There are millions of websites published new everyday and not everything is noticed b the visitors or users. It may because of the poor website design, not so quality content, proper solutions for users, and more. People may ask google for answers to drive great traffic and all will be the same, which is a good user experience matters. The are lot of ways to improve the website traffic and it always start with good research, hard work and forward thinking. 

There are two most important strategies to drive great traffic on your website namely Marketing & Content.

Tricks To Drive Great Traffic To Your Website


Most cited is most trusted – devise your marketing plan based on this mantra; here are a few steps to make the mantra works wonder for you.

1. Connect your website to the following third party sources which attract heavy traffic:

Encyclopedia – We trust Encyclopedia as they present information in an objective way. In the Edit section of the Encyclopedia, add valuable content with a URL linked to your website.

Question – Answer websites: Constitute a team of moderators who answer questions in such an interesting way that a reader of the answer looks forward to read more on your website.

News article: In the response section, give or add more perspective to the news item with an indirect mention of your website.

2. Social Media Conversation: Content of your website should be referred frequently in the Social Media conversations. Embed content of the website and URL link in the conversation – this will lead to a visit to the website.

3. Publishing articles of subject matter experts: This leads to more traffic as the expert would be sharing link of his article, which ultimately leads to visits on your website.

4. Create Social Media user ID resembling the domain name of your website, dedicated to advertise the website. In the profile section describe, in an advertising way, about the specifics of your website along with the URL.

  • Post or tweet the breaking news – in the domain of your expertise
  • Post those news, frequently, which lies within the domain of your expertise

5. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is one of the most commonly used methods to drive great traffic to your

Keywords: Research and find out which are the most relevant, appropriate and trendy keywords in the domain of your content:

  • Embed those trendy keywords in the write-up of the contents of your website
  • Update: Keywords need to be updated with the latest input from the market
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6. News is the stuff which people keep looking frequently up; arm your website with a designated section which keeps flashing latest news, happening and event in the category of your website.

7. Viral: What becomes viral and instant phenomenon in digital arena is difficult to ascertain, as digital world is highly unpredictable and uncontrolled. But, the aftereffect can be encased

  • Give a different perspective to what’s trending now through the Social Media platform
  • Generate Conversation through the perspective
  • When the conversation picks up, become involving and interesting; direct the conversation to the content which is there on your website

8. Social Media Section: Design a Social Media section on your website and flash the interesting – unique, informative, creative and catchy social media post. Also, let the creator of the Social Media post know that his posts are getting flash on your website – he will reward you with a visit to your website and probably invite his friends and acquaintances to pay visit the website if he finds it worth visiting.


Web is an extended environment of your real world with an added platform of technology. Those factors, which motivate human to take interest, perform a task and react to in a situation in the real world, also motivate him in the web world.

  • Consumer walks in a showroom because he sees the product of his interest in the window of the showroom. So Place the top ideas, content and product of yours on the home page; do not push the important ones to the lower or other part.
  • The consumer prefers the showroom because someone of his known one, or whom he trusts, has recommended the place; so build a strong army of people who recommend your website for its’ quality.
  • Be specific in the world of generic: a fundamental question arises why a user would prefer visiting your website when he has hundreds of other options just a mouse click away; if you analyze most of the website available on the web is that they fall in the category of generic. Therefore, to stand out in the crowd, you need to be specific.
  • You must be seen as the authentic source of the information: You need to write textual and visual content in such a manner that they project your website as the authentic in the category you aim for
  • Build up trust through authentic content: Avoid third party, unverified and unauthenticated content which source is doubtful and compromised.
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9. Interesting vs. Different Website: It is a common human behavior that people try to be different to be noticed in a crowd; Most of the times the difference is not worth paying attention to – as it’s created artificially – Instead of being different if you try to be interesting as:-

  1. Post only those content which are authentic and verified instead of just different from others
  2. Build a reputation of an expert in a subject or a few subjects instead of stuffing your website with generic content.
  3. Research and its finding is always unique which generate interest – try to research on your area and come out with some unique finding or perspective – advertise them on the top of your website.
  4. Nomenclature of website: Chose domain name of the website, which is as easy as the nursery rhyme, easy to type, to remember and short. Long, complicated and uncommon words in the domain name drive off visitors.

Great traffic means good marketing but to maintain and to drive great traffic you need to pay attention to your product i.e. your website. So let’s focus on what’s needed.

10. Design of the Website: Design your website in such a way that,

  • It opens quickly and does not take time to load its’ full content
  • Unless your website is not Multimedia specific and depends upon video and flash contents, avoid putting them on the home page.
  • Minimize the effort of a user to surf your website: design in such a creative way to easily brows through
  • Place the most important content of your website at the right top side; the side is the place where our eyes see first.
  • Categorize content smartly and creatively
  • Write headings in such a way that it tells most about the article
  • Introduce the whole content in the first line two lines of the article

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