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By diversifying, Obama’s net worth climbs to new heights

Barack Obama is widely thought of as being an exceptionally great public speaker who has drawn some of the biggest crowds of any president in history, not just in America but all over the world. It should then stand to reason that, although he is no longer in the White House, he is able to find so many ways to continue to use his speaking skills to earn a very comfortable living. His voice is still in the minds of many people and they are interested to know what he thinks about the state of world affairs, but also about more personal issues such as family and personal wellbeing.

His time spent as serving as U.S. president surely taught him a lot of hard lessons about life and what business and politics can mean. To believe this one needn’t look further than pictures of him before taking office, and immediately after. We’re talking about 8 years that he spent in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth, as the first African American president no less. There are more than plenty of interested people who would like to know what’s on his mind, how he has grown as an individual due to this intense experience and what advice he has to share with others who lead similar, or perhaps not so similar, types of paths.

He did earn a considerable salary of $400,000 for each of the eight years that he spent in the White House, but his biggest source of income wouldn’t come from the work that he did for the government, but rather what came about as a result of his life experience. 

Even after leaving office, he has devoted a significant amount of his time to making all kinds of speaking engagements for a number of different events, which makes all kinds of sense for someone who has spoken to crowds of hundreds of thousands all over the world and made all sorts of headlines. Considering the evocative nature of his time campaigning, it comes as no surprise that his voice would be so sought after for a number of purposes and interested parties, both in public and public spheres. 

It’s easy to imagine that he would be paid quite well for his addresses to large crowds and that there would be a high demand from many institutions such as colleges, but private companies that look to align themselves with his image. Keynote speakers are highly sought after and that has afforded him a lavish lifestyle that includes buying million dollar homes and to live the good life. He’s been criticized for using his fame and notoriety to make money, but it’s really hard to deny the fact that when he speaks, people listen and that he has inspired many throughout the world. For instance, he has been a continuous source of inspiration for people of color who never dreamed that they would live to see an African-American president in the White House within their lifetimes.

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The Obamas as a family have certainly settled on a great deal of success and are taking on all kinds of opportunities to develop more. To give you an idea, their net worth is more than 30 times more than when they first entered the White House back in 2008. This is in large part due to very successful book deals that kept springing up, thanks to which the Obamas made between 2005 and 2016, more than 20 million dollars!

Years before he took the presidency Barack Obama has already been an author. In 1995 he penned very first book which talked about race and his relationship with his father entitle, ¨Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. His first big hit in the publishing world would come years later in 2006 with his second publication, ¨Audacity of Hope,¨ which was a smash hit, selling millions of copies and becoming a big part of the national discourse at the time. Due to the success of this book his income shot up to an impressive $4 million by 2007. 

These more recent books are serious business as a deal that they signed with Penguin Random House and paid them an impressive $65 million for the couple’s memoirs that include topics such as family, politics and positive personal growth. It Ames all kinds of sense that he should get this kind kind of eight figure deal as second book continues to sell all over the world, and with each hardback that he sells he makes $3.75.

Speaking opportunities is a major source of income for Barack Obama who regularly makes more than 400,000, which is the same as was his yearly salary as president. It was widely publicized how he made more than a million dollars just talking to Wall Street. 

Shortly after they left the White House they purchased an $8 million home in an exclusive neighborhood in Washington. They more recently purchased a large home in the Martha’s Vineyard for more than 10 million dollars. In order to reach this level of success, they had to really place their efforts towards using the position and prestige of the prudential office. He, along with his wife, has used his experience to  write best-selling books, which has included memoirs about the experiences that they have had while being the first African American couple to hold the office of president. 

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The Obamas certainly weren’t very shy about trying new things as they have just signed a truly impressive massive distribution deal with media juggernaut Netflix that’s worth millions. The deal includes both films and shows that will be produced over the coming years that the couple hopes will speak to the realities of life in the modern age.  

The first release from their production company higher ground is a documentary entitled ¨American factory* which takes a look at a Chinese owned manufacturer based in Ohio that employs thousands of blue collar workers. After it appeared on Sundance, where it won the Best Directing and won an Oscar for best documentary, it became obvious to Netflix that they should stream it and pursue other projects with this new production company.

It is estimated that ten years after taking the office the president that Barack’s net worth is a whopping 40 million dollars. So. how does someone with such success spend his massive wealth? Well, if you look at pictures of him he spends a lot of time vacationing and is known to donate a considerable amount of his earnings to charity. But one never knows what his next business venture might be. 

With so much influence comes a lot of responsibility and opportunity that Obama has been more than happy to take on and explore. In the eyes of many people, he is the voice of a generation, and with that you can accomplish all kinds of projects without too much resistance. 

One thing is for sure, you don’t have to be a fortune teller to realize that this president isn’t done yet and will continue to expand his portfolio and find new ways to connect with people all over the globe. There’s a lot to be said for someone who’s aware of what he has to offer and is able to package it to the masses. Barack Obama is one of the most shining examples of this. 

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