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20 Rarest Flowers In The World You Never Knew Existed

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of God, if not the most beautiful. They beautify our surroundings with their different colors, sizes, looks, and scents. Most people love gardens because of the different types of flowers they can see. But did you know that not all flowers are the same?

There are many rare flowers all over the world, which may or may not shy away from people’s eyes. Some of these rare flowers are already in exhibitions or are grown in gardens that make them more familiar to you.

However, there are still many flowers left in the wild that you might be surprised to find out that they exist. Today we are going to show you such 20 flowers. So let us begin.

World’s 20 Rarest Flowers

Here is a list of the 20 rarest flowers in the world that will surely amaze you.

1. Snowdonia hawkweed or Hieracium snowdoniense

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: ourbreathingplanet

In 2002 a yellow, daisy-like, and flat flower was discovered in Wales. The flower has a small stem and its leaves surround the flower-like buds.

2. White lotus or Nelumbo nucifera

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: flowerpicturegallery

This is derived from Nymphaeaceae, which are mainly found in South East Asia and Africa. This white lotus plant is also called Egyptian white water lily. It grows up to 45 cm long and can sometimes be combined with a touch of pink.

3. Sea poison tree or Barringtonia asiatica

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: fijimarinas

This is a nocturnal flower, which can be seen mainly in some parts of Asia. It grows to 7-25 metres high and has petals as white as snow and pink tentacles that elongate. It attracts insects at night by emitting a certain scent.

4. Attenborough’s pitcher plant or Nepenthes attenboroughii

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: asknature

Attenborough was a tribute to the famous radio broadcaster who contributed to the study of a class of pitcher plants. This particular pitcher plant was discovered in the Philippines. Its stem can grow up to 3.5 cm thick and reach a height of 1.5 m.

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5. Night-blooming cereus or Echinopsis pachanoi

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: westwardlook

This is also called the Princess of the Night because it blooms only once a year for a single night. Most of the time this flower seems to be white, while on some occasions it can also bloom in pale shades of other colors.

6. Lisianthus or Lisianthus russellianus

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers


This flower is purple and the plant is usually 1 to 3 feet high. It grows in warm regions like the Caribbean, Mexico, northern South America, and some other areas in the south of the United States.

7. Parrot’s beak or Lotus berthelotii

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: theearthbeneathmyfeet

The color of these rare flowers ranges from red-orange to red and they are between 2-4 cm long and 5-8 mm wide. Their leaves are divided into 3-5 smaller pinnules covered with silvery hairs. This flower is usually found in the Canary Islands. Unfortunately, however, this flower is on the verge of extinction.

8. Corpse flower or Rafflesia arnoldii

Rare Flowers In The World


This is known as the largest single flower. It gives off a really bad smell that resembles rotting meat, hence the name corpse flower. It is one of the nationally rare flowers in Indonesia but is considered endemic to Borneo and Sumatra.

9. Jade Vine or Strongylodon macrobotrys

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

Credit: artween

One usually sees it in the forests of the Philippines, where it grows up to 18 m long. It is also found in South Africa, in the coastal area of KwaZulu-Natal. It owes its name – jade vine – to its turquoise color, which can sometimes vary from blue-green to mint green.

10. Chocolate Cosmos or Cosmos atrosanguineus

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: pinterest/mercadojamaica

It is a flower native to Mexico, which has already become extinct in the wild. The color of the flower is dark reddish-brown and it does not reproduce itself. It must be cultivated with the help of tissue cultures.

11. Koki’o or Kokai cookei

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

 Credit: yurtopic

This may be one of the rarest flowers on this list, and it is considered an endangered species. Right now, there are only 23 of these plants alive in the entire world.

12. Coryanthes or Coryanthes vasquezii

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Also known as the bucket orchid because of its appearance (it looks like a bucket enclosing part of a flower), this flower is perfect for decoration and is known for its sweet scent.

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13. Yellow and purple lady slippers or Cypripedium pubescence

Rare Flowers In The World


This flower, which is mainly found in Europe and Spain, looks like a yellow slipper, as its name suggests. The cultivation of this flower does not require the direct heat of sunlight, and it should not be placed on humid surfaces.

14. Youtan poluo

Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: enkicharity

This flower is strongly linked to Buddhism, with the tendency to bloom only every 3,000 years. However, further research has revealed that the flower is actually a group of eggs from a lacewing, which lays the eggs in fibrous stalks to protect them from any damage.

15. Hooker’s lip or Psychotria elata

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: amusingplanet

It gets its name from its appearance. It looks like the puckered lips of a woman with luscious red lipstick. The rich red color is intentionally designed to allow insects to come to the flower and carry out the pollination process.

16. Kadupul Flower or Epiphyllum oxypetalum

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

Credit: fumozar

One of the most cultivated cactus species, this flower is also nocturnal, as it only blooms at night under the moon. It is found in Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. Also some Southeast Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka have this flower.

17. Middlemist Red or Middlemist camellia

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers


It is so called because it was brought to Europe by John Middlemist from his trip to China. It is currently grown in a special garden in New Zealand and in a greenhouse in the United Kingdom.

18. Gibraltar Campion or Silene polypetala

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: funpicweb

As the name suggests, this flower is available in Gibraltar as well as in some gardens and greenhouses in London. It is usually used for decoration because of its petals, which are the lightest shades of pink.

19. Franklin tree or Franklinia alatamaha

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Credit: naturallandscapesnursery

There were fears that this flower had already disappeared, but it has survived through cultivation. It is a small tree that grows between 15 and 25 feet tall, but can occasionally reach 33 feet. The flower of this tree exudes a scent similar to that of the honeysuckle and is white in color.

20. Ghost Orchid or Epipogium aphyllum

Most Rare Flowers In The World

Unlike other plants, it lacks chlorophyll and has no visible leaves. This plant was extinct, but later its occurrence in the United Kingdom was confirmed.

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