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5 Simple Formulas For The Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Day!

For a long time now, coffee has been the drink with which you can start your engine in the morning. But thanks to the omnipresent powers of the Internet, this mystical drink seems to offer a number of scientifically proven health benefits that we never knew about before. Some of these benefits are

  1. Protection against liver diseases
  2. Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  3. Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Reduced risk of heart disease
  5. Stronger DNA
  6. Improvement of physical performance
  7. Weight-loss support

In short, we might as well call coffee the magic elixir of modernity.

You can let your local barista spoil you with a beautifully brewed cup of coffee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own cup at home. This way you don’t have to waste your breath or the precious green in your wallet.

Let us advise you! It takes great care and precision to forge a brew worthy of sending your taste buds to cloud nine. And that is the main objective of this post.

So without further ado, dear coffee dorks, here are all the essential guidelines you need to prepare the perfect cup of coffee:

Formulas For The Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Day

1. Pick the Best Set of Coffee Beans

One of the most essential keys to making the perfect caffeinated beverage is to select the best and freshest coffee beans available. The best way to achieve this is to buy from your local roaster.

Don’t buy bulk coffee, which you often find in supermarket display cases. This is because the storage tubes are coated with coffee oils that become rancid over time.

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Note that oxygen and bright light can destroy the taste of a coffee bean. You should therefore pay attention to beans that are stored by quality-conscious roasters in strong, vacuum-sealed bags.

perfect coffee everyday

Some of the most famous air-roasted coffee beans include Super Tuscan Espresso Blend, Kenya Estate, Costa Rica Don Quixote, Colombia Pitalito Estate, and Kansas City Blend.

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2. Apply The Right Water to Coffee Ratio

To get the best taste out of food or drink, the ingredient portions must be precise. Fortunately, this is not a big problem as coffee and water are the only two ingredients you need to prepare your drink.

Depending on the ratio of ingredients you choose, coffee can have a fairly strong or mild taste. However, we recommend that you choose the ratio consisting of 16 parts by weight of water and 1 part by weight of coffee. This corresponds to 10.5 grams of coffee for every 6 liquid ounces of water.

If you use either a French Press or a pour-over machine to prepare your coffee, we recommend that you use a scale to accurately measure the amount of coffee water needed to prepare it. If this ratio does not suit your taste, you can adjust the ratio until it is correct.

3. Water Temperature Needs to be Appropriate

perfect coffee everyday5.jpg

In addition to choosing the ideal water to coffee ratio, you need to adjust the water temperature so that it hits your taste sensors in the right place. Normally, the temperature for preparing your coffee must be between 195-205°F, so we recommend you start with 200 degrees.

Consistency is what you must aim for. If the water used to brew your coffee is too cool, the taste will be weak, sour, or watery. And coffee brewed with water that is too hot will have a confusing and not very sweet taste.

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To measure the water temperature, you can use either a thermometer or a digital kettle with a variable temperature control system such as the one from Bonvita.

You do not have to get the correct water temperature immediately, but if you keep practicing, you will be able to do so.

Apart from the temperature, the water quality should also be equally important, if not more so, since 98% of coffee is water itself. So whether your coffee drink tastes the way you want it to, depends on how good the water tastes. Cold, fresh, and filtered water is what you are looking for.

4. Choose Proper Grind For Brewing Method

When it comes to grinding, there is no single solution. For example, if you use a French press, choose a rough grind. Espresso requires a very fine grind, and a medium grind is best suited to a pour-over or self-drip machine.

It goes without saying that an incorrectly ground coffee will ultimately ruin the quality of your brew.

5. Correct Brewing Time

perfect coffee everyday5.jpg

And here it is! The last step before the taste buds on the tongue are set ablaze with ecstasy and pleasure.

After you have achieved the perfect water-coffee ratio, excellent water quality, temperature, and grinding, the brewing time is the last crucial ingredient to complete your caffeine masterpiece.

If you use a French press, a brewing time of 4 minutes is the best for this machine. And for other machines:

  • Chemex: 4-5 minutes
  • V60 pour over: 2-3 minutes
  • Espresso: 25-30 seconds.

If you have an automatic coffee machine, this point is not necessary.

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