hiMoment, an app with neuroscientific method, uses artificial intelligence to help you focus on the things that matter to you most!

Vienna, March 19th, 2019 – the app that makes people happier expands its features: in close cooperation with neuroscientists, hiMoment has developed an algorithm, which helps people appreciate their lives more, increases their general level of happiness, and focuses on the things that are truly important to them.

hiMoment makes this possible with the help of an intelligent algorithm that focuses users’ attention on the positive experiences in their lives. hiMoment is more effective than analog journaling. It helps users discover new perspectives.

The hunt for personal happiness is still very much on. Dealing intensively with mindfulness, gratitude and personal well-being is important to everyone.  Journaling has always been popular, but many find it difficult to implement it into their daily routine.

Establishing a new habit as an integral part of someone’s daily routine requires follow-through and training. Most people want to experience the positive effects of journaling on their lives but have trouble keeping up. This is exactly where hiMoment comes into play.

hiMoment: The Best Gratitude Journaling App for a Better Life

Best Gratitude Journaling app

hiMoment is a gratitude journaling app based on the widely researched “savoring method“. By focusing on beautiful everyday moments, the user’s perception of the bright side of life is sharpened. Users capture and collect  good moments with photos, text, or both. An algorithm then shows them these moments again later. The powerful artificial intelligence behind hiMoment helps users focus on what matters to them by learning which topics are important and which moments stand out. The app helps users organize and structure their lives.

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1. Algorithm helps users train their mindset

The team behind hiMoment works tirelessly to expand the functions of the app and to optimize the experience for their users. In close cooperation with neuroscientists, hiMoment has developed an algorithm which helps users focus on the things that matter to them and ultimately increase their resilience, happiness and joy.

Users view two happy moments simultaneously and select one. While thinking about the positive feelings experienced in those moments, the brain reactivates the same regions that were active when those moments were first experienced. The body is flooded with the same positive feelings as then, tricking the brain to give you another boost of that happiness. The algorithm makes it possible to re-experience the feelings of those particular moments. The brain learns to be aware and appreciate such moments, helping you to easily recognize them.

2. 21-day mini challenges bring about the changes you want

After some research and lots of user interviews, the team realised people were mostly focused on the relationship with themselves and others. hiMoment has created seven premium tracks that include 21-day challenges where each user receives a mini challenge daily that helps them work on a certain area of interest in their life. The tracks focus on self-love, confidence, relaxation, partnerships, relationships, work and movement.

 Best Gratitude Journaling App for a Better Life

“Everyone agrees that thinking about your own well-being and happiness is important. But what many don’t know is that neuroscientific research sees happiness as something completely different from what we perceive it to be. hiMoment starts at this place and works with you and neuroscience to show you simple methods you can use to increase your personal well-being in the long term,” says Christoph Schnedlitz, CEO and co-founder of hiMoment.

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More about hiMoment

hiMoment was founded in 2017 by Christoph Schnedlitz and Jan Hrubý. The team consists of seven people and has 30,000 users in Germany and Austria who use the app several times a week. Christoph and his team have made it their mission to explore happiness and help people focus on what matters to them. HiMoment wants to help its users – according to the motto “everyone deserves to have a good life” – to relive beautiful moments, relax, increase their resilience and invest in their well-being and personal development.


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