Having an impressive logo is very important for companies, organizations, or for those who have or want to start a personal brand since it plays an essential role in the brand.

However, hiring a designer to create a custom logo can be very expensive. Definitely, it is not an option for small business owners or entrepreneurs with a limited budget.

That is where DesignEvo is presented as a great alternative to costly logo designers and designing studios.

How To Make Logo in DesignEvo?

All your logo needs will be covered with DesignEvo. It is not a problem if you do not know anything about design, nor how to start designing your logo.

Categories organize many professional logo templates so you can choose the one you like best.

They can give you many great ideas. The truth is that you will not know which one to pick for DesignEvo has prebuilt 10,000+ different theme logo.

Step 1: Select a template to find logo ideas

Do not worry if you do not know how to start your project; this platform will do everything for you, and then you can edit it, as you see fit.

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Start from choosing from over 10,000 professional logo templates, which are organized into 19 categories to help you to select, giving you many great ideas.

Step 2: Enter Company Information (optional)

To personalize your logo, you can enter the name and slogan of your business. This step is optional. And you can skip it.

Step 3: Add icon, text and shape

The next step is to add the icon you want. There are millions of searchable icons, so you can add icons according to your needs. Besides, here are more than 100 fonts for you to use.

Although people can choose the same logo template as yours, the entire logo is fully customizable in terms of color, font, gradient, size, curve, background.

Document size: From 32x32px to 2000x2000px, it can be modified at any time.

Display: Size of the canvas, from 10% to 200%.

Grid: Activate or deactivate a grid to have a reference of the position of the objects.

When selecting an icon or shape, the editing options that appear are:

Color: With flat or gradient color options

Flip: Vertical and Horizontal

Effect: opacity from 0% to 100%.

With the fonts, the menu changes to configure the text you will use:

Size: Choice of the font size.

Color: Only allows for choosing flat colors.

Font style: Bold, italic or uppercase.

Effect: Create a custom style playing with opacity, contour and a glow effect.

Format: Type of justification of the text (right, centered or left) and spacing between the letters.

When you select all the elements at once you have more options:

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Color: From here you can change all the colors of the logo at the same time for one that you choose.

Alignment: Arrangement of the elements that you have selected according to the option you choose.

In addition, you have some common options on all menus:

Layer: you can choose whether one element will be above another or below.

Duplicate: Make a copy of the object that is selected.

Delete: Remove the object you don’t want to have in the logo.

Therefore, do not worry that your logo is the same as that of others.

You just need an idea and a little creativity, to unique it.

Step 5: Preview the logo before downloading.

After customizing your logo with your imaginativeness, it’s time to preview.

You can preview how your logo looks on business cards, letters, websites, t-shirts, agendas, etc.

You will love this feature, where you can get an idea of ​​what your logo will look like in different things.

The last step is simply to download the logo on your computer.

There are 3 file formats available in the .zip file, and they are JPG, PNG and transparent PNG.

Clarification: transparent logo PNG is only available if you pay.

You can download your logo for free, but the logo will be in a low-resolution file, which means it can be a bit blurry if you need it in large dimensions.