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How To Use An Instagram Account To Travel Around The World For Free

There are some people who are actually late to this Instagram bandwagon. Many of them created their first account just a few weeks ago. Once you join this platform, you will actually begin to understand why so many millennials are so obsessed with this platform. Compared to Twitter, Facebook, or other social platforms, not only will you get more exposure on this platform, but it can also help you travel around the world for free.

In this current digitized world, having a prestigious Instagram account is like having a high-profile resume. It will easily and instantly increase your credibility. When you search for jobs on FB and other social channels, you will come across some well-known companies and brands looking for new employees. The only criterion they will have besides basic knowledge and skills will be that you have a social following of at least a certain number.

Whenever you are in any of the networking event and the person, with whom you have just exchanged business cards, will check your following of anything else, and that will make him remember you for long. Not only just mere Instagram profiles, but you have to engineer some of the vital IG campaigns. It helps in boasting ability to reliably create some of the massive accounts right from scratch for notice time frame.

Whenever you attend a networking event and exchange business cards with someone, they will remember you for a long time if they see you have a large following on social media. But it’s not just about Instagram profiles, but also IG campaigns – and this is where travel comes in.

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Travel Around The World For Free

For some valid information:

For the average citizen out there, building a following on Instagram could be a difficult task. But for the professionals out there, it’s all about some simple algorithms. You can take a quick look at Benson, the master, what he has to say about this section. He was invited to the Unconventional Life Podcast, where he presents some of his methods for quickly building Instagram followers.

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His work has also helped him to use the following methods to travel the world simply for free. If you would like to learn how easy it is to use and manage Instagram so that you can enjoy some travel benefits later on, then there are a few points you should consider first. You can also get some more written ideas from

Travel Around The World For Free

1. You have to join an alliance first

One of the main algorithms that are actually used to rank on Instagram is based on the number of comments that each video or photo receives shortly after the post is published. According to experts like Benson, you can increase the visibility of the photo exponentially by joining forces with a team.

  • When you or one of the members of the alliance group post a new picture, you should always make sure that everyone comments on the picture immediately.
  • After all, the first ten minutes of posting is the crucial time to achieve the perfect traction you require.
  • This time also determines the extent to which it contributes to reaching your current followers and, if possible, beyond.
  • You can always try to put together a team of 15 people, if not more, and this will help to ensure that the photos perform fairly well.

2. Be sure to follow one golden rule

According to the famous Benson, content will always be king, and not just now, but forever. High-quality content must be your first and highest priority. So always take your time to get some vibrant photos and quality content and combine them with a call to action or some other appealing captions.

  • For some of the best results in this regard, you can adjust the content to match a complementary color scheme.
  • It will help you a lot when followers start scrolling through the feed. The photos from your page will help you reflect your signature style and make the whole feed visually attractive and beautiful.
  • To get some inspiration in this respect, you can try to model the profile after some of the top Instagrammers’ feeds.
  • You’ll need to quickly make notes about the color palettes they offer and use, and even the relationships between text, photo, and video.
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3. You have to be smart with your use of hashtags

Travel Around The World For Free

Instagram is able to show you the number of users who have actually used a particular hashtag before the photo or video is inserted into the post. While it might have been tempting to simply use hashtags that have been used millions of times, if not more, it’s certainly not as effective.

  • These hashtags happen to be quite competitive. This means that you probably won’t be among the most visible when you start using them.
  • Instead, you can start using hashtags that are used between 100k to 900k times.
  • If you’re not so sure which hashtags to use for your post, reliable experts suggest that you review the posts of the most influential people in your niche and use hash tags that they have used.
  • Always remember to use the maximum number of hashtags so that you don’t use more than 30 for each post.

4. Keep an eye on the health of your account

There are so many common habits that can actually damage the current state of your account. So it’s better to avoid these at all costs. If you ever encounter and follow any of these practices, it could trigger IG algorithms that reduce the engagement and the potential to attract new followers. Some of these behaviors include changing your username or display image, posting at an inconsistent rate, using an automatic posting tool, and similar actions. It is better to avoid these things.

Make sure that you follow these steps as mentioned, and things will go as planned. In no time at all, you could turn out to be a master.

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