If you’re a lefty then you may often face issues and even you know that this world is mostly populated with people, who’re right-handed. Even I am a lefty and hence I have often read about things associated with it. You will also be surprised to read that out of every 100, 10 people in this world are left-handed. Now, there are few myths of left-handedness people and this is what I am going to explain you now. Read on.

Shocking Myths About Left-Handedness

Believe it or not but controversies about left-handedness are not new. They have been since primates existed. This is when all these myths started but aren’t true.

Dating back to history, lefties were perceived evil. In many cases, they were treated terribly. Why? The reason was that people those days didn’t have the ability to understand. You will be shocked to read but children, who were lefty, were often chastised and spanked. Their left hand was tied just to make them practice with correct hand. There are even cultures who believed for centuries that lefties are associated with sinister beings and devil.

Still in some parts of the world people believe that doing daily jobs with left hand is evil or may be a bad omen. Kids are often forced to practice everything with their right hand. This is really cruel.

left handedness myths

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So, What Made Them Believe Lefties Are Evil?

Devil or evil spirits were believed to be left-handed in earlier days. Even now, people believe that ghosts are seen on their left side or left shoulder. Also people believe that Devil sees us from our left shoulder. You might have seen this belief often been portrayed in cartoon shows, wherein figure of devil is shown on left and angel on right. These superstitious reasons led to make people think that left-handed are evil too but it isn’t true at all.

angel and devil on shoulder cartoon

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You Will Be Surprised After Reading This…

According to researchers, lefties are extremely talented & even have high IQ when compared to right-handed. This may be the reason why you’ll find many lefties in some creative professions like arts, media, music and so on. Trust me, they are very creative in what they do. To prove you this fact, I will list you few people, who are known popularly worldwide but are left-handed.

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Famous People, Who Are Left-handers

  • Bill Gates – Microsoft founder
  • Michelangelo – Artist
  • Tom Cruise – Actor
  • Oprah Winfrey – Talk Show Anchor & Actor
  • Shigeru Miyamoto – Nintendo’s Game creator
  • Isaac Hayes – Musician
  • Benjamin Franklin – Scientist, publisher and tatesman
  • Steve Forbes – Publisher and Businessman
  • Barack Obama – president
  • Nelson Rockefeller – Vice President

This list is endless…


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