So you’ve already started growing your beard and got past the “be patient” level. Way to go! In this guide, we’re going to cover some important topics to help you better style your beard to suit you now that you’ve become one of the bewhiskered men.

Points we will cover in Beard styling guide!

  • How to Style Your Beard Based on You
  • Beard Products for Grooming
  • Beard Products to Use for Styling
  • Tips to Keep Your Beard Perfect

Using some of the key factors in this guide, we will help you make sure that you have a fuller, better growing, and healthy beard that will be touchable and soft, and have healthier facial hair than ever before to help your beard continue to both grow the right way, and look the way you want it to.

Simple Beard Styling Guide For Men

1. How to Style Your Beard Based on You

While you may have a preference for how you want your beard to look, never assume that just because you grow a beard you can look like your favorite celebrity. Having a beard that doesn’t match your facial shape is an essential part of growing a beard, as well as making it look stylish.

Whether your face is round, oblong, square, or even more of a triangular shape, you want to make sure to pick a beard style that fits your face shape, as well as your general style to match even your hair.

Decide whether you want your “soul patch” to be existent, or whether or not you want a mustache at all. Also, when you choose to style your beard, try not to style it a certain way that cuts most of it off (while it can grow faster, you still took all this time to grow it out to this point. Why would you want to undo that, right?)

2. Beard Products for Styling

When it comes to styling your beard, aim for what won’t damage your beard. And always use a dedicated beard oil product first, so it primes your beard and gives it a protective coating against whatever you want to use to style it. While you may want to, don’t use any regular hair gels or styling agents that contain high amounts of alcohol (even if they say they don’t, most hair gels do). Instead, buy pomade (which are available only for beards as well, even though they can be pricier), a cream, or a wax. And make sure you brush it through your beard, and then you can style it as you wish.

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Be sure also to invest in a powerful and portable beard trimmer, and while you don’t want to trim your beard too far, unless it is your desired length. Either way, you want to trim about every couple weeks when you want to keep your beard at a certain length. When you are growing it out, only trim just the ends while holding the trimmer perpendicular the desired beard angle (usually down and slightly outward, so you would want to hold your trimmer more vertically), and always rinse your beard well, comb it out both before and afterwards (to remove unwanted stray hairs that are left), and use an oil again after you trim it.

You can even used home based products you can buy cheaply at a store, like a mixture of vitamin E combined with coconut oil to both nourish, and style your beard, as well as help it grow.

Remember, if you can’t read it, you might not want to use it in your beard without knowing what it is or does to your beard.

3. Beard Products for Grooming

There are numerous products that can help you with your grooming. Be sure to use only products which can help your hair increase its natural oils. When it comes to washing, while you can wash every day, don’t. You can wash your face without washing your beard. Even with the “best of beard products that you can find”, you’ll still strip those natural oils you need to maintain your beard away from your hair.

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Try to wash every 2-4 days (scrubbing and massaging like you would your head hair).  Afterwards, don’t just stick to one thing, if you have beard creams, use one of those after massaging beard oil in to help style your beard, as well as brush the nutrients through to each individual hair.

4. Tips to Keeping Your Beard Perfect

When it comes to keeping your beard perfect, utilize special techniques and products that are optimized solely for beard, or make your own. Also, be sure to be getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and sleep to help your body generate the cells needed to make the oils, or even to help your beard grow longer if you want to do so. Folic acid and vitamin E are great benefactors of cell regeneration, and can be found over the counter at even very low prices (most of them come in multivitamins as well). Be sure to brush your beard, or use a dedicated beard comb (don’t just use one flimsy little comb, as those tend to pull and tug and can even cause tangles in your beard).

Use oils first if needed to help eliminate tangles. And as always, be sure that you try to grow, trim, and maintain your beard to go along with your face shape. Someone with a pointed face who has their beard styled in a square shape can just look plain silly (unless that’s your gimmick).

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