Five Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Improving your self-esteem is the vital key for developing positive mental health and better wellbeing. Self-esteem is known to be the opinion you hold about yourself, so ensuring it is a good one is important. Having a good and positive self-esteem makes us feel good and help us get through life better. But if you have a negatively low self-esteem, you will see that you will feel sadder and more troubled especially when life throws a curveball at us.

I have created this list to help you improve your self-esteem, so that you can feel better about yourself. 


There are many benefits that exercising can bring, the mainstream one being that it helps many lose weight and gain the body they desire. However even this reason is enough to help people improve their self-esteem as they will physically feel good. Exercise has psychological and physical benefits and health benefits. Each factor can help improve your self-esteem in the ways needed. woman exercise

Helping to improve your mental health, physical strength, internal health, appearance and much more. you are also able to obtain a feeling of accomplishment as the effort you put in pays off. Within your mind, it helps with reducing stress and even improves the function of your brain. When engaging in this you will soon see a huge improvement in all these areas, extremely improving your self-esteem.

Donating to Charity

Giving to charity is a selfless act and this kind gesture does not go unnoticed, surely improving your self-esteem and mental wellbeing. The way donating to charity helps the improvement of self-esteem is through your internal interpretation. What I mean by that is when you engage in this type of action, you develop a sense of achievement and self-satisfaction.  Your brain internalises this action and stimulates your mesolimbic pathway, releasing endorphins that make you feel a high feeling of satisfaction. Helping people out is a great way to help yourself as surely that good action will come back to you. 

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Many religions and cultures encourage charity as the action holds many benefits this being one. Religions like Judaism and Islam make charity a key part of the practice of the religion, the believers must engage in a charity such as Zakat and Tzedakah.     

Write Down and Acknowledge Your Feelings

To improve your self-esteem, you must start by being honest with yourself. Acknowledging and recognising your feelings and emotions is critical in this journey.  When you acknowledge these factors, you are able to accept your position in life at the moment and then work on how to improve yourself and your circumstances. Doing even these simple actions will help you become happier and more satisfied with yourself, and you will surely feel in control. Your mental and health and wellbeing will drastically improve, allowing acceptance of yourself and reducing your self-fighting against your own mind. 


Write letters to Yourself

Writing letters to yourself is a great way to see yourself from another perspective. You will be distancing yourself from your own self in aims to write a letter. This is a great way to enact the previous suggestion of acknowledging your feelings and writing them down. With letters, you will be able to write about your goals, feelings, activities, and mindset. After this is down you can come back to them and see your changes and differences from that time and how you can truly change your mindset and improve your view of yourself. 

Doing Something Your Good At

Probably the best method of starting off your journey of self-improvement. This is because it is the easiest way to identify something you are good and that will show you that you are great. Acknowledging this will encourage you to see yourself in a positive light, bettering your wellbeing. 

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You can start off with anything whether it be something simple such as cleaning, you may be good at it, and it is a start. Do not think that you must be good at something grand for that to be a positive, every little quality counts. 

I hope these suggestions are easy for you to carry out and help you improve your self-esteem.

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