The Ultimate and Unique Engagement Ring Guide

Throughout history, buying an engagement ring for your significant other to formally ask for their hand in marriage has grown into such a tradition which is why a lot of people tend to want to go all-out when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring for their future partners. You could buy quality custom diamond rings that fit you at Shira Diamonds in Dallas for quality diamonds and A+ service. So, here is the ultimate and unique engagement ring guide that you could use to help you find the most unique engagement ring for your significant other.

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How do you make a simple engagement ring unique?

1. Be Alternative

You could start looking for a unique ring by getting a non-traditional bridal style ring. You could browse the alternative bridal designs which would give off contemporary, fun, and gives off beauty in a way that would ensure that your ring reflects its unique style. 

You could consider a wide band with beautiful details like accent gemstones and engraving if you want to go with a traditional center diamond. Rose cut diamonds that have multiple facets and a subtle shimmer are also some of the ways to go if you want a sleek, traditional appeal. Another good choice would have to be the cluster ring with multiple gemstones featured together if you want your ring to have plenty of sparkle.

2. Be Vibrant

If you really want to be unique, then you could design your own gemstone ring. Choosing a unique colored gemstone as the centerpiece of your ring is a great way to make a distinctive statement. Gemstones have been used for centuries, and diamond engagement rings were popularized in the 20th century.

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If you want to showcase a very colorful style, then you could select a sapphire, emerald, ruby, and other gemstones. The second hardest gemstone in the whole wide world would have to be the sapphires, which could be found in different colors like blue, yellow, teal, green, purple, orange, pink and white.

The historical gemstones of the royals would have to be the luminous green of the emeralds. And there are the gorgeous red rubies that are connected to passion and romance.

Another excellent choice would be those fancy colored lab diamonds because they are as hard and durable as colorless diamonds and, at the same time, could offer an eye-catching pop of color.

3. Be Creative

One thing that is great about getting to customize your own engagement ring is, you could bring your unique ring concept to life. If you want to customize your own engagement ring, then you should work with your own jeweler. 

The whole process would begin with an initial sketch that is based on your descriptions and your inspirational images. Once it is approved then your final product would be castes and your dream ring would be brought to life.

If you have a specific vision and have the desire that is one of a kind, then customising and designing your own engagement ring is perfect for you. You could browse previous collections of customized rings for inspiration.

4. Be Romantic

Getting unique vintage rings could also be another option. Choosing a unique vintage design would ensure that your ring would look like any other and you could find an era that may or may not suit your significant other;s one-of-a-kind style. 

If they are into something rare, antique, and regal just like those Jane Austen novels, then choosing a ring from the Georgian era from 1714 to 1837 could be your option. 

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You could also get inspiration from Britain’s iconic monar, Queen Victoria, then you could select a rin design from the Victorian era where this is also the time of Dickens and the Bronte sisters.

If your partner is artistic, and loves whimsical designs with very intricate details, then an Art Nouveau ring is best suited for them. But if you want a ring with geometric pattern and vibrant accents, the art deco rings are great and are perfect for women who are drawn to the Gatsby, flappers, and jazz era.

If they are into the glamor of golden-age Hollywood then you could shop at the bold and dazzling Retro rings.

The Most Unique Engagement Rings of All Time

  1. Jackie Kennedy’s Emerald and Diamonds Art-Deco Masterpiece
  2. Katy Perry‘s Oval Ruby Set in Yellow Gold
  3. Emma Slater’s Splendid Pink Sapphire
  4. Halle Berry‘s Emerald Ring with Secret Inscriptions
  5. Jessica Simpson’s Vintage-inspired Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring
  6. Victoria Beckham’s Massive Ruby with a Diamond Swirl
  7. Olivia Wilde’s Brilliant-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with an Emerald Halo
  8. Kate Middleston’s Blue Ceylon Sapphire
  9. Eva Lonoria’s Ruby Ring with a Diamond Halo
  10. Jessica Bieal’s 3-Stone Diamond and Aquamarine Ring

Buying the perfect engagement ring that is simple and out of trend could be hard and it definitely takes a lot more work compared to buying an engagement ring that has a common cut. But at the end of the day, your hard work would be worth it, especially once you see that beautiful ring on the left ring finger of your future partner for life.

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