Health Tips: 8 Power food to lose weight

In today’s times, obesity has almost taken the form of an epidemic. Now, we have latest devices to replace manual labor, and our choice of food has changed beyond recognition. In the last few decades, Americans have literally become addicted to junk food and soft drinks, which is taking its toll on our health. The most effective way to lose weight is to work out; however eating right plays an important role here. Let’s have a look at 8 power foods that help us to lose weight fast.

1) Almond

8 Power foods to lose weight

Almonds are very good source of useful nutrients and mono-saturated fat. This nut is low in calorie and is power food packed with Vitamin-E, B complex and Zinc, which reduces your craving for sugar and helps in burning fat. It also increases your BMR, which is directly related to weight loss. You can replace your snacks with roasted Almonds and add a few of these in your breakfast. Studies have shown that consuming Almonds on a daily basis not only helps in weight loss but reduces the risk of heart disease as well.

2) Apple

8 Power foods to lose weight

“An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” all of us are aware of this proverb. This super fruit contains all the essential anti-oxidants and vitamins. Moreover, it has all the necessary minerals and is a good source of fiber as well. It helps in digestion and keeps your system clean. Thus, eating apples can help you greatly in getting rid of those extra changes to lose 20 pounds.

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3) Oatmeal

8 Power foods to lose weight

Oatmeal could very well said to be the closest synonym for healthy food. Oats is a very good source of protein, fiber, and all the essential nutrients. Consuming oats once a day, preferably in the breakfast, will definitely make you  lose weight. Not everyone finds oats to be very tasty! So, you can have it with milk and add a spoonful of honey to it. However, adding sugar or chocolates with oats will defeat the main purpose of weight loss.

4) Broccoli

8 Power foods to lose weight

Of late Broccoli has gained popularity as a power food. It is a very good source of protein and fiber. Like all green vegetables, Broccoli is also packed with vitamins and essential minerals. According to many digesting Broccoli, requires more calorie,  thus merely eating Broccoli will make you slimmer.

5) Soya Beans

8 Power foods to lose weight

Like any other beans, Soya also contains protein and is a favorite among sports enthusiasts. Consuming Soybeans can significantly increase your BMR and help in burning fat faster. You can also go for Soy milk or Tofu (cheese made out of Soy milk).

6) Pistachios

8 Power foods to lose weight

This tasty snack can whittle your waist, yes this is exactly true! Pistachios are power packed with mono saturated fatty acids or MUFA. MUFA keeps the cholesterol level down and helps in burning Fat. It also helps in secretion of insulin that handles keeping sugar level in control. Moreover, MUFA targets the belly fat than other parts of the body.

7) Lentils

8 Power foods to lose weight

There are many kinds of Lentils out there and are eaten widely all over the world. Lentils are low in calorie and are power packed with protein and essential nutrients. Moreover, it is a very good source of fiber that makes it an ideal power food choice if you are trying to get rid of those stubborn fats.

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8) Spinach, Kale and leafy vegetables

8 Power foods to lose weight

Leafy vegetables is a power food which has Spinach and Kale, are full of fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals, and they are a very good source of protein as well. Including these in your diet will help you clean your system and lose weight faster. It can significantly reduce the level of toxic elements and free radicals in your body and increase the BMR. In case you are trying to get a flat tummy, taking Spinach and Kale will prove to be very beneficial.

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