10 Sure-Fire Tricks To Drive Great Traffic To Your Website

There are millions of websites that are newly published every day, and not all of them are noticed by web users. Maybe it is because of bad website design, low-quality content, inappropriate solutions for the users, or other reasons. People may use Google to generate large amounts of traffic, yet everything will remain the same because good user experience matters. There are many ways to improve website traffic, and it always starts with good research, hard work, and forward-thinking.

There are two important strategies for generating large traffic to your website: marketing and content.

Tricks To Drive Great Traffic To Your Website


1. Connect your website to the following third-party sources that attract strong traffic:

Encyclopedia – We trust encyclopedias because they present information in an objective way. In the “Edit” section of the encyclopedia, add valuable content with a URL that links to your website.

Question/Answer websites: Assemble a team of moderators to answer questions in a way that is interesting enough to make a reader of the answer happy to read more on your site.

News articles: In the comments section, indicate the news article with an indirect mention of your site or add a further perspective to it.

2. Social media conversation: The content of your website should be mentioned frequently in social media conversations. Include the content of the site and the URL link in the conversation – this will lead to a visit to the site.

3. Publish articles by subject matter experts: This will generate more traffic, as the expert will share the link of his article, which will ultimately lead to visits to your site.

4. Create a Social Media User ID that is similar to your site’s domain name and is intended to promote the site. In the profile section, describe the specifics of your site along with the URL in a promotionally effective manner. Publish or tweet the latest news that is in your area of expertise

5. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is one of the most commonly used methods to drive great traffic to your website.life

5. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is one of the most commonly used methods to direct large numbers of visitors to your website.

Keywords: Research and find out which are the most relevant, appropriate and trendy keywords in your content:

  • Integrate these trendy keywords into the presentation of your website content.
  • Update: Keywords must be updated with the latest input from the market
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6. News is the stuff that people keep looking up; equip your website with a special section that constantly displays the latest news, events, and happenings in your website’s category.

7. Viral: what is becoming a viral and immediate phenomenon in the digital arena is difficult to determine, as the digital world is highly unpredictable and uncontrolled. But the after-effect can be taken advantage of:

  • Give a different perspective on current trends through your social media platform
  • Creating conversation through perspective.
  • As the conversation gains momentum, you will become engaging and interesting; focus the conversation on the content available on your website.

8. Social Media Section: Create a social media section on your website and display interesting things – unique, informative, creative and memorable social media contributions. Also, let the author of the social media post know that his posts will be flashed on your site – he will reward you with a visit to your site and probably invite his friends and acquaintances to visit the site if he thinks it is worth a visit.


The Web is an extended environment of your real-world with an additional technology platform. The factors that motivate people in a real-world situation to show interest, perform a task, and respond to it are what motivate people in the Web world.

  • The consumer enters a showroom because he sees the product of his interest in the window of the showroom. So place the most important ideas, content, and products on the home page; don’t push the important ones to the bottom.
  • Consumers prefer the showroom because someone they know or trust recommended the place; so build a strong army of people who will recommend your site for its quality.
  • Be specific in a generic world: there is a basic question why a user would prefer to visit your site when hundreds of other options are just a click away; if you analyze most of the sites available on the web, they fall into the generic category. So to stand out from the crowd, you need to be specific.
  • You must be considered the authentic source of the information: You must write textual and visual content in such a way that it presents your website as the authentic one in the category you are aiming for.
  • Build trust through authentic content: Avoid non-verified and non-authenticated third-party content whose source is questionable and compromised.
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9. Interesting vs. Different Website: It’s common human behavior for people to try to be different in order to be seen in a crowd. Most of the time it is not worth paying attention to the difference – because it is artificially created – so instead, try to be interesting:

  1. Only publish content that is authentic and verified, instead of just being different from others.
  2. Build your reputation as an expert on a topic or a few topics instead of filling your website with general content.
  3. Research and its results are always unique and arouse interest – try to do research in your field and come up with a unique result or perspective, and then promote it at the top of your website.
  4. Nomenclature of the website: Choose a domain name for your website that is as simple as a children’s song; easy to type, easy to remember, and short. Long, complicated and unusual words in the domain name will drive visitors away.

Great traffic means good marketing, but to get and promote great traffic, you need to pay attention to your product, i.e. your website. So let’s focus on what is needed.

10. Design of the Website: Design your website in such a way that:

  • It opens quickly and does not need time to load its full contents.
  • If your website is not multimedia-specific and depends on video and Flash content, avoid putting such content on the home page.
  • Minimize a user’s effort to browse your site: design your site to be creative enough to be easily searchable.
  • Place the most important contents of your website on the top right-hand side; this is the place our eyes see first.
  • Categorize content in an intelligent and creative way.
  • Write headings that tell the user about the article.
  • Present the entire article content in the first line of two lines of any article, and go into depth later.

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