the PO boxes via USPS. If you want your orders expedited, there are different carriers for that, so that’s another factor you have to keep in mind.

That said, the following are some factors you need to keep in mind to ensure the timely shipping of your Fashion Nova order.

Always mention the complete and relevant address in the shipping details. It should include all the appropriate abbreviations, street numbers, apartment numbers, specific route information, and any ZIP code.

If you live in a very secluded area and don’t have a direct way of communication or tracking, leave a working phone number or email ID to which the delivery person can reach out.

Fashion Nova doesn’t take any responsibility for lost or stolen items, so we’d recommend that you keep an eye out on your order’s tracking page to see when you’d receive the order. In case it’s delivered to your P.O Box already, don’t wait for any further and instead pick it up so it doesn’t get misplaced.

What are the Shipping Rates and Timeline?

Once you place your order with Fashion Nova, they receive it within 12 hours, after which the order processing starts. The shipping will typically take between 1-12 business days. When you receive your order will depend on the delivery mode and the delivery’s destination too.

Once Fashion Nova ships out your order, they will update you with the tracking information in your email ID.

They use USPS or UPS for domestic US deliveries. However, the brand might leverage other carriers if you live remotely where these carriers are unserviceable.

Additionally, the shipping charges you pay to Fashion Nova are non-refundable. If you refuse the package from Fashion Nova, you’d have to pay the cost of returning the package.

In most cases, the extra charges are debited from the credit card you paid the order with.

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Furthermore, if a package is lost or misplaced by the delivery company, the customer has to inform Fashion Nova about it within 30 days to avail of the store credits or to initiate a reshipping of the product. Also, if a package shows “delivered” by the delivery company and is misplaced, a thorough investigation will be conducted.

What is the Shipping Timeline of Fashion Nova in the US?

The shipping timeline of the orders from Fashion Nova will depend on the kind of shipping you are availing of.

Fashion Nova has four shipping options for the United States:

  • Standard
  • Express
  • Rush
  • No Rush
Shipping TypeUnder $75Over $75Timeline
Standard$6.99Free6-9 business days
Express$10.99$10.993-4 business days
Rush$14.99$14.991-2 business days
No RushFreeFree10-13 business days

This applies to every state in the United States, including Florida, California, etc.

For Canada, there is one shipping option, which is Standard shipping.

Shipping TypeUnder $75Over $75Timeline
Standard$7.99Free12-15 days

The delivery timeline starts when the order has been shipped and won’t include the standard processing time. Generally, the shipping process requires around four business days.

Additionally, it does not include the weekend and the US Holidays.

What is the Refund policy at Fashion Nova?

Surprisingly, Fashion Nova has a very lenient refund policy despite their strict shipping policy. You can raise a request for the refund and return policy from the mobile fashion nova app.

Once the refund request is processed, Fashion Nova will check the issue, thoroughly check-in, and initiate the refund policy.

If you have purchased the product from an offline store, you’d need to go to the store and leave the product with them to get your store credits or a refund, and within the stipulated time frame.


If you are confused about Fashion Nova’s shipping policy, we hope this article gives you all the details about the same. Just ensure that you remind yourself that the shipping amount won’t be refunded. This applies to the fact that the order is misplaced or stolen. Also, keep in mind that if the product is delayed, we recommend keeping up with the tracking page for all details.

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