Expert Tips for Using Orgone Devices

Orgone energy, considered a myth by many people, is explained by the study of a scientist in the 20th century. Dr. Wilhelm Reich characterized orgone energy by first defining its opposite energy called deadly orgone energy, which is said to accumulate and cause environmental, physical, and psychological problems that humans face. To remedy this, orgone energy accumulators, also called orgone devices, were created.

You’ve probably read about the harmful effects electromagnetic radiation has on human beings. You’ll be surprised to know that electromagnetic radiation is nothing but a form of accumulated deadly orgone energy (DOR). With the onset of wireless communication and devices, our exposure to electromagnetic radiation has increased tremendously, resulting in a greater health risk than we can imagine.

Therefore, we can use orgone devices to harness positive orgone energy, also known as chi, universal life force, and many names across different cultures. Here are some expert tips on how you can properly harness the orgone energy to benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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1. Meditate By Keeping The Orgonite In Your Hand

A great way to direct the positive orgone energy from the device towards your mind and body is to meditate with it sitting in the palm of your hand. Direct your attention towards the device and try to feel its presence without looking at it. You’ll be able to directly feel the energy either by feeling it or seeing it.

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2. Communicate Your Healing Energy Into The Orgone Device

Consider the whole process of using an orgone device as a psychological experience. Open up your mind to the possibility that the device contains positive energy that can affect your wellbeing. Communicate with the orgonite, project your healing thoughts into the orgone device, either out loud or in your mind: project and request healing, love, and light for yourself and everyone around you. To experience most of its benefits, the experts at suggest getting orgone jewelry and keeping it close to you. Your energy will be reflected from the device and help remove any negative energy that might have accumulated around you or your life. Ideally, nurturing it as if it’s something dearest to you can make it work more efficiently. This will have an effect on the energy they emit which will help you feel a lot better, both mentally and physically.    

3. Place The Device Where You Want To Project Your Thoughts

The orgonite device will project positive orgone energy towards its surroundings. As it has an endless supply of positive energy, you can place it where the energy can be harnessed. For example, you can bury it under trees or put it in rivers to help carry its healing energy all-around your environment. You can try placing the device according to the following list to see a positive difference in your life.

Near A Cell Phone Tower

If you bury your orgonite device near a cell phone tower or other sources that emit electromagnetic radiation, you will see positive energy harnessed and projected outward from the tower. As a result, the negative energy will be dissipated, and the healing properties of orgonite will be observable. However, you must first ensure that it will be legal to bury anything near cell phone towers in your vicinity.

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Near Your Pet

Orgone pendants or crystals can be placed near your pets to protect them from negative orgone energy. You can place one under your pet’s sleeping place to ensure they are surrounded by positive orgone energy all day long. Animals are known to understand orgone energy’s effects quite intuitively.

In Your BathTub

By placing an orgone device and similar crystals in your bathtub, you can experience a detoxifying effect. You can also add sea crystals or bentonite clay to have a more soothing experience.

Tape It To Your Wind Chime

Glue or tape an orgonite crystal with the windcatcher of a wind chime to spread the positive chi energy in your surroundings. The positive orgone energy will be harnessed by the sound resonated from the wind chime.

Under Your Pillow

Keep your orgone device under your pillow before you go to sleep. You will experience a peaceful and well-rested sleep throughout the night, and you’ll wake up feeling energized.

Inside Your Fridge 

Keeping the orgone device inside your fridge will ensure that your food tastes fresh and doesn’t get stale by deadly orgone energy accumulated around your food.

Tape It To Your Shower Head

Having an orgone device attached to your showerhead will provide you with detoxifying water every time you shower.

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Whether you believe in the psychological effect of energies in our atmosphere or not, an orgone device can have a noticeable impact on your daily life. Many meditations and yoga experts use these devices in their schedules to help people feel more peaceful.

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