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Basic Information About American Akita Dog

Many decades ago in Japan, only those from a royal background could have an Akita. These furry, intelligent, and daring dogs were owned by nobles alone and not regular people. 

Some years down the line, this fantastic dog breed almost went extinct. But when the story of “Hachiko,” the loyal dog, was made into a movie, many worldwide fell in love with them once more. Most especially in Japan, it’s home of origin.

American Akitas are very determined dogs. And it is their unique character and loyalty that makes them perfect watchdogs and reliable companions. So, are people searching for a dedicated best friend, play buddy; this is just the breed they need. You can find more on the Holistapet dog guides for canine breeds that are worth having at home.  

American Akita Dog

Features of the American Akita

These one-of-a-kind dogs require attention and an extremely calm and patient owner. So, if you plan on getting one, here are a couple of things they need to understand before they pick up that new adorable pup from the kennel.


Take one look at this dog, and you can tell that they’re strong. However, do not let those cute little brown eyes fool you; they are powerful and have a fighting spirit. With their broad chest and sturdy build, these dogs are hard workers. That doesn’t mean you can’t have them as indoor cuddle buddies as well.

Often mistaken for the Japanese Atika Inu, this breed is well-known globally. You can quickly tell a male apart from a female, as females range between 24 – 26 inches in height, with a total weight of 65 – 90 pounds, and the males stand between 26 – 28 tall and can weigh up to 130 pounds. But it’s not just about the physical build. One can spot differences in other areas as well.

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Talk about a well-built dog, and the American Akita comes to mind. They are strong-looking, with small sharp eyes fitted nicely on their big heads. This breed of dog is quite a handful and is not always friendly with strange faces. Because of this, they need to be trained carefully and adequately. But once gotten, the Akita would remain a loyal partner to you and your family for life.

It is best to introduce Akita to having others around right from a young age. They are not the party bunch at the end of the day, but having a friendly Akita is better than having an uptight one. Another thing familiar amongst these types of dogs is that they like to carry stuff around in their mouth. This act is known as “mouthing.” 

It’s nothing to be worried about. This is the dog’s way of saying, “Hey, I like and care about you.” Tons of owners find this act cute, as you can instruct your dog to help find your missing keys or fetch the morning paper. These dogs are fearless, making them natural protectors. Their basic instinct makes them perfect guard dogs. For in the time of need or a hassle, they won’t leave their owner’s side. 

Unlike your everyday canine, the Akita would often jump into action if the need arises or when it senses danger. So if you’re expecting a warning sign like a growl or bark beforehand, you just might get disappointed.

Relationship with Owner

American Akita Dog 01

Akitas are family dogs, and they love being around their owners. Most of the time, their behavior depends on how they are treated, so owners should be fully aware of their personalities. These dogs aren’t exactly beaming with agility, but most of the time, they might get too excited and take it out on their surroundings.  

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This is a susceptible breed, so owners or those who intend to get one should always bear this in mind. Do you want to take them out in the snow? No problem. Seeing as they were built for this kind of weather, an Akita can spend all day playing outside in the snow. This link has more on how to have a fun time outdoors with your dog breed. 


Akitas aren’t especially active. So, keep them from getting bored and overweight by ensuring they are up and about frequently. Some quality playtime in the park or long evening strolls should do the trick. Ensure these big dogs have enough space to play, as they can easily tip things over due to their weight and size.

Akitas are hard workers and can quickly get the exercise they need by doing everyday activities. For those who like to go on hunting trips, this dog would be of great help, as they are fit for hunting and fighting. 

They are primarily capable of various things, which depends on their owner’s creativity and guidance at the end of the day. They are brilliant animals, and getting the best out of them depends totally on your input. You can find more here on their personality. 

In Conclusion

This firm, intelligent, and unique dog would not make it into the top 5 list of pet dog recommendations. Meaning, even though they are very loyal and protective, an Akita needs someone who can take charge and shape them into their best possible version.

So, if you plan on getting an Akita, go ahead! They’re an excellent pick. But be ready to put in some extra work, training, and loving. For if done correctly, they will truly become your family’s best friend.

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