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10 Best Free Educational Android Apps For Kids: A New Dimension For Learning

As a result of the Android marketplace, many developers have begun to unveil their creations. So far, millions of apps from different platforms have been released to make life easier and more effective. Although Apple started the trend with the release of the “iStone Age” (the first app on the iTunes market), a number of platforms have picked up the pace.

Developing apps has become a breeze for developers, but here we are thinking about the best educational apps for children. Children can adapt to anything more easily than adults. In terms of new creations, children have a role to play. It’s necessary to get your kids off to a great start with some of the best free Android apps for kids listed below.

In addition, mothers are supposed to be bringing up bright citizens into society, and according to a survey, over 52% of mothers use children’s apps. Simple, better, easier, yet maximally effective apps are the best.

In every society, children are the foundation for growth, innovation, interest, and many primary aspects. To strengthen this foundation, effective education must be provided from childhood on. So let’s get started with the 10 best and free educational android apps for kids.

Best Free Educational Android Apps For Kids

Free Android Apps for Kids #1: English Grammar Book

Rating: 4.9


The first and most important app for children is the English Grammar Book. Fortunately for Android users, this app is now available in the Android market.

If you are looking to kickstart your child’s education with an app, this might be the place to start. Download this Android app from the Marketplace and then start teaching your kids the basics of grammar.

A large number of users say that this is a cool app for kids to learn and discover.

Free Android Apps for Kids #2: Hello English: Learn English

Rating: 4.5


If you want to teach your child English as a mother tongue, then this could be the platform to start with. It is vital for both native speakers and other children whose mother has a desire to teach her child fluent English.

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Adults could also make use of this free Android app to keep their fluency up.

This is a simple and effective free Android app for learning English.

Free Android Apps for Kids #3: Maths Formulae (Free)


Rating: 4.0

Nowadays the daily learning of mathematics tends to be more unpleasant for children. So try to make it through the basics quickly and easily, and that may put an end to the nightmare of maths. Formulas in particular are quite literally what you should be worried about.

It’s probably the case that children will start to hate math if they don’t have the basics. To keep it simple, inject your kids with the basic building blocks in their heads with this math formula app for Android.

Many people say that it is helpful for children to use this app to learn and expand their math outside of school.

Free Android Apps for Kids #4: Nursery Rhymes (free)

Rating: 4.1


Children often love to say rhymes, and as a parent, you may like to watch them sing or perform them.

So this app is a fun way to teach your kind to rhyme. With this free Android app for kids, 100% fun and enjoyment are guaranteed. The foot-tapping songs will entertain your kids and they will have fun learning 6 different popular rhymes with lyrics.

Most app users say: “It’s pretty fun to have this”.

Free Android Apps for Kids #5: World GK

Rating:  4.4


This application will be everything your child needs to have a diverse knowledge of the world around us. By the time they’re done with this app, they’ll knock it out of the park in their geography lessons at school.

Give them the essential information they might need to get off to a good start with this app. From parliament to holy sites, from World War I and II to Wonders of the World, this app will provide them (and likely you) with quite a lot of new information.

Users say “World GK is a useful offline android app”.

Free Android Apps for Kids #6: Test Your English Vocabulary

Rating: 4.6


Because of the structure of the English vocabulary, children need to take some time and effort to practice it. Fun learning is made possible by these great Android apps.

They help them take their English vocabulary to the next level. Users say: “Nice app to improve vocabulary with fun and excitement”. You can get this Android app here.

Free Android Apps for Kids #7: 50 Languages

Rating: 4.7


Learning 50 different languages seems to be a daunting task for you and your children. Indeed, by the time they manage to learn all 50, they might already be retired!

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What we actually see are 50 options or choices which you can choose to learn.

Users say “by far the best app to learn the languages with ease”. Get this free Android app on your device and learn! Get this fantastic Android app here.

Free Android Apps for Kids #8: Kids Paintings Coloring Book

Rating: 4.8


If you and your children are looking for fun, then you are in the right place. Do you want to keep your kids’ enthusiasm alive by making things come alive? Then you should explore the features of this free Android app. This app adds extra fun while colors appear on the screen with that magical sparkle.

What users say about this free Android app for toddlers is that it is “an excellent app to keep my kids busy while I take my wife to the nail salon.” You can get this free app here.

Free Android Apps for Kids #9: King of Math

Rating: 4.6


The best Android app to teach your children basic operations. If you want to teach him/her extensive mathematical knowledge, this Android app is a must-have.

Even if they need some help at the beginning, they will get used to it after a while. King of Math keeps your kids busy with cool calculations.

Impressive that this app contains more than just the basics and helps them gain expertise.

Free Android Apps for Kids #10: Educational Games for Kids 5

Rating: 5


Although we are at the bottom of the list, this is the best educational app for kids, nailing them down with fun and excitement. By any means necessary, children will embrace the thing that provides them with comfort and excitement.

Usually, children are crazy about games, and both outdoor and indoor games are highly recommended for children. For indoor video games, this might be the best option. Help them learn while they are excited about games.

The aim of the game is to stop Dr. Malitovich’s bacterium Ignarus. Users say, “My five-year-old boy loves this game and enjoys playing it”. It is an extraordinary app that encourages them to learn and participate.

These educational android apps for children are now available on the market. Give your kids an epic start to learning.

Although there are many on the market, not all of them can meet your needs and expectations. That’s why we brought this list to help you do just that. Feel free to share your thoughts here!

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