Are Waterproof Car Covers Worth It?

Storing your vehicle can lead to a series of problems if you don’t take the appropriate steps to protect it from the elements. Even keeping your car in a garage or facility can have its issues since dust and moisture can still make its way into the cracks.

When you’re choosing a way to shield your vehicle, you might think waterproofing is the best way to go. However, here are a few reasons why opting for all-weather car covers over waterproof varieties will keep your ride in tip-top shape for a long time.

4 Reason Before Choosing Best Waterproof Car Covers

1. Never Truly Waterproof

The term “waterproof” makes it sound like there is no way for any moisture to get past a specialized barrier. While this can be true for some parts of car covers, it can never really keep all water out. If a car cover is made from a single sheet of waterproof material, it might be possible to say no moisture can get in.

The best covers are designed to fit snugly over specific vehicles, meaning there are joins and seams where moisture can still make egress. In addition, these products are generally constructed with inexpensive materials like nylon or PVC, making them a cheaper alternative to water-resistant options.

Are Waterproof Car Covers Worth It? 1

2. Breath of Fresh Air

Looking at the differences between a pair of rubber galoshes and a set of leather hiking boots. While the rubber galoshes will repel water, keeping your feet dry for a time, the barrier also leads to moisture buildup in the inside since there is simply no place for excess dampness to go.

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The leather boots, on the other hand, are designed to repel water but remain breathable. Your feet will be more comfortable in the long run since that ability allows water to evaporate. The differences between breathable and waterproof car covers are very similar.

3. Pained Paint

Water and moisture buildup can lead to a slew of problems, and on the top of that list is paint and body damage. Rust and a ruined paint job can leave your vehicle looking worse than you’d ever think possible. Waterproof covers just don’t have the breathability to let moisture out, letting it pool, accumulate and damage paint and metal alike.

Since these are mostly cheaper choices, waterproof covers also don’t have scratch protection like fleece lining to keep the top coat of your car clean and mark-free. If you aren’t careful, a cheap liner will have you spending more and more on repairs, creating even more maintenance costs down the road.

4. Tired of Damage

It’s not just the body of your car that needs protection from the elements. Waterproof shields will have you spending hours scraping the rust off of your rims. Breathable canvas tire covers keep wetness away from rims and brakes, keeping rust at bay while also saving your tires from harmful UV rays.

Everyone knows how much damage moisture can cause to vehicles, so waterproof covers seem like a great, cost-effective investment. Make sure you choose breathable covers instead so the next time you’re prepping your car for the road you spend less time making the body pretty and more time letting the engine roar!