How to Earn Money With RTB Advertising Platform?

Polus.Media by own example shows that young players can show great results exactly at the moment of entering. They have attracted clients from small and big businesses and proved capability to deliver right data and services for both. They also learnt how to How to Earn Money With RTB Advertising Platform?

From the very beginning the company’s motto is to deliver the clients excellent results and always relevant information.

They have started the approach that was treated very suspiciously at the moment of appearing. Nowadays the company has excellent level of expertise in the area, so that huge campaigns often get in touch with the team to get prompt advice and latest news.

The team workers are effective both in unsupervised activities and have clear roles division in case of collective work. Friendly spirit is felt in the rooms and in the manner of communication with the clients, no matter how big or small they are.

Being up-to-date and innovative is one of the musts in the company. The workers often organize workshops and master classes for colleagues, attend seminars and conferences. They also share information with amateurs in the field by publishing useful material with news in the area and life hacks.

Where to get insider information about RTB Advertising Platform ?

Company secrets are effectively protected, but a lot of internal organization can be read from global social networks. Polus.Media is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Comfortable atmosphere is one of the secrets of office life. Besides, the team is often invited to various after-office activities to relax and get inspiration for future challenges.

Work with clients

As RTB Advertising Platform approach is not so new, but its treatment is still difficult – there are strong professionals that know all strong and weak points and are always ready to give a prompt help.

It is a good place for earning money as Publishers with lowest rates are welcomed and everything necessary for making money is provided.

Advertisers are attracted by modern tools for audience segmentation and a big variety of targeting options.

The company is very open and generously answer the questions from emails and after filling the form on website. Managers and secretaries handle all the messages and send them to related departments. One significant difference from other companies is that are open to all the questions and offers and reply as quick as possible.

Deep researches are constantly held to understand the market, its changes and necessities. All the customers are regularly informed about the results of such investigations to tune their campaigns in a decent manner.

Personal account

All the clients have their own account with the information they may need to perform their work, including knowledge base, list of frequently asked questions and related useful articles.

A piece of knowledge base is regularly posted on the blog of the companies website and in social networks.


RTB advertising system is more transparent by itself and clients get information as it is in real time mode. All the reports provided are easy for understanding, include recommendations for improvement and some necessary information.

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Publishers and Advertisers are encouraged to ask questions in case of misunderstandings or difficulties to read.


The company works on global level without reference to geographical position. There are open offices in Barcelona, Warsaw and San Francisco.

All offices work on a traditional nine-to-five 5/2. However, Advertisers and Publishers can rely on 24/7 technical support. All urgent issues are resolved immediately and brilliant minds can be attracted in case of force major issues.

How to contact

Direct means:

Email – [email protected]

Phone –  + ‎12244010249, + ‎340631636058

More Info About the company

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